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Stable Job vs Career Opportunities: Which is Better for You?

Updated on July 26, 2017
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Work: I believe it should be a pleasure first of all. And I hope one day everyone will have the opportunity of choosing job of their dreams

Working is not only an activity you have to do in order to earn money and feed yourself and your family: it may also something which allows you to grow professionally and get satisfactions in your life. Everybody has different attitudes to their jobs: there are people who feel stressed at working and whose only interest is earning enough money to live a decent life. There are other ones who love to do their job even if it does not offer opportunities for professional growth: these ones, unlike the first ones, put passion in their work, but are not willing to have a professional upgrade, because they just like what they are actually doing or they are not willing to put even more in time in their job (leaving very little for family and friends). Then there are people who literally live of work: they follow their dreams every day in order to achieve their professional goals and gro, even if this means staying all the day out of home. Whatever is the attitude to your job, a question may start to come to people who are facing for the first time the world of employment: is it better to have a stable job and keep it forever, even if this does mean having no opportunities to grow (maybe you have a very basic job which requires no particular skills) or is it a good idea to leave your job after having achieved enough experience to start another one with bigger responsibilities? This article is going to help you make a decision.

The Solution for the Prudent Worker

Sometimes it is nice to enjoy a snack in a coffee shop. How can you enjoy it if there were no waiters or baristas? Every job is needed in the world: it is not important to become managers, it is important to do what you like!
Sometimes it is nice to enjoy a snack in a coffee shop. How can you enjoy it if there were no waiters or baristas? Every job is needed in the world: it is not important to become managers, it is important to do what you like!

The prudent worker is someone who tries to save everything he has in his life: a stable job, family, friends and time for himself. This kind of person is most likely to find a good job in order to earn enough money to have a good life: maybe he will not get rich, but he will be able to enjoy time with family and friends, while making sure nothing is missing. The prudent worker is surely someone whose primary goal is: being safe and quiet. He accepts not to have a professional growth, he is keen on keeping his modest job until he has to retire and he is basically having a happy life (unless his material needs are exceeding the available amout of money he can spend). If the prudent worker is really sure not to be interested in growing professionally and words like "business" and "manager' do not excite him so much, this way of life is the perfect for him. Nobody should consider a failure the life of a clerk who really loves to do his job, even if there are unluckily many people who still classify other ones basing on what job they are doing: since this clerk is doing something he likes, he is not just working, he is enjoying his activity. This clerk has achieved more success than a manager who is unhappy with their life and decided to have such a kind of job just because he wanted to be seen in a different way by other people, or because he had pressures from family or friends. It is also important to remember every shop needs clerks, just like every restaurant needs waiters: a world full of managers simply stops to work. The more these clerks or waiters are happy people who really enjoy their work, the more the world is better (also because these employees are most probably doing their job with passion, and not only in order to earn money).

The solution for the prudent worker is basically one: finding the job they like and, if it is stable and makes him happy, keeping it without trying to find other alternatives.

If you really love coffee it would be a pity to decline a stable job opportunity as a barista only because someone convinced you to become a manager at any cost!
If you really love coffee it would be a pity to decline a stable job opportunity as a barista only because someone convinced you to become a manager at any cost!

The Solution for the Go-Ahead Worker

The go-ahead employee is basically the opposite of the prudent one: he is not interested in having a stable job and professional life is so much important it can easily be bigger than personal one. Such a kind of attitude to work may be encouraged if we are talking about someone who has not particular friendships or relationships with family (so that he has no relevant personal life to spend), even if there are also many go-ahead people who are just going to achieve personal satisfactions, while reserving a little part of their free time also for family and friends (it also depends on how many responsibilities do you have in your job and how much time do you need in order to enjoy your loved ones). The go-ahead worker may also have enough money to face eventual risks of not finding a higher job after he left the previous one: or he just may be someone who loves high-risk decisions, just like aggressive investors in stock markets.

If you are a go-ahead employee, changing your job often, increasing your curriculum vitae records and growing professionally may be the best solution for you.

An Equilibrated Decision

An equilibrated compromise between the prudent and the go-ahead worker is possible and involves the following steps:

  • Never leave your previous job before being sure you can rely on the new one talking about stability and incomes: leaving your old road is good just exactly after you have been officially hired by the new company, not a second before!
  • Always ask for opinions from your family and your friends: is your new job requiring you more time? Just think about, also with them, if this may be or not be a problem in order to pass happy moments with your loved ones. Remember professional growth should not be more important of your personal life: if you feel a job with higher responsibility would ruin your personal life, think about if it could be better to keep your old job.
  • Always plan every decision without being in a hurry: do not forget your job is something which may influence your life in many aspects. A wrong choice means more problems in your future.

And you? What type of worker you are?

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© 2017 Alessio Ganci


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