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Building a Resume

Updated on May 31, 2013

How to Make an Amazing Resume!

A "killer" resume is probably one of the most important steps in getting a job. However, starting one is fairly difficult. What do you include? What should you leave off? How long should it be? What's the best way to make my resume impressive? It's true that a resume should highlight your skills and abilities-but it's a lot more than that. A resume is what determines who gets the job and who doesn't. So aside from skills, what else do you need?

What is a Resume?

A Summary of Your Job Qualifications.

Parts of a Resume

Building one from the Ground Up

Alright, here is everything you'll want to include in a resume; broken down into sections.


This is included at the very top of your resume. Print your full legal name, street address, home phone number, cell phone number, and your email address. It is important not to stuff in unnecessary information here. Keep it simple and professional.

Job Objective

What is it you want to do? What position you want? Make sure you keep this employer-oriented. (Make sure you constantly modify this section for each new employer and position before you submit it.)

Summary of Skills

This section is optional, it is simply a short bulleted list of your skills. It helps support your objective and will entice your employer to keep reading your resume.


List all of your relevant education, training, and certifications. List the degrees you've earned, schools attended, dates of graduation/enrollment, and your program/major. List all of your education in reverse-chronological order. (Meaning you put the most recent first.) Make sure you include your grade point average if it is a B or better. (If no grade is listed on a resume, most employers will assume it is below a B.)

Job Qualifications

Compile a concise list of your skills, accomplishments, and training that qualifies you for the position you want. List them in order of importance for the job you are seeking. Highlight your strongest skills and special competencies. (i.e. Computer Programming, Sales Management, Leadership, etc.)


This can be separate or a sub-group of Education. Only include formal recognitions, professional awards, and academic achievements.

Work Experience

Include your Employer's name, location (city, state), position title, date of employment, a brief statement of duties, and major accomplishments. If you want, you can include military service and volunteer work. List your experience in reverse-chronological order. (Your most recent experience goes first.)


Make a list of your participation in professional associations, academic organizations, clubs, or community activities. Include the name of the organization and any leadership positions you held.


Include three or four references on a separate sheet of paper. (This is because in today's world, not all employers want references. However if your employer asks for them-you'll have them ready.) Make sure they are all available upon request. Include their full legal name, job title, the name of the company they work for (and it's street address), and their phone number.


If you don't have enough time to build a great resume from scratch, print off a copy of you LinkedIn Profile. It is a great base to start from, especially if you're short on time.

Resume for Dummies

Resumes For Dummies
Resumes For Dummies

Great book for starting out and writing the ultimate resume.


Resume Tips

Be Brief

1 page is best, 2 Max

Be Neat

Use bullets or numbers for long lists

Be Honest

Pretty self-explanatory

Use Action Words

Developed, Created, Designed, Completed

Be Professional

Call it "bland" if you want, but white paper and an easy-to-read text are best

What's a Resume For?

The whole purpose behind a resume is to get yourself an interview!

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      8 years ago

      Very constructive lens. This is clear information. Keep up the good posting.



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