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business plan Sample

Updated on August 21, 2015

A non- profit business plan

Business plan

In order for an individual to have a successful career, it is essential that he/she takes advantage of opportunities that increase their awareness about the career path they are interested in and their place in it. through job placement and job development programs, individuals also get a chance to add to the knowledge they gained while at universities or college, gain an insight in to an occupation and industry that interests them and thus be well prepared for the their desired career path.

  1. 1. Executive summary

The non- profit agency intends to introduce mentoring programs in the form of job placement/job development for students with a two year college diploma/certificate as well as those who had excellent scores in their Secondary National Exams across the rural area in Malawi.

Through the program, the agency would also have an opportunity to reassert a sense of hope in the lives of these youth. In so doing, they will not only use their time wisely, but also restore their faith in the wide range of possibilities that await them with the right motivation. It is for this reason that the agency, through the programs mentioned intends to promote their best efforts and reinforce personal respect.

Although most of these students have excellent scores and skills, which can be effectively applied in various sectors, they lack sufficient funds, which would enable them to access and use computers, buy newspapers or even afford transportation as they look for work. As for the little money they have, a majority of these youth will spend it all as soon as they receive in for the fear that it might be stolen. Through the program, they will not only get work experiences, but also learn how to save and use their money wisely.

Once operations begin, the agency will dedicate resources towards training and educating the students on a variety of professional computer skills, CV/Cover letter and Resume revision, Career planning, Interview preparation, Job search assistance as well as Basic budgeting class.

Over time, the agency will create a learning environment, which will be an invaluable resource not only for the students and the youth, but also for the community in general.


The agency will be established to provide the youth with skills and experiences they will need to become successful in their career path. They will learn various computer skills, Interview preparation, Career planning, resume revision, job assistance search as well as budgeting. Eventually, they will get to see a career counselor in order to have an interview with companies for jobs or internships already listed. Given that networking is crucial for job searching, the agency will also give this a priority to ensure that the students take advantage of opportunities presented to them.


The mission of the agency involves the pursuit of the following principles;

Responsibility: the agency will focus on empowering the young in establishing goals and following through with commitments. Through basic budgeting classes, they will also learn how to save and use their money wisely for their future.

Support: given that individuals are significantly influenced by their support systems, the agency intends to surround the students in a caring, motivating and learning environment in order to boost their endeavors.

Educate: the agency will provide a variety of training sessions that will provide students with skills they would otherwise not have gotten. This will prove beneficial in helping them understand the industry/sector they wish to enter and develop their careers.

1.3.keys to success

Fundraising that will help to successfully fund the program.

An effective training program for the mentors so as to increase their ability to become successful communicators,

An effective monitoring system for both the youth and their mentors,

Networking with more recruiters that are ready to hire,

A qualified team composed of a director, career counselor and other trainers.

  1. 2. Organization summary

The organization is a non- profit agency that aims to train and mentor students with excellent scores in their secondary national exams and those with a college certificate in the rural areas of Malawi. Through networking, the agency also intends to form partnerships with other companies/organizations that may recruit or offer internships to the students.

Funds will be directed to hiring a qualified director, recruiters as well as a career counselor. Moreover, the agency will have to hire a several additional trainers, who will train and assist the students with their computer skills, basic budgeting skills as well as resume revision.

The agency will also be set up in the rural area of Malawi, given that students from these areas have limited opportunities as compared to those in the city and major towns.

Apart from the routine training and networking to provide students with job networks and internships, ongoing training will proceed with mentors in individual case management throughout the year. This will focus on helping students with their individual projects given that some may have personal projects they intend to pursue.

2.1.Start-up summary

The start- up expenses of the agency amount to $10,000, which will mostly go to stationery, legal cost as well as the expenses associated with opening an office. Funds will also be required to finance the first year of operations. The table below represents allocation of funds.

Start- up expenses



Stationery etc.












Total start- up expenses


Total assets

Start up assets

Cash required


Other current assets


Long- term assets


Total assets $70,000

Total requirements $80,000

Start- up funding


Start- up assets to fund


Total funding required


Non- cash assets from start- up


Cash required from start- up


Additional cash raised


Cash balance on starting date


Total assets


Total Liabilities

$0 entity

The agency is a tax- exempt not-for -profit organization that will focus its effort in training and mentoring the students as well as networking with likeminded organizations for the betterment of the society.

  1. Services

Two of the biggest government owned job placement agencies in Lilongwe and Blantyre largely assist n the placement of students with a year degree or advanced certification. Given that a majority of the students with such credentials are from major towns and urbanized areas, rural students who have excellent scores in their secondary education in the national examination as well as college students with a two year degree find it difficult to compete.

With this program, the agency will be able to provide these students with a chance to enter in to their desired career, and ultimately improve their communities.

Given that a majority of the Malawian population is involved in subsistence agriculture in the one of the world's least developed country, the program will significantly given these students an upper hand that will help shine a brighter future for the country as a whole. Founders of the organization have conducted extensive research, which has shown that with some level of motivation and supporting programs, which will include computer skills and other basic training, these students will be able to improve their current situations significantly. The personnel also have an extensive understanding of the industry, and will therefore be in a position to help bring the necessary change that will help these students.

With sufficient funding, the agency will be able to purchase all the requirements, hire the right personnel and start operations.

Ultimately, the long- term goal of the agency is to employer the young adults to break the cycle that keeps them from advancing and improving not only their lives individually, but their societies in general. Once they undergo all the right training and get the appropriate job experience, the agency will have achieved its goal of developing a positive attitude among the youth and their future.

  1. 4. Market analysis summary

The program/services of the agency are in direct response to a growing number of young people that have lost hope due to the limited opportunities as compared to those with those with 4 year degree certifications and advanced certificates. Given that the major job placement/job development agencies that already exist give priority to those with advanced certifications, those with two year college certificates and others with only secondary/high school certificates experience significant hardships getting the same opportunities. The agency therefore has a large number of students from the rural areas, which will significantly benefit from the program. The program will therefore be highly accessible to a large number of students and young adults, who would have otherwise contended with subsistence agriculture or rearing cattle, goats and poultry.

The goal of the program is to create a beneficial transition among these students, equip them with the necessary skills and experience that will enhance their chances of bringing about a positive change in their societies and the country as a whole. This will attract and positively impact students from the rural areas.

With 85 percent of the population in the country residing in the rural areas, Malawi remains one of the most densely populated countries in the sub-Saharan region of Africa.

College and even vocational training in the country is rare, while those with money send their children abroad for higher education. This shows the significant impact the program would have in the rural areas.

given that advanced degrees are obtained overseas (united states, united kingdom and Germany), this program would also be positively viewed not only by interested students, but the society in general given that it would place the students in a better position not only to get employment with experience, but also get a better picture of their interests and desires to advance their education in order to get better jobs and even start their own businesses. Women in the country are also being encouraged to get an education and start their own businesses. This makes the program even more significant in the rural areas, where a variety of skills and training would help them become more knowledgeable and gain additional skills in doing so. segmentation

The organization has a number of market focuses, which are key to the success if the program. These include;

  • Students who have excellent scores in their secondary education in the national examinations,
  • Students with two or three year college diplomas/certificates,
  • Students with some level of vocational training

Market analysis (pie chart)

Given that only about 32 percent of students in the country go on to complete their primary school education, it is clear that even fewer go to secondary and even fewer in college and universities. This makes such a program essential in order to continue students and parents alike to focus on their children getting an education. however, this can only be achieved by helping the ones from secondary and college to get additional training that will not only help them realize the significance of education and training for themselves, but for younger people in both secondary and primary schools.

  1. 5. Strategy and implementation summary

The three major focuses of the agency for the implementation of the program include;

Obtaining the necessary funding,

Additional networks and contacts, recruitment of trainers and mentors,

5.1.fundraising strategy

Funding sources for the agency include private donations, grant from private institutions and business sponsorships.

5.1.1. Funding forecast

Forecast of revenues for 2016 is $267,396. The stable core funding would be from private foundations and institutions, private donations as well as federal contracts. Anticipated growth from these funding sources is however estimated to be about 5 percent over the next 3 years. The organization will give more focus on rapidly increasing funding from sources where percentage growth is projected to be higher. The target in this case is private donations, fundraising and business sponsorship. By 2018, the organization estimates revenues in excess of $350,000. strategy

One of the goals of the organization is to raise the visibility of the program so as to assure that;

Referral sources use the service,

Funding sources will continue supporting the program,

Adults will also volunteer in to the program,

The marketing strategy will be to successfully sell the program to various institutions (college and even secondary schools) as well as within the society. Moreover, a referral coordinator will help create additional networks of contacts, which will serve as the referral source for the program.

Brochures will be developed for the purposes of selling the benefits of the program to both the participants and referrers. However, the core of the marketing strategy will be the creation of a Board of Directors for the program, who will be chartered with the responsibility of selling the benefits of the program to the community.

  1. 6. Management summary

The agency will be composed of the Board of Directors and an executive director for the program. A team of professional program and fundraising managers will also be assembled in order to manage and grow the program.

6.1.personnel plan

The table below summarizes personnel expenditure for the first 3 years. The agency will have the following staff;

A fundraising or grant coordinator,

An office manager,

A youth referral coordinator,

Mentor recruitment/training coordinator,

Personnel plan

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Executive director




Fundraising/grand coordinator




Mentor recruitment coordinator




Youth referral coordinator




Office manager




Total number of people




Total Payroll




  1. 7. Financial plan

The agency will build funding from business and private donors at an aggressive rate. However, it is expected to take five years before funding from these sources become sufficiently strong to expand the program. Principal expenditures for the program are for the training and management of mentors as well as other primary activities of the program. For this reason, due diligence will be applied to the allocation of funds for the critical program responsibilities. An effective communication system will also be established for the reporting of fiscal data to the Board of Directors so as to ensure a quick adjustments where necessary, and thus ensure a healthy program.


The financial plan will depend on significant assumptions, which include;

A slow growth economy without significant recession,

There will be no unforeseen changes in grant funding availability,

A continued need for the services by the youth/students, broad community support and interest,

7.2.projected surplus/deficit

With projected revenues increasing from $267,396 during the first year to well over $350,000 in the third, surplus would be applied to program activities, marketing activities and or held for contingencies.


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