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Success in career: The critical success factor in your career!

Updated on December 25, 2016

A) Ask yourself 1 question:

In your work, how much percent of work do you:

a) Dislike? b) Tolerate? c) Love?

B) The kind of worker that you are, would you hire your own self if you were the boss?

C) The difference between a prostitute and a professional: The prostitute does it only for money, while the professional does it for love and care.

D) What is the difference between a bad and a good professional?

E) What is the difference between a good and a great professional?


H) The 4 questions to ask yourself to find the "sweetheart work" that you love:

Q1. Excellence:

What have I done in the past that I have done excellently and for which people have really appreciated me?

Q2. Want:

What would I do if there was no pressure of money, society or family?

Q3. Meaningful:

What do I find meaningful and inspiring?

Q4. Enjoyment:

What have done in the past that I have really enjoyed?

You are MISEMPLOYED if today you are in a job that you don't really love.

The subconscious resentment and conflict generated inside you because of your misemployment

Saps away your Psychic energy, causes chronic stress, causes disease of your mind, diseases of your body and eats away your happiness and peace of mind like white termites.


Today itself, as a hobby at least , start doing"That real thing"that you always wanted to do but could not do because of shortage of money or time. Presume that you are just temporarily earning from your other "part time"9-5 job! Even if you don't earn your living from your "sweetheart work" right now, it will still create tremendous enthusiasm in you, just doing what you are doing. Your energy S-A-P-P will then become energy Z-A-P-P!


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