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build your own Websites or Store and shop hosting Sevices

Updated on September 19, 2009


If your expanding your online business you will have probably looked at the options of either setting up your own store from scratch, or using an already made store hosting website.

Store hosing template websites can be great to get your business up and running fast, but your own self built website can be exactly what you want and customised to the way your business is.

So which is the best choice?

online selling
online selling

Shop Hosting Services

This is a great way to get started selling online, using a website that is ready to go, just setup your products, and you'll be away! Most of the time, these service providers will have the payment gateways setup, so you just stick in your email if its paypal, or your google merchant details. Sometime they process all your orders via a secure credit card, server, and you pay a commission on your sales.

As well as your monthly fee for the rental of the service, this can start to add up to quite a bit, but is good if your just learning.

The most well known, and popular place to startup is ebay, but there are many other shop examples.

All of these shops will give you various price options for the amount of stock you are planning on selling. If your a large seller, then this can get very expensive straight away. Most sites will start charging you a very large amount when you have more than 500 items.

If you use an already setup store site, where you pay a monthly fee to list your items, then you can find that most of the time they are not very editibale. Also i have found that all of them are terrible for giving you value for money.

They can charge anything from $10 a month to $200 and the options that they each have are so diverse, that even if you purchase the most expensive one, you will find yourself wanting some of the feature of the cheapest one.

If your looking for a good list of free online auction hosting sites click here for a list I update regularly.

So if your new to the internet, and your not quite sure how to build your business, then getting started on one of these sites will be a great learning experience for you.

Your own Website

With your own website things might not be quite as easy to setup, and get going, but you to have total control of over the site. 

Initially you might find it hard to drive traffic to your store, that's why you should combine your website with all the other auction sites that have large volumes of traffic.

You can sell to people who want to buy, and then gain their trust to redirect
to your website for future purchasing.

One of the other great things about running your own store on your web server, is you can also add advertisements, and google AdSense, and other money revenue generators.

As well as links to other pages that you might be running and are relevant to your buyer.

Almost all of the website hosing Internet packages are cheap to use, and give you unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited file space. I use host gator and for less than $8 a month, i can build unlimited websites, and store as many files as i want on the servers.

This is great if you have lots of images for your business stock, as alot of sites will charge you for hosting your photos, but there isn't any such cost when you build your own website. 

The only other cost is setting up your .com domains which is easy & cheap again.
 (less than $10 for a year)


Like i said at the start of the page, if you are really seriously wanting to grow your business, then you should be going down the option of your own webpages. There is some great options to do this quickly & easily, and you can get your site up and running with some great free software.
There is a great guide here to help you choose the best free online commerce software.


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