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Buying Local to Support Your Town

Updated on May 11, 2017

You can find local shops and market stalls in your community selling everything from food to clothes to soaps. Wonderful handmade items and fresh grown produce almost from your own backyard! However, with today’s technology at our literal fingertips it’s so easy to jump online and find something similar in a big box store cheaper. So what then is the upside of buying local if it may cost you more money?

It all comes down to economics. The good green stuff that makes the world go around. Think of money in your community as blood, the faster the blood moves the better circulation you will have to vital organs and your overall health will be better too. But what if we get a gaping wound? That life blood will pour out hindering circulation and potentially causing major damage. Well that’s what money is to your community, life blood. The faster money moves around the community the healthier your community will be. Higher property values and more people spending money keeping food on the table.

In America many communities are slowly dying out becoming ghost towns with many shops sitting empty because they have been abandoned due to people not supporting locally owned businesses. Time and time again, all across America this has been the case. At the end of the day we all want to succeed and support our own families. We all want to better our lives. By supporting local small business by buying from them you keep the life blood circulating healthy in your community.

Next time you find yourself with little to do on a weekend go check out your local farmers market or head down to the arts and craft festival. Here is a website that may help you to find a market near you


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