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Business Management Jobs

Updated on April 15, 2014

Management Jobs

The success of any business depends on how well the enterprise is managed. Good management is the key source of any business success. Therefore managers are respected and well payed people. This also means that business management jobs are very popular.

Some of the popular management jobs include:

General Manager
Operations Manager
Office Manager
Human Resources Manager
Sales Manager
Store Manager
Information Technology Manager
Management Analysts
Marketing Manager
Business Analyst


But in order to become a successful business manager you need at least some education and passion. Passion is something that you must be born with. You can not get it anywhere. Education is a different story. There are many schools that offer knowledge needed to become a successful business manager and leader.

You will also find several free online courses which are offered to help prospective and existing entrepreneurs understand the basic business management. These courses are easy to use and understand. But you should use them only as a complement to primary source of education: a good and respected school.


However, education and theoretical knowledge is only one side of a story. Every manager should be aware that he is also a leader. And leadership does not automatically mean managing a successful business.

If you are starting in management or thinking about a management career then you should know a basic and fundamental fact in business management: You are managing people, not product development or customer service or projects or any other corporate mission!

Managing People

People can be complicated and messy. They aren't machines or robots. They are humans as you are. They won't be in the same mood every day and they will have personal problems like you have. They will work for you. Therefore, you should understand them and treat them properly.

When you come in a new environment just sit down and get to know your staff. Find out what they do, what problems they have, what their goals are, how they communicate, what they like to do in their free time, etc. You should learn how to deal with problems and problematic employees. You should be their ally and they'll be yours. Do you know what your current company culture really is? When your team is aligned with the company culture, they will be more efficient and your job will be easier.

Respect and Responsibility

Remember: you may be extremely smart, but there's always someone smarter. Don't think or act like you know everything, nothing breeds resentment more than arrogance. Try to avoid re-inventing the wheel. Everything doesn't require your unique touch. Some things probably work just fine already without any additional instruction.

Managing also means responsibility. You are responsible for everything that happens in your scope of authority. It is very wrong to think that just because you may not be doing the actual work, you are not responsible - YOU ARE. If you are no comfortable with this basic fact, management is NOT for you.

Responsibility also means to make decisions. You will have to make decisions that will benefit the company as well as you and your staff... But rewards come at a price. Quite often they are in direct conflict with each other.

You do have a right to be human. Just because you are now management, does not mean that you can (or should) forget about emotions. Laugh with your people, joke with them... let them know that you are a human.

Work with People

Be honest with your people - you expect the same from them. Even if it's bad news, honesty does help lessen the blow.

Defend your people! This is very important. They will reward you with their loyalty. If you will not have your staff on your side than you will sooner or later fail. Leadership means leading a group, i.e. working together with a group.

The moral of the story is: in order to become a successful business manager you need to understand and respect people.


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  • IlearnedToday profile image


    9 years ago from Montreal

    good blog

    Leadership and followership is something important in the success of any business.


  • janemorris17 profile image


    9 years ago

    Yeah right...Success of a project or business comes from good manager, great plans and an amazing group of team. Project manager really have to consider and listen to the woes of there employees also.


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