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Better Than Amazon: Cheap Prices, Free Shipping!

Updated on November 1, 2013

Get Better Deals Than Amazon

Cheaper prices than Amazon and free shipping too? Is there a catch?

No. There are several quality sites which offer cheaper prices than Amazon and FREE Shipping (or very inexpensive shipping). Below you will find a review of popular websites which offer bargain prices and free or cheap worldwide shipping.

If you are a bargain shopper, bookmark this page NOW!

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Cheap Electronics

Get Cheap Gadgets and Free Shipping

Deal Extreme is Amazing

Deal Extreme: If you consider yourself a bargain shoppper and you do not yet know about Deal Extreme, it is time to learn. Many of the gadgets and electronics that you buy from Amazon are manufactured in China. You are paying people to import them for you. Why not buy them direct and save? Deal Extreme offers:

* Very low prices

* FREE worldwide shipping

* Reviewers Feedback and comments on site so you know in advance what you are buying.

* A large assortment of gadgets (electronics, toys, GPS systems) etc, all at very low prices.

Buy only products that have been reviewed by several others. This way you will know what to expect.

Kaidomain: is a good alternative to Amazon. In fact their site looks very much like the Amazon website. They specialize in Gadgets and offer free world wide shipment.

Similar Sites for Electronics include:

Sourcing Map

Sourcing Gate

Give Us Your Opinion - Let us know your thoughts about cheap sites with free shipping like DealExtreme

If you have bought from a site like DealExtreme, which offers cheap prices and free shipping, let us know your thoughts.

If You Have Bought from DealExtreme Or A Similar Site, Tell Us What You Think

Great! I Got A Good Deal

Great! I Got A Good Deal

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    • Leslie 2 years ago

      Thanks for everything you do for us.

    • Michael W Smith Jr. 2 years ago from Florida

      Good info I will check out these other companies.

    • hphp7000 4 years ago

      yoy can buy and sell worldwide here:

    • anonymous 7 years ago

      a good site too:

    • anonymous 7 years ago

      garmin 265t

    Blah! You Get What You Pay For

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      • Hanifq 2 years ago

        Not sure if I fully trust DealExtreme, but the deals can be pretty irrestible.

      • anonymous 7 years ago

        But this site do not accept Creditcard but accept the Paypal. So i love another similar site good web site. Claims to be cheaper than DX and has a nice varitery of goods. They regularly post videos of the products and have a live support system.

      • anonymous 8 years ago

        I have bought many items from DX, initially without problems but lately the packages just don't arrive and getting feedback from DX just does not happen. Not helpful at all. I wish they could sort it because they have some awesome products at great prices.

      • anonymous 8 years ago is a new shop

      Cheap Books

      Book Depository Offers Free Shipping

      Buy Books Cheap and get free (or inexpensive) shipping

      Amazon got its start shipping books by mail. Have a look at these book sellers that offer free (or cheap) world wide shipping of books

      Book Depository: Started by a former employee of Amazon, the Book Depository ships 1.8 million unique titles, FOR FREE within 48 hours, from Gloucester, United Kingdom. Pay in US Dollar, Euro or Pounds. This will be of most interest to buyers outside of the USA, as they seem a little more expensive than, but often less expensive than However, if you add in the cost of shipping with Amazon, Book Depository maybe cheaper. Plus many books not available on Amazon are available at the Book Depository.

      Better World Books: Offers Free shipping in the USA and shipping for $3.97 anywhere in the world. Again, prices are slightly more than Amazon, but with free US and low cost worldwide shipping, this might be compensated. Specializes in used books and every purchase contributes to literacy initiatives locally, nationally and around the world. "Here's the best part: In addition to selling new titles, Better World Books supports book drives and collects used books and textbooks through a network of over 1,600 college campuses and partnerships with nearly 1,000 libraries nationwide. So far, the company has converted more than 11 million donated books into $4.5 million in funding for literacy and education. In the process, we've also diverted more than 6,000 tons of books from landfills. "

      Amazon Offers Some Products With Free Worldwide Shipping! - Buy silk products from Hong Kong With Amazon

      If you prefer to buy from Amazon, you can find some products which offer free worldwide shipping.

      Cheap Beauty Products

      Cosmetic Times Has Excellent Prices

      Look Beautiful and get FREE SHIPPING

      Cosmetic Times: A Canadian Based company provides the latest cosmetics, perfume, skincare, make up with FREE shipping worldwide to over 130 countries and free gift-wrapping with every purchase. I compared many named brand items to Amazon and actually found them less expensive than Amazon. With the free shipping offer, this is hard to beat.

      Feel Unique: A UK based company that offers free shipping on beauty and cosmetic products. Prices are in British Pounds. But several products that I compared were cheaper or similar to US Amazon and UK Amazon. When you combine it with the free shipping it is hard to beat.

      You Can Find Lots Of Items On Ebay With FREE Worldwide Shipping - Save money with free shipping.

      Lots of electronics, computer, books and beauty supplies are offered on Ebay with Free shipping worldwide. Here are a few items:

      Have you ever bought from one of these sites? Do you know another site which offers cheap prices and FREE delivery world wide? If so, let us know about it and we will review it. But please do not spam. All suggestions will be reviewed before being included.

      Do You Have Some Suggestions?

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        • carny profile image

          carny 2 years ago

          DealExtreme is great for those little electronic doodads. I also got a cellphone battery replacement from them for a lot cheaper than it would have cost elsewhere. The shipping sometimes takes very long though.

          There are several other similar sites, like BangGood.

        • avidepot profile image

          avidepot 3 years ago

          there is NO website that offer FREE shipping. it all get calculated into the product price!

        • RockyMountain profile image

          RockyMountain 3 years ago

          There are plenty of sites cheaper than amazon. You just need to look around. Search 'Cheaper Than Amazon - Pinterest' for some examples!

        • hotbrain profile image

          hotbrain 6 years ago from Tacoma, WA

          I like Overstock. Not free delivery, but very cheap delivery, but I'm not sure if that's worldwide or just the USA. I was looking at deal extreme just the other day but I haven't bought from them yet! It sure is a fun site to browse :)

        • profile image

          anonymous 8 years ago

          I am sure is the best shop in china