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Updated on October 13, 2015
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Joe has been working as a fitness pro and internet marketing expert for over 4 years now, also with a keen interest in personal development.


7 Ways to Earn Money on Social Media

Social media has exploded onto the scene and the number of social media sites on the internet has grown at an exponential rate, the world and his mother are using social media channels now and the potential to earn money via these channels has never been greater!

Some social media sites you may recognize like YouTube and Facebook, of course you have, everyone has, right?

But there are also many other sites out there with a social media platform and more are cropping up every year, I still predict that one day no one will ever leave their homes, to stay in using social media outlets and speak to people that way. (Don’t smirk because you know its heading that way)

Anyway with the social part out of the way, lets deal with the real topic at hand, how exactly is there an opportunity to be had using social media to earn money on the internet? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular methods that people are using to earn a bit of coin on the sites that people use to converse every single day.

Become an Amazon Affiliate

You may have used amazon to purchase something in your lifetime, you may not, but arguably this is one of the biggest and well known E-commerce sites on the internet today. You can buy pretty much anything on Amazon (within legal reason of course), which means you can make a commission on just about anything if you truly believe in what you are promoting that is. Once you have signed up for an amazon affiliate account, you can begin reviewing the products that you have most regularly used and found to be the best buys, and post these reviews on your blog, social media pages and even through email if you have built yourself a list for whatever reason. You’re giving people honest reviews and the chances to make informed decisions, you will begin to see relatively high numbers of commissions if you write particularly well and persuasively.

Earn money from You tube

If you are particularly partial to creating and posting videos that become viral, then this is the place for you to make some potentially serious money. Whether you post funny videos, informative videos or whatever grabs people’s attention again and again, you can make a lot of money through the YouTube partnership programme. People with an engaging character and interesting personality have gone on to make a lot of money from the ads that are placed on their videos just before they begin. When someone sees the ad and clicks on it, you then gain a share of that ad revenue, simple.

Sell an E book

Another great way of making money on social media, is by selling an eBook. Now don’t get me wrong, there are a few buts with this one, however it has been known that some people have made over £100,000 in a year selling an E book and promoting it through social media. One of the big buts is that you need to have developed a strong following in the particular subject of which the E book relates to. When I mean a strong following I mean multiple social media channels too, as you can tell this isn’t the easiest way of making money through social media, but you can absolutely do it with hard graft and patience, now where does that sound familiar?

Ebooks are an excellent way of delivering experience and knowledge to the world and cementing yourself as an industry expert, if you promote them well and use the amazon kindle programme to sell your Ebook, it’s a great source of passive income not to be missed out on.

Promote products on Pinterest

Pinterest is a perfect platform for selling products. As a virtual pin-board, the social media service is commonly used by potential customers to “pin” items of interest that they might buy at a later date. If you have created a product then this is a great way of shining the spotlight down on your creation. Images can soon become viral and you will gain exposure to many people with similar interests as each other. Pinterest also has one of the highest rankings on Google believe it or not and it’s still growing at an exponential rate.

Create a subscription based community

This in my opinion can become one of the best and sustainable ways of making a huge income through social media, let me explain. Let’s say that you have great knowledge in a particular industry, for example the nutrition industry and you want to bring it to the world. Using your own personality and “brand”, you can work social media and your email list (which you should always be growing FYI), to promote a community feel where you bring likeminded people together with very similar goals. When you do this you create that “community” effect and people will begin to feel part of something. If you give them enough value and a strong personal touch, they will never want to leave! Plus you also have to consider, that if you work it right, you can charge relatively small amounts that people don’t miss and make a fortune with the sheer number of people joining your community. You could also go the other way of course and promote a more exclusive community, just be prepared to deliver more value.

You don’t have to be an industry expert of course, you can quite easily create a following and community through different means, you just have to let your passions, interests and personality shine through big time. When people take a liking to you, they will want to hear more from you.

- Joe Searle

© 2015 Joe Searle


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