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How to make money from a blog

Updated on September 16, 2013
fortune cookies...
fortune cookies...

Making money from a blog is not easy. Some writers appear able to advise you on making say five to twenty dollars a day, maximum. But a fortune no. I challenge anyone to honestly say that the can make a fortune by blogging unless your name is already out there and you are already popular. . But given the amount of time you need to invest in doing good keyword searches-backlinking the dollar per hour ratio means you do not make a fortune on blogs.

Amazon and Ebay

There will be those that say they have and can. But I suggest to you at best they may be exaggerating the truth. . Okay a very few will have been lucky and had many hit on Amazon and EBay or they may be selling thing through EBay on the net themselves directly. However to make money on Hub-pages is a very hard slog... I have yet to make a hundred dollars and so far Ive been here two years and produced lots of hubs. Still there is no harm in trying. If you know someone with a lucky formulae please let me know !

The way to improve your chances of earning is to open accounts with amazon & EBay and then put the codes on the affiliate settings which you will find at the top of the blog. Then when you produce each hub you need to add a capsule from eBay or amazon. It took me some time to learn this over six month's I could not understand why I was not getting any earning from eBay and amazon which i was earning something from google AdSense. There is fortunately a lot more easily available advice on the Forms page. Frequently asked questions is a good place to go.

One you put an eBay or amazon capsule on your blog you need to put key words in the boxes so that the computer can scour appropriate adds relating to the keywords. Get my drift. In other words if you are say doing a hub oneself help or motivation you would then use these key words and they amazon or eBay will come up with books or other products relating to those key words.

Some of the more savvy members use back-links a lot. This is good if your already underway with writing hubs. The back-linking will cost you if you subscribe to the easy back-linking sites that are available. To this point in time I have not bothered. To me if money is the number one reason to write I would get too corrupted by making money that writing about things I want to write about.


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    • American_Choices profile image

      American_Choices 5 years ago from USA


      What are your thoughts on Huffington Post's success?

      Writing for money is an honest profession - sadly the ads are fast money. If you work at it like a job 8-5 and focused in one niche you will have success. Writing online is a great venue / profession for global self employment. I feel strongly the professional bloggers deserve a better term than "blogger". If they have tens of thousands of followers and find their niche and relay creditable information, their professional status should be recognized.

    • Ibrahim K. Shafin profile image

      Ibrahim Kamrul Shafin 6 years ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh & Washington DC, USA

      Good hub, beyond doubt. I appreciate your writing. So, Vote Up!