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Business Quality Web Hosting

Updated on August 14, 2008

What to Look for in Business Quality Web Hosting

There are certain things you should keep in mind when looking for business quality web hosting:

  • affordability
  • reliability
  • support
  • bandwith
  • e-mail
  • integration
  • extra tools i.e. autoresponder, spam filter, blog, bannerfree

Web Hosting Company for Small Business

As a webmaser or business owner you might be looking for a web hosting company for small business opportunities.

Look at the price value; quantity should never be chosen over quality. When setting up an online business website for your client or your own business, always look at the whole package. Do they offer professional support 24/7? Do they offer step-by-step instructions? Do they automate tedious, yet necessary work? Can you integrate existing websites easily? How long have they been in business? Are their customers satisfied? Can they keep up with the fast changes happening online? Do they help you boost web site traffic?

One web hosting company for small business does all this and more; Site Build It.

All the small business web development software you'll need

Site Build It's small business web development software offers all the tools you'll ever need in one package for one annual fee, no catches, no upsells.

The best part is that SBI is constantly expanding, creating new tools, without extra charges for its members.

Here's a small overview of the tools you get with your SBI membership:

  • Brainstorm it!: advanced vertical and lateral keyword software giving 10-20 times more keywords than even Google and Yahoo
  • SiteSell Supply and Site Info: checks out your competition automatically, saving you hours of tedious work
  • Alexa integration
  • Search It!: get all the info on searches that are hot right now
  • Domain name
  • Web hosting: fast, reliable, unlimited pages and bandwith, e-mail
  • Design tools: design logos, buttons,... or use pre-built customizable templates
  • Block-by-block sitebuilding to speed up the website building
  • Upload pages built in Dreamweaver, Frontpage,...
  • Automated and regular blogging
  • Analyze it!: optimize your page for highly targeted free traffic
  • Automatic search engine sitemap, pinging, tracking, ranking
  • Traffic & click analysis
  • Value exchange: exchange highly relevant links
  • E-zine publishing
  • Form Build It! & Autoresponder
  • Link Fix It!: automatically fixes broken links

  • Monetize It!: content-building, ad-selling, ppc-buying
  • Support: action guide, online help, private forums, tips 'n techniques, unlimited customer support

Brand new is Content 2.0, taking full advantage of Web 2.0 features.


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