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How to Check Arrest Records Online

Updated on December 12, 2012

Learn how to Check Arrest Records Online

Why would anyone have a need to Check Arrest Records?

According to Wikipedia, a Criminal Record or Police Record is a record of a person's criminal history, generally used by potential employers, lenders etc. to assess his or her trustworthiness.

With the growing popularity of online dating, many single men and women are meeting online (and eventually in person) in record numbers. You have absolutely no frame of reference as to that person's integrity or what skeletons may be lurking in their closet in the past. It would be nice to know if the person you're dating has a history of domestic abuse or violent crime.

Perhaps you and your family live in a nice quite neighborhood and your new neighbor seems a bit suspicious. Most people would consider this grounds to research if they were a registered sex offender, former inmate or someone who has past criminal activity.

You may be an entrepreneur and come across a potentially lucrative situation with a potential business partner. Although he or she may appear clean on the surface may also be too good to be true. You may elect to research their past or you could become guilt by association if that person has any past or current criminal activity that you're unaware of.

In a hurry?

Click here to check arrest records now!

The number of reasons you may want toof someone's past history, you may even want to check your own history in case there are inconsistencies or errors that could prevent you from getting a job. The question is where do you being your search. In this lens we'll explore some of the more popular ways this can be done.

Look up arrest records at the local courthouse
Look up arrest records at the local courthouse

Check Arrest Records at the Courthouse

Method #1

This method involves making a call or visiting your local courthouse, county offices or local law enforcement agency to conduct an arrest records check in person. There are different procedures depending upon the municipality you are in.You should be able to get the information you are seeking but you will have to fill out forms and provide government issued identification in order to be successful with this method, not to mention having transportation and paying the necessary research fees.

You will normally have to wait for the clerk to pull up this information may also have to wait a day or two if some reports are not immediately accessible.

Obviously this way is not efficient, nor convenient.

Conclusion: Slow, inconvenient

Check Arrest Records with a Private Investigator
Check Arrest Records with a Private Investigator

Hire a Private Investigator

A private investigator which is sometimes referred to as a private detective (PI or private eye) is someone you can hire to undertake a number of investigatory law services. Although private often work for lawyers in civil cases, and insurance companies to investigate suspicious claims many in modern times have opened their services to the public....for a fee.

Private investigators were initially often hired to find evidence of marital infidelity, adultery or any other illegal conduct within a marriage in order to establish grounds for a divorce. Evidence of "bad behaviour" is perhaps one of the most profitable activities that private investigators can undertake, mainly due the modern high stakes of marital property disputes, child custody, and alimony.

Therefore to check arrest records, arrest warrants and run arrest records checks (especially in domestic affairs) is right up an investigators alley. They will most certainly be able to find the information you need, but it is going to come at a hefty costs. They are used to getting paid large sums for this type of research so therefore this is no exception to them.

Conclusion: Effective, but Expensive

Check Arrest Records Online
Check Arrest Records Online

Check Arrest Records Online

Using online databases to run arrest records checks

Let's review our options.

You can travel down to a local courthouse, county office but that is going to take alot of your valuable time away.

You can hire a private investigator to run an arrest record check, but that option is the most expensive.

There is another way that doesn't involve the bother of calling for a public arrest records check at the county office or the financial setback of employing a private investigator. It's time to tap into the capabilities of the web. Online databases make it simple to conduct many types of searches, including the ability to check arrest records over the web and run arrest warrant searches.

Performing an online background check to check arrest records is so simple and so painless you'll wonder why you haven't done it before. In truth, if you're reading this lens, you have all the computer skills that are necessary to accomplish the task. You simply input the name of the person who you are looking to get a report on into an online database internet site and you'll obtain a listing of the public records on file for that individual.

A top notch online service will deliver records from arrests, warrants, sex offender convictions to marriage records and even address history. And, in numerous instances, you'll be utilizing the same databases private investigators use to execute an arrest records check. Now you're saving both time and money.

And with instant results there's no need to wait for a clerk to get around to mailing the information or to play phone tag with an investigator. You will get the answers precisely when you want - Now!

Although there may have to pay a fee to use an online records database to check arrest records; however, it's much more affordable than paying an investigator's fees. Some sites even enable you to buy a low-cost trial membership which gives you access to reports and unlimited searches for a limited time.


Using online database services are an painless-to-use and an affordable way to help protect you and your loved ones whenever you need to check arrest records.

Check Arrest Records Report
Check Arrest Records Report

Arrest Record Check Reports

What information do they contain?

When you check arrest records online to retrieve arrest records reports it can contain many different items of information on the person you're researching. Here are some examples of what a report from a GOOD service may contain.

Misdemeanors. This covers anything under harassing phone calls, shoplifting, and misdemeanors.

Felonies. This could include everything from drug possession, to murder and other highly illegal activities and violent (and sometimes non-violent)crimes.

Traffic Violations. Speeding and failure to yield may be listed if the violation resulted in death or a serious crash.

Sex Offender listings. If the person is listed in the sex offender registry established in the late 90s it will list the person's name, current address, the crime and a photo of them in the registry. Although the photo will not appear in the background check, you will know one exists.

Parole and Probation violations. These conditions of legal status also appear.

Public Arrest Records: This will show the offense type, description, disposition and conviction date, amount of the fine amounts, possible photos, a warrant check, and other data.

Conviction Record: This will cover information that the person has been convicted of a misdemeanor, felony, or some other offense.

Inmate Records: These are records of serving time in U.S. Federal and State prisons. The report will also show a description of the offense description, the amount of time served, release date, location, age, sex and more.

Reports may also include:

Neighbors and Relatives

Marital Status and Aliases

Phone Numbers

National Arrest & Court Warrants

National Federal & State Tax Liens

National Federal & Civil Judgments

National Federal & State Bankruptcies

Distinguishing Bodily Marks

Roommates and Associates

Age/Date of Birth

Alias/Maiden Name

Possible Neighbors

Property Ownership


Work Licenses

Arrest records check online resources
Arrest records check online resources

Arrest Records Resources

With so many choices on the web which service you choose?

You'll want to make sure you check arrest records with a service that provides timely, up to date and accurate reports. These reports should be all-inclusive proving all of the information listed in the paragraph above. Here are some resources to help you:

How can I Look Up Check Arrest Records

How do I run an Arrest Warrant Check?

Using these valuable resources you'll gain insight into making the right decision and finding the best service for your needs.

How to Check Arrest Records Online - Run an Instant Background Check

Do you think it's necessary to check arrest records nowadays and in what situations?

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