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Card Swiper - Where to find Credit Card Swipers, Readers and Scanners

Updated on September 1, 2011

Credit Card Scanners, Credit Card Readers and Credit Card Swipers

When it comes to purchasing a Credit Card Swiper, Credit Card Reader or Credit Card Scanner you will find that there are a quite a few different options to choose from depending on your personal needs.

Today's technology is making it easy for even the smallest of business owners to be up and running in no time!

Many of these credit card swipers, readers and scanners can be hooked up right to your personal computer or laptop in a matter of minutes and have you easily accepting credit card purchases for your merchandise or services.

There are even credit card "readers" you can hook right up to your iPhone!

There are also credit card swipers that you can purchase strictly for your own personal credit card use. These swipers allow you to make online purchases without having to constantly input your credit card information and they also keep your credit card information safe by encrypting it after each purchase. This ensures that even if someone does gains access to your computer or laptop they will have no access to any of your personal credit card information.

These personal credit card swipers are becoming extremely popular for those who are uncomfortable giving out their credit card information to anyone online.

Listed below are the most popular and commonly purchased credit card readers, scanners and swipers that can be hooked up to your desktop computer, laptop computer or even be used with your iPhone.

3 track USB MSR Magnetic Stripe Credit/Smart Card Swipe POS Mini Reader

This SC443 3-track USB magnetic stripe reader is pretty much an all-in-one reader.

It reads magnetic stripe information from 3 track of any card including credit cards, smart cards, access cards, and more! It is perfect for credit card processing, point of sale (POS), ID verification, time and attendance terminals, and is super easy to use.

There is no software to install. You simply plug the reader into USB port of your computer and you are good to go!

When it is connected to the host computer as a keyboard wedge, the reader is completely compatible with the host's software.

The decoded data appears to the host as if it were entered manually by the operator through the keyboard which saves you tons of inputting time.

It is also fully programmable. With the help of MSR setup tool (which is available for free download) you may (if needed) modify MSR output format to meet your applications specifications.

NetSecure SMSEN01 SmartSwipe Personal Card Reader (Black)

This credit card reader or credit card swiper is perfect for personal use at home.

It makes online shopping faster, easier and, most importantly, secure,

This NetSecure SmartSwipe personal credit card reader encrypts all your online shopping transactions, while also speeding up the process. Instead of having to type in your credit card information, you simply swipe your card knowing your information is secure before it even reaches your computer. This SmartSwipe reader works with all major credit cards and virtually all shopping sites.

It uses a patented technology called Dynamic SSL to encrypt your credit card information.

This will prevent your information from being vulnerable to many attacks on your personal computer that include Malware, Spyware, viruses, Phishing and other possible attacks.

Because this credit card swiper is outside of your computer, hackers cannot access it and SmartSwipe has no memory so even if it was physically stolen your information is still secure.

How It Works:

When you reach a payment page you simply click on the SmartSwipe icon located in your browser to activate your reader. Flashing LED lights will let you know it is time to swipe and than all you will need to do is simply swipe your credit card just like you would in a store.

No more need to type in a credit card number, expiration date etc., which will save you time and cut down on mistakes. You will actually be able to watch as the credit card fields are filled with lock symbols telling you they have been secured. Then when you are ready, just press the ‘process order’ button to complete your order.

USB Magnetic Stripe Credit/Smart Card Swipe POS Reader

This is another easy-to-use credit card reader and/or credit card swiper.

This will not only read credit cards but also other types of standard magnetic type cards such as ID cards, Gift Cards, and Drivers Licenses. This is a plug and play card reader so there is no need to program anything.

However if you are using a software program that is a little out of the norm, there is a programming tool that the company will e-mail you upon request.

It is compatible with all versions of QuickBooks, PC Charge Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Widows 2000, Windows 98SE and Apple OSX.

It can be used on desktops or laptop computers - all that is needed is a USB port for connection.

Macally Swipeit Credit Card Terminal for iPhone and Ipod Touch

To conduct business or make purchases on the go, this is the ultimate easy credit card card reader and swiper.

This is compatible with both the Iphone & Ipod Touch.

It provides secure credit card transactions with an encrypted reader head and accepts Visa, Mastercard & American Express

It is one of the quickest & easiest ways to process credit card transactions. Another benefit is that swiped transactions provide the user with the lowest credit card rates possible.

It works with both Cellular Phone Data Network & Wi-Fi Broadband Connection and the adjustable spring-loaded arm supports a wide range of Iphone & Ipod Touch sizes both inside or outside of the case.

Mophie Marketplace IPhone 4 Credit Card Reader

This credit card reader is perfect for accepting credit cards anytime with with your iPhone 4.

It's low-profile, soft-touch case allows you to process any major credit card by simply swiping along the bottom of the case. It works with the free Intuit GoPayment iPhone app and has low monthly service fees.

Like the readers above, the credit card data is immediately encrypted once the card is scanned via your iPhone for your customers safety and you will get authorization in seconds. You can also sync account information with QuickBooks


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      Richard Campbell 6 years ago

      Another thing I have noticed is that often for many people, bad credit is the reaction to circumstances further than their control. One example is they may have already been saddled with illness so that they have substantial bills for collections. Maybe it's due to a occupation loss or perhaps the inability to do the job. Sometimes breakup can really send the budget in a downward direction. Many thanks for sharing your notions on this blog site.