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Interview preparation tips and techniques

Updated on June 26, 2015

First Step - Introspection

You need to think as if you are running a company. Will you select yourself for that particular concern? What are your pros and cons? Analyse them to find the necessary implementations that you need to do. It is necessary that you ask questions to yourself before attending the interview.

Second Step - Get knowledge of that company

1)Be technically thorough especially in the products and services offered by that particular company.

2)Have complete knowledge of the company in business point of view

3)Know their competitors. This is very important.

4)It is advisable to know if the company has grown or subsided in the past five years and to know the percentage of improvement.

How well you dress up matters the most

The way you dress speaks for itself, The attire speaks your attitude. Though you may be a technically expert person, the ethics of the company have to be valued. When you do not dress up yourself well even for the interview, you are immediately back-listed in the minds of the judging panel.

Get the extra edge over others

1) It is suggested that you have a complete detail of the history of the company, its current market share, top level leaders, and when was the company in the news recently. These points will add merit to you during the interview. The panel must feel that you are interested in the company and you had searched for information about it online.

2)You can bring the panel in alignment with your technically stronger area. For example, when questions are asked, you may stop at the point where you are strong, prompting the panel to ask question in that particular area where you had stopped. It does not matter even if you do not suit for a particular job in that company, they may allocate you according to their needs. It is just necessary that the panel is impressed by you.

During the Interview

1)Open the door with "Excuse me Sir"

2)Do not sit before the interviewer asks you to sit.

3)Sit straight in a bit relaxed position. Do not fold your hands or sit too erect.

4)Maintain eye contact with the person who is interviewing you and the panel. It means you are confident, and you are saying the truth.

5)Speak slowly and steadily.

The Strict Dont's

1)Do not create sympathy.

2)Do not speak like you have no other option except for this company. (i.e.) "I really do not know what I am going to do if you do not provide me job". These kinds of utterances are strictly not advisable.

Common and Sure questions for the Interview

1)Tell me about yourself

Start the conversation with your name and your schooling and college. Some panel wanted it to be short and sweet while others want it to be long. It is recommended that you prepare for four to five minutes speech for this question. It must cover your name, schooling, college, the occupation of your parents, hobbies and your experience, the posts held and your strength and weakness.

2)Why must I take you for this job?/What makes you suitable for this job?

The common and acceptable answer could be like the company provides you the right platform for utilizing your technical expertise in the right direction and it will mutually help each other to grow with time.

3)How do you see yourself five years down the line?

This is the most important question where they check your reliability. The company is going to invest in you if they recruit you. They need to train you and shape you before you are going in for the particular job. Therefore, the answer you give for this question will decide whether the company is willing to invest in you. The "clarity" is very crucial for this question. This will tell you how focussed you are towards your career. If you are not clear, then it is suggested that you take additional care and find where you wanted to be few years down the line.

4)What salary do you expect?

It is not advisable to say less or more. It is suggested that you say a little more than what you were getting from the previous company. If you are a fresher, then be careful in responding to this question. Analyse the company well and if you know some people working in the company whom you can ask how much the company pays for the fresher and you can say more or less similar to that amount.

5)Why not some other company? / Will you move to other company if they provide you more salary than this?

It is recommended that you tell them that you feel this concern would be a good start towards your career. and for the question on switching companies, be frank. At the same time,gain the confidence of the panel that you will be working with them at least for two to three years.

6)Why did you leave the previous job?

Be frank. If you feel you cannot say the reason, then be diplomatic.

The Resume

Whatever you put in the resume matters very much. Choose every single word carefully while preparing the resume.

If you are not sure or not well versed, try avoiding that in it. If the questions are raised on that and if you are not able to answer them, then it will be taken like you have lied in your resume for the sake of job.

The resume is going to speak for you in writing. If you are a fresher, then it is advisable to have a clear idea of what project you did during the college. You have to be clear in what you have done

It is recommended that you revise your project well before you attend the interview.

Beyond everything

Besides all, the questions and the answers expected varies with the panel. However from company's point of view with respect to you, the answer however remains the same.

Are the points helpful in preparing for the interview?

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    • Seshagopalan profile imageAUTHOR

      Seshagopalan Murali 

      5 years ago from Chennai, Tamil Nadu

      Yes. It makes the panel feel better. They understand that the candidate has given much importance for the job in that company.

    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      5 years ago from USA

      It is indeed important to research the company you interview with. Many people skip that part and it shows.


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