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Business Phone Systems - Phone Systems UK

Updated on January 28, 2012

Business Phone Systems - What Is VoIP Tips Information on Telecommunications

This lens is totally dedicated to telecommunications tips and advice. I will be talking about business phone systems! What is the best telecoms system for small and medium sized companies and why. Also I will be talking about home workers what's the best telecoms solution out there.

What is VoIP I will be explaining why voice over IP is a hot topic and the moment. A little bit about myself I have been in the telecoms business gosh over 20 years now I have seen a lot of changes. Some good and some bad! So hopefully this will give you a little insight of the world of telecoms.

Business Cheap Calls - Cheap Line Rentals - Cheap Broadband Deals

We are all looking to save money especially when we are still in a worldwide recession!

There are tons of websites all claiming to be the best! For example we offer the cheapest line rental on the internet. It is very hard to find good honest reliable companies these days.

I wanted to do something about it so I did! A couple of years ago I setup a website called Online Communications Telecoms Information

Online Communications it is an information designed website offering tips and help to business companies of all types.

Firstly a little bit of background of me. I have been in the telecoms industry for mores years that I would like to remember. I have worked for British Telecom also a for UK telecoms company for over 17 years offering all types of telecommunications solutions.

I love trying to help people get what they deserve in honest reliable solutions. If I expect the very best I am sure you do as well!

I have just recently added category on Business line rental also call charges

already I have got many companies contacting me for help and advice on what is the best solution for their company.

My answer to them is very simple it's not always the best thing to get the cheapest offering as if they go to low in discount there is very little profit to the company so quality and support might be an issue.

I myself can help you find a good and honest reliable solution for all your lines and calls at a sensible price as the Americans would say a win win situation!

Great Stuff on Amazon

Mitel Business Phone Systems Mitel HX Controller

mitel hx 5000 controller
mitel hx 5000 controller

Mitel is by far one of the very best in telecoms technology worldwide. They cater for all types of business users from single site solutions to multi site applications.

They have well quite frankly an huge array of technology from VoIP solutions to call centre solutions.

Mitel really have the telecoms market share for example they have just launched this year the HX controller which comes as standard voicemail with live queuing ISDN protocol SIP VoIP ready rack mountable. 16 digital ports all for £1,500.00!

This solution is really aimed at the small to medium sized businesses also home worker solutions.

What Is VoIP (Voice Over IP

What is VoIP well it stands for voice over IP? Let’s really look at very basically if you have broadband at home and you have router you can utilise VoIP its very much like Skype if you both use Skype the calls are free and it goes over the internet.

VoIP and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) this again uses broadband calls go over the internet. This type of solution is very cost effective and ideal solutions for business users and home-workers like me. I use VoIP solution and all the calls go over the internet via your broadband. It works very well and it is very reliable I do not need any lines so there is no expensive line rental. There is huge amount of choices of suppliers for this type of solution.

What is ISDN Digital Lines

ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital Network! So what is so special about ISDN well it can take digital voice and digital data i.e. video traffic at very high speed. The digital line offers high quality speech also facilities like CLI (Caller Line Identification) and many other benefits. In most cases it is copper wire A leg and B leg A is for speech and the B leg is for data. There are other ISDN this called Optic fibre in most cases this is used for large organisations as it is very expensive to supply and install.

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