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Champion Teams

Updated on April 7, 2015

What makes a team better than others? What is the secret of the success of a high-performance workgroup?

To answer these questions a profile of a champion team can be suitable designed and self contain recommendations for teams who want to reach the top.

This profile could be called Ten Commandments of a Winning Team:

  1. A winning team is productive because it invests in the management of time, which is the way for those seeking productivity;
  2. Champion teams interact with each other in order to explore their differences and individual skills and create synergy, taking advantage of these differences;
  3. Each member of a winning team has zero index of procrastination - which is postponing action for later, fact that leads to stress, guilt and loss of productivity for not meeting responsibilities and commitments. This is the reason of lightness of the members of champion teams;
  4. A pleasant working environment is crucial for maintaining the high productivity of a team. Therefore, the leader of a winning team promotes and encourages consistently good relationships between the members of his team;
  5. One of the mottos of a championship team is: "The truth is a good companion". Champion teams spread relevant information to the work for the whole team and for their customers, suppliers and partners in a very open and sincere manner;
  6. In a winning team everyone is willing and even eager to take responsibilities. The "let me leave" thinking is not a part of the profile of a champion team member;
  7. In a debate or a discussion - inside or outside the group - members of a winning team use up the three principles contained in the Trading Principle-Centered: disregard people as part of the problems, focus on the group's interests - not in their positions - and create a variety of possibilities of results from the discussion before deciding what to do;
  8. Members of champion teams always have a positive attitude towards learning something new and are constantly working to improve their knowledge and skills;
  9. Members of a winning team are not "workaholics" (drunk with work). As professionals concerned about their productivity and in meeting their goals they are resourceful in finding methodologies to help do their jobs more efficiently;

10. Champion teams do not have in their ranks vain, convinced, selfish or snobbish professionals; each member of such staff knows and practices the verses of Itamar Assumpcao: "I’ve learned that ignorance, squalor and greed are lavas of this volcano; learned that this smoke blurs out my window, not inside".

Sometimes we can thing that being part of one of these teams is not something for a mortal, but recalling that Brazil practice the best football in the world and in the occasions that it was Champion of the World, it had not technically spectacular teams (except made in 1970), but athletes who practiced the commandments in that area for 45 days, it is evident the need to pursue these commandments, and remember that a set of great legend does not form a winning team. In fact, not even form a team.


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