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Extra Income

Updated on July 1, 2015

Typist work at home

I have spent several days researching at home jobs and very afraid of what the cost would be and if it was a legit company. I stumbled upon Type At I had been searching for a second job but I could not bring myself to be away from my children any more than I had already been, you see, the first job I have is away from home but I can’t afford to lose it because it gives me the hours I need which doesn’t keep me away from my children for too long. The down fall with that is that I don’t get paid very much so I needed extra income. and did some research and found that you get to choose your level of work (part-time, full time, business) and then register with that selected cost ($29.99, $59.99 & $89.99). The registration fee for Type At is not a whole lot and it is only a onetime fee. I am barely starting my journey with Type At and already I feel very CONFIDENT about the outcome and after doing a training piece I get paid for it!

If you are someone searching for extra income, check out Type AT


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