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Business Casual Wardrobe Essentials

Updated on October 2, 2014

What Clothing Are Allowed As Business Casual Wear

There are some clothes that you should not wear to the office, even on fridays. These are clothes that are too short, reveals too much and too tight. This means that, business casual does not include short mini-skirts, short pants and short mini dresses.

Other article of clothing that you should not wear to the office include spaghetti strap dresses, sheer tops or dresses, halter tops, tube tops or see-through clothing.

Unless you are ready to cover such clothing by wearing cardigan, jacket or blazer. You should avoid wearing flip flops to your workplace. Flip flops are great when you wear them at home or just casual outing, especially on the beach.

Everyone knows that shirts look professional on workers. but there are certain shirts that you should not wear as business casual clothing. You should limits wearing shirts such as polo shirt and T-shirts to the office, even on casual Fridays.

What Business Casual is Not

Business casual wardrobe had since crept its way into the business world. There is what the fashion designers call business casual wear and this was the beginning of Casual Fridays at workplace. But then, an extraordinary number of people are still baffled in terms of wearing the right casual clothes to workplace.

Business casual clothes code does not necessarily mean any type of casual clothes. Because it is not all casual wear that workers are allowed to wear to the office, including on casual Fridays. What workers should bear in mind is that if you are to dress casual to your workplace, no matter the day of the week, they should dress in a professional manner.

A worker who dresses professionally, are looked upon as efficient, trusted and as an authority in the area that they are working. There are some casual clothes that cannot fit into the business environment. Casual wear such as sweatpants and sneakers do not fit into a professional workplace dress code, even though they are very comfortable as casual clothing.

Considering jeans as a business casual piece of clothing relies upon a particular business dress code. A few business locales allow their workers to wear casual jeans, while some other businesses do not. Nonetheless some do allow jeans on casual Fridays.

Casual Business Polo Shirts

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Free to use photos | Source

How To Create A Business Casual Clothing Wardrobe

When you are shopping for articles of casual clothing that you want to use as business casual or on a casual Friday, you should make your shopping decision just the way you could have done for your professional office wear.

Regardless of the fact that you are wearing casual outfits to work, you should still demonstrate the fact that you are a skilled, professional and competent worker to be trusted for your job.

Foe the purpose of being practical, you can get your business casual outfit in different shades that are essential, this will make it easy for you to combine and mix them to get a professional look, even while you dress in casual attire to work.

For people who don't have any idea of what the casual outfits' colors should be, these are black, blue or navy blue, dark green, purplish red or brownish red, and then brown. You do not need to have tons of business casual attires. Just make sure that the colors that you have choose can complement other colors of casual outfits in your wardrobe.

Casual Business Jeans

Free public domain photos
Free public domain photos | Source

Staple Outfits in Business Casual Clothing

Short or Long Sleeved Dresses: many dresses are acceptable to wear as casual and as professional clothing. Nonetheless, if you are to wear any dress as a casual business attire, you should pick the one that has sleeve.

If you want to wear a sleeveless dress, then for business sake, combine it with cardigan or coat. Avoid wearing any sheer material or dress with a neckline that is low, the hemline should not be too high up above the knees.

  • Casual Shirts: these can come in the form of polo shirts or t-shirts. You can wear them plain or with patterns, as long as the images on the polo shirts or t-shirts are not so loud. You can wear these type of casual shirts with long or short sleeves. Make sure that the colors are not so bright or repressed. And that their hems are not too short so that they can be revealing in some ways.

  • Casual Jeans: The first thing that comes to the mind of any worker when casual business outfit is mentioned, is the thought of wearing jeans. Well, jeans are comfortable as casual outfit to wear to work. Especially bootlegs jeans.

  • Shoes: if you really want to look casual at work, you can wear low heel shoes or flat shoes. Flip-flops and sneakers are No-Nos. Low heels are comfortable and easy to move around on a Casual Friday.

Free to use photos
Free to use photos | Source

Casual Business Clothing Ideas

Accessories For Business Casual Clothing

You can wear belts around your tops or dress. Let whatever accessory that you want to wear complement your overall appearance. Because you are allowed to dress casual does not mean that you can go all out and get yourself lots of sparkly and shiny earrings, bracelets or watches. Even if you want to wear them, try and keep them to a minimum or do not use them at all.

Caring For Your Business Casual Outfits

You can easily take care of the clothes that you wear to work, because these are the outfits that you wear to work everyday. In the same way, your casual business clothing require that you maintain them as well as care for them.

Your casual business shoes need proper polishing, your dresses, jeans and shirts need you to wash them and iron them. And if they need mending, you should mend them.


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