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Winning Cover Letter for Laboratory Technician Position

Updated on January 17, 2016

Technicians with science background are often hired in laboratories of universities, industries and hospitals. There will be several applicants for any single advertised position. It is quite challenging for employers to select a right candidate among the pool of applicants. There are some common strategies that every employer follows to hire potential candidates.

It starts with the first important document of the application - Cover Letter. Based on the content of the cover letter, the employers will go through remaining documents (resume, recommendation letters...).

Thus, constructing effective cover letter lands the candidate for next level of the hiring process that is telephone or personal interview. Indeed, creating a successful cover letter for a technician position is a daunting task for any candidates.

Before you start constructing the cover letter go through the advertisement to find out whether your experience and background match the job requirements. Employers may look for applicants with a degree and experience in a specific set of techniques. Some position may require high school education with certified training in any particular laboratory skills or the position may not need experience. Based on the job requirements, the cover letter should be created.

You will find several samples of the cover letter in google search, but it just gives you an outline. However, you cannot have a universal cover letter to apply for all advertised positions. You should craft the letter for each of the positions you are applying for, and it depends on the job requirements. This hub will provide important tips to create a unique and successful cover letter for the laboratory technician position.

Structure of the cover letter for laboratory technician position

Typical length of the cover letter for a technician position is not more than one page in length with 3 to 4 paragraphs. It should contain the following information: (a) how you came to know about this job (b) your current position (c) work experience (d) technical expertise (e) certified courses/training (f) publications, if any (g) interpersonal skills (h) laboratory records maintaining experience, and any other facts related to the job. All these information should be placed effectively in an appropriate paragraph.

First or opening paragraph

In the first paragraph, you should write about the source of the position. That is, how you come to know about this particular position. This paragraph can also include your highest educational qualification, current job and about your interest in this specific opening.

Body of the cover letter

The second paragraph of the cover letter is also called as the body of the cover letter. This part of the cover letter is very important. Remember, as you have the qualification, many other candidates will also have similar educational background and expertise. You can make your cover letter attractive by stating your expertise in a unique way. Your statements should persuade the employer how closely your background/training/experience matches the job advertised.

For example, if an employer is looking for the laboratory technologist to work in a molecular biology lab, and if you just write I know RT-PCR technique. It will be a vague statement. RT-PCR technique is a widely used technique, and everyone in the field knows about it. All candidates will write it in their cover letter. Instead, if you write that you have run RT-PCR technique for a particular project and how your data collection has helped the lab investigators to answer the research questions. It will become unique and impressive statement directly relating to you. The latter statement also gives a clear picture about your experience in RT-PCR technique with evidence.

Additionally, if your work has resulted in any publications or acknowledgements, you can mention it. This will voice as a proof of what you are saying. Furthermore, if you have trained students or other researchers, you can write about it. This will inform the employers how your training has helped others in achieving their technical/research goals. In this way, you should present all your attributes or skills to influence the employer.

Last paragraph of the cover letter

In the last paragraph, thank the employer for going through your application. In addition, inform your availability for interview and also add references, if any.

Note: First step is to list out all your education, training and expertise. Next step will be to place them in a right order or in appropriate paragraph. Check for spelling and grammar errors. Proofread, if possible ask your friends or family members to read it. Constructing an impressive cover letter will take some time and effort in today’s competitive job market. Thus, develop patience and enjoy writing a successful cover letter.

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Thank You and Good Luck!


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