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Cheap 800 Number - Services That Provide Inexpensive Toll-Free Numbers

Updated on February 28, 2013

You have a small business. Maybe a website. And you want potential customers to feel like they can call you . But what is a good, cheap, reliable 1-800 number provider that you can trust your company's precious customers too?

I just recently launched my own e-commerce store and found it necessary to do some intense research in order to choose a good toll free provider. Just like you, I want my business to have a professional image, and for $3 a month, I can give it that. In the world of E-commerce, being easy to contact (or even just having the appearance of being easy to reach) is a great way to build trust and make customers more willing to buy.

The nice thing is, a lot of these can forward the calls to a cell phone, so I can take care of business even if I am sitting on a beach in Mexico. (Not that I've had to worry about it yet.)

There are a lot of toll free service providers. And most of those just resell the service from other people. What was important to me was to get a company that I trust and that is going to have consistent "up-time" and good customer service. Plus, the reviews of other clients weighed heavily in my decision as well.

Without further ado, here are my top three picks for a toll free phone provider. I wish you and your business venture the ultimate success.

My Top Pick - Voipo

$3 per month

Since I have a small business that uses well less than 2,000 minutes per month, I was able to get phone service from Voipo. In a nutshell, they have this adapter that I plug into my internet modem. And then I plug my cordless phone into their adapter. For about $8 per month, they provide my home business phone service with a local number.

When I needed to add a toll-free number, I checked with them, and discovered that they could give me a cheap toll free number for only $3 per month extra. I had to pay it upfront ($36 per year, $4.95 per month if you want to go month-to-month), but it was a great deal.

You do not need to have their basic phone service in order to use their toll-free numbers. Heck, you could direct all of the calls to a cell phone if you wanted.

But what I do is direct all of the toll-free calls to go to my home office phone. Then, if I am out of the office, I log into my V-panel and direct the calls to my cell phone. So it gives me the ultimate control and makes sure I can always be reached.

The cost ($36/year or $4.95/month) does include 100 minutes of talk time. Above that, they charge about 5 cents a minute.

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Grasshopper - The Serious Solution

Better Features and More Flexibility Than Voipo

It seems like yesterday that Grasshopper was just a little bug. And my, how they've grown. Some of the biggest internet companies have come to rely on their services, and they just keep getting better.

The idea behind Grasshopper is that they offer your company the ultimate in flexibility. So you could have one 800-number for the company, and when the call comes in, their system will route it to Betty in Florida or John in New Hampshire -- whatever you need.

For the small business owner, this gives you the ultimate flexibility you need to leave the office without losing clients.

Grasshopper offers a lot more features than Voipo does. Things like letting you create a customer main greeting and unlimited extensions for your employees. It also has hold music while the phone connects the call and allows you to put in a name directory so that each client can contact their sales rep. Plus a lot more routing features for switching between what phone receives the call.

Bottom line, it empowers your small business to provide the same level of professional service that the big companies do, for a fraction of the cost.

They have several plans. Frankly, I feel like their cheapest plan, the $12 one is a little pricey. For the money, I'd rather go through Voipo.

But their $24 plan looks really good. It includes 600 minutes of talk time and unlimited extensions for the price, which is on par cost-wise with what Voipo offers, but has more flexibility and better features.

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If you've been digging around on forums, you've probably seen these guys mentioned before. Basically, they offer the cheapest toll free numbers you will ever find, and so they are a great value.

However, for a variety of reasons, I don't like them as well as the previous two providers.

Kall8 has a great selection of phone numbers to choose from. You can get a toll-free number such as 877-, 888-, 866- for only $2 per month. If you want it to have a repeater number, such as 877-286-1111, that'll cost you $5 per month.

A basic, cheap 800- number will cost $5 per month. So on-par with what Voipo charges for their month-to-month 800-number service.

A really cool thing about Kall8, though, is that they offer cheap vanity numbers. So you could get a number like 800-268-DOGS for your pet business. That costs $15 per month.

Their per-minute costs start at 7-cents per minute.

So, when you advertise and say "Toll Free Numbers From $2 per Month" you get a lot of people signing up.

But they aren't very transparent about their customer service. And they sort've nickel-and-dime you with setup fees and higher per-minute costs.

And, some customer's have complained about being enrolled in "automated reports" without requesting it (a $25-per month charge)

But, for those who feel that Voipo is too restrictive, and that Grasshopper is too pricey, Kall8 offers a nice, middle-of-the-road program that lets you take toll-free calls anywhere, without breaking the bank.

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What is Your Favorite 800-number Service?

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      howtomakecupcakes 16 months ago

      My favorite service is Cloud Phone Answering ( It gives your business a more professional look as someone will take care of your phone calls. This way, you will be able to focus more on your business.