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The Importance of Your Business Card And How To Design It

Updated on April 26, 2011

Started a new business? Then a business card is a must. It doesn't make any difference what kind of designs you prefer, or what kinds you don't, you just need to have one for numerous reasons. While having a conversation with someone, the distribution of the cards will speak from your part and describe your business' details - so over talking is not required in this position.

We all collect our friends' and relatives' cards but cannot differentiate from eath other later on. Now you need to make your one a bit more attractive, easy to remember and detailed in less words. Do not hesitate to spend some more dollars for better designs, as it DO pay off. Spend more time with the Graphic Designer and check different themes which suites the best for your positions. Purchase the good quality papers and go on with quality-printing as much as you can afford.

Make it unique. The people will have the first impression in your business card before recording you in their contact management. Color it but do not make it gorgeous, but professional. As because gorgeous cards do not suite for all kinds of business styles (except, dress shops, saloons etc.) It is even more valuable than a new car while visiting an event. People won't look for your inside the party or event rather they will search for your personal business cards.

Are you a blogger? Then you also should have one. If you perfectly distribute it to the perfect people, then you may get some extra traffic and get yourself the recognition as a professional blogger. Many times, you may forget to speak about your blog to your friends after meeting many days later but your business card can speak for you. And this is a chance of getting a new subscriber. This rule also applies for Freelance Writers, Designers, SEO experts etc.

A blogger's business card
A blogger's business card
Business card
Business card
Business card
Business card
Business card
Business card
Business card
Business card

How To Design Your Business Card Online?

I highly recommend you not to design the cards yourself. Rather, go to an expert, spend some time with him and make your card more attractive, colorful, tasteful. But if you do not have right in the moment, then you can try for the business cards designers I state below about-

  1. Just Creative Design: Jacob Cass will design a business card for you. You provide him your details and he will provide you the price required.
  2. Andrew: This guy works for some extra cash but his completed projects are praiseworthy. You visit the site and get an idea by contacting with him.
  3. A good site providing the most attractive designs, Free shipping arrangement is included here.

Freelancer Websites

There are various Freelancing Sites just as or You post your jobs there, And some available workers will pick up the job and apply. Then you will see their prices, working experiences and hire them for your job.

There are some techniques to find out the most talented designers. It would be nice if you take time and read the how-to post about how to hire a graphic designer.- How to Hire a Graphic Designer

Free Sites To Design Your Card Online

Some days ago I searched for the sites which let us design a free business card. I made a chat and now publishing it here for your convenience.


These are some good ones. I have good experiences with the first one in the list. So I encourage you to use it.

So enjoy your new business card! Try to design it more nicely and if you can then send me a scanned image! I would love to see it.

I have a blog, please visit there- Productive & Earning Hobbies.


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