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Building a Successful oDesk Career: Crucial Factors for Your Success

Updated on August 20, 2014

oDesk Success Factors

Building a successful writing career on oDesk takes time, but knowing some of the best tips and practices for achieving this can help you accomplish it more easily. So, lets get straight to the point and find out what the crucial factors for success on oDesk are. Take a look at the countdown.

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5. Cover Letter

When applying for a job freelance writers send a cover letter to their potential clients. The purpose of cover letters is to show your potential client you have understood a project description, you have the right skills for a job position, and you are interested in working on a particular project. Now, a cover letter is your chance to show your skills, and start communicating with your future employers. At the same time your future clients can conclude a lot from your cover letter.

For example, they can see right away whether you can follow directions. This is why they’ll insert a specific word or a phrase in their job description and ask you to quote this word or phrase. Your inability to do so will show a client that you haven’t read the job description carefully, and in most cases ruin your chances of being shortlisted for a particular job position. So devote your time to both your client and their job description before you decide to apply for any job role as they are doing the same for you by reading your cover letter.

4. Deadlines and Deliverables

Your success on oDesk is greatly determined by your talent and knowledge, which is why quality of deliverables is ranked very high on almost every client's list. Also, the ability to follow deadlines is among top factors for your success as a freelance writer.

Delivering work pass the specified deadline is not professional, and can ruin your client's plans.

No one knows what future may bring, so if it happens that you cannot meet a deadline, be sure to inform your client about it as soon as possible. Don't wait for the deadline to expire to tell your clients you can't deliver what you've promised.

3. Responsiveness

You are probably wondering what could be more important than the quality of your deliverables and meeting deadlines. Well, most oDesk clients will be willing to work with you and give an opportunity to show your talent and the ability to meet deadlines only after you prove to them that you are easy to get in touch with.

In Your Client's Shoes

Put yourself in your client's shoes and imagine this scenario: you've finally found a freelance writer you think would be a perfect fit for your project, but he/she doesn't respond to you for days. Would you wait for their reply, or would you continue your search for a more responsive candidate who might be an even better fit for a particular job position. If you are honest, you'll see why responsiveness is crucial for your success on oDesk.

2. Attitude

Modified by NemanjaBoskov
Modified by NemanjaBoskov

If you have a bad attitude the chances are you won't get far with it. No one wants to work with difficult people, and this includes you, a freelancer as well. You should have a friendly, yet professional attitude towards your potential clients, and treat them the way you would like to be treated.

I assume you don't have such a great opinion about clients who don't know what they want, who change their mind from day to day making it difficult for you to work. The same goes for clients - they don't like to work with freelance writers who don't follow their directions, who refuse to do revisions when these are necessary, and are in general difficult to work with.

So, appreciate work opportunities you're given, and always keep in mind that your clients are human beings with emotions and plans - just like you.

1. Great Feedback and Communication

The most important factor for your success on oDesk is your feedback and the way you communicate with your clients. If a client becomes interested in your freelancer profile after reading your cover letter, the first thing they’ll look for on your profile is your feedback. If you have an overall bad feedback score, the chances are they won’t work with you.

You feedback reflects all the factors listed above (responsiveness, the ability to follow directions, quality of deliverables, meeting deadlines, responsiveness).

So make sure you take these factors for success very seriously, and with a high level of professionalism, hard work, and talent you will be able to get great feedback. Also, don’t forget to communicate with your employers. Choose a means of communication that best suits both you and your client, and try to keep your client updated regularly.

Happy Bidding!

What oDesk Clients Say?

In this video, Matt Keener emphasizes the importance of finding responsive freelancers, among other things. So remember, responsiveness is one of the key factors for your oDesk success.

Your Comments Are Always Welcome - Feel free to ask questions should you have any.

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