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Charles Simonyi

Updated on July 18, 2014

"Yachts are the closest a commoner can get to sovereignty." - Charles Simonyi

Charles Simonyi (; born September 10, 1948, Budapest) is a computer software executive who, as head of Microsoft's application software group, oversaw the creation of Microsoft's flagship office applications. He now heads his own company, Intentional Software, with the aim of developing and marketing his concept of intentional programming. In 2007, he became the fifth space tourist and the second Hungarian in space. His estimated net worth is $1 billion.

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Charles Simonyi is co-founder of Intentional Software Corporation. The company, started in August 2002, accelerates innovation by integrating the business domain experts into the software production process.

Born in Budapest, Hungary, Simonyi earned his B.S. in engineering mathematics from the University of California at Berkeley, and a doctorate in computer science from Stanford University. He received a honorary doctorate from the University of Pecs in Hungary, in 2001.

Simonyi was employed by Microsoft Corporation from 1981 to 2002, where he held titles of Director of Application Development, Chief Architect, and Distinguished Engineer.

Member of the National Academy of Engineering since 1997, elected for his contributions to "widely used productivity software" and he is a Correspondent Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Simonyi has also been serving on the Board of Trustees of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton since 1998. He has endowed a chair for the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford University and a chair for Theoretical Physics at the Institute for Advanced Study, among many other educational and charitable contributions through the Charles Simonyi Fund for Arts and Sciences.

Charles Simonyi is a collector of modern art, enjoys classical music and is also an experienced pilot.

April 2007 Charles Simonyi was part of the Soyuz mission to the International Space Station

Charles Simonyi on Space Flight

“I consider my future flight to be a small part of an important trend to make space accessible to more people, not just to experts. I am very much in favor of commercial space travel, which promises to advance technology just like commercial aviation did many years ago.”

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