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Branding Your Business

Updated on December 16, 2011

Brand Identity

You can brand yourself or brand your business. Branding is a mark of identity or symbol that identifies your business.

Brand building is communicating your business values or character through association with your brand logo.

The main purpose of your business branding is to stimulate a positive personal reaction to a symbol from your target audience such that your branding can gain trust and loyalty that will eventually convert to a transaction.

If you are writing hubs in hubpages, your username is your brand. Some people use their names, others choose different names. So choose a good name. Brand yourself.

Brand Identity Design

Before designing your brand identity, consider the message your brand wants to say to your target audience and what value your brand has.

Branding strategies is letting your brand print on the minds, eyes and ears of your target audience. Being consistent in your brand design, message, values and character of your business would create a lasting impression on the consumers.

Brand consistency implies that, your brand logo, the graphic design and the look that surrounds the brand are the same every time and everywhere.

Having a great branding for your business has everything to do with the message your brand is sending out.

Your brand identity design should be value focus, has clear consumer focus and a tone of voice focus that deliver your brand message in a consistent manner.

Business Branding Video

Brand Logo

Your brand logo or brand image should be a picture that your consumers see in their minds when they hear, see or think about your business or company and your service or products.

Branding symbol represents your company logo and every other print materials that represent what you and your business stand for.

Brand Guidelines

You should define your brand image in such a way that it becomes the symbol that your target market can recognize when they think of, see or hear about your business.

Developing your business logo may require the service of branding consultants. You should know what your business stands for so that you can incorporate such message into your logo design.

Be creative in designing your brand logo, so that you can convey your business message to your target market, by using consistent logo and colors as well as a tag message. Your business or corporate logo should be found on your invoices, websites, business cards, e-mail newsletters should have the same color, logo and tag line.

Maintaining your business brand identity will build a continuous awareness and develop credibility to your business brand.

Do not make major changes to your business logo once your target market has started identifying your business brand.


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