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5 simple ideas to get your Massage Business ready for Christmas

Updated on January 24, 2016

Countdown Business Plan to Christmas and the New Year - Steps you can take, beginning now.

It's amazing how quickly Christmas can suddenly be upon us, finding us disorganized and unprepared for the festive season.

I think September is a sensible time to start preparing your massage business for Christmas, whether you are a one woman (or man) band or a larger business.

And it's not only Christmas to keep in mind; remember there is hardly any time after the Christmas celebrations before the New Year is upon us.

So use these steps to include your New Year packages and specials too. Have them all ready to go without having to stop your celebrations with family and friends to think of business!

I hope you find some useful ideas in this guide to be organised and prepared so that you are less stressed over the festive season; and have a HAPPY Christmas.

Step 1

Hold a Staff Meeting (even if you are a one person company).

Include your staff - together you can brainstorm some great ideas!

September ...

Begin your Christmas Countdown Plan in September and by the time the busy (we hope) Christmas season arrives you will be able to focus on your clients and treatments to boost your profits.

Include your Staff every step of the way. By including your Staff in the process, you will:

  • create great team spirit and a team that will give their all.
  • ideas will grow - some that you may not have thought of. Group brainstorming is an awesome tool - try it and see what happens!
  • be able to share out the workload of the plan according to each one's individual talents and capabilities.
  • prepare a timetable for December and January that fits in with everyone - Staff holidays can be worked out now!
  • whatever special deals, offers, packages, gift packs and certificates you choose, everyone will know exactly what they consist of, what they cost as opposed to normal prices and what time period is allocated to each.

Christmas will see you prepared, calm and organised - you will have a lovely stress free welcoming vibe about your business that will attract customers.

Step 2

Christmas preparations for your massage business
Christmas preparations for your massage business

Time Table for December and January

Having a plan in place is the important bit.

Work out a time table for December and January now. Having a plan in place is the important bit. You can always change and adapt as you go along.

By doing this NOW, you can work out what days and hours your business will be open, and, if you have Staff, what days will they need to take off over this period - this way everything will run smoothly over the hectic festive season.

  • What days will your you and your Staff be off over Christmas?
  • What days will your business be open? Take note of Public / Bank Holidays and Staff Holidays.
  • What hours will your business be open? Take note of the days that will have extended trading / shopping hours over the festive season.
  • What days will your business be closed?

And just a little side note:

We all need to work and make money; but do keep some free time to have fun yourself too.

It's never been so easy to keep everyone is in the loop at all times! - Planners - Online and on your Wall!

Use a shared Online Calendar on everyones smart phones, ipads, tablets, laptops - just remember to keep it updated.

You can also put up a giant wall Calendar for a bit of motivation and so you see at a glance what's planned for each day.

The best tool to keep in touch on the go with your business and staff!

It may be a little old fashioned - but it's still so useful!

Laminated Jumbo Wall Calendar
Laminated Jumbo Wall Calendar

Fun way to keep everyone up to speed at a glance.

And it's easy to keep updated.


Step 3

Get your Gift Vouchers and Certificates ready

Christmas preparations for your massage business
Christmas preparations for your massage business

Christmas Special Offers

Gift Certificates are a must!

What package of treatments could you put together as a Christmas Special Offer for your clients?

Work out the various treatments you could offer at special prices singularly and together.

Do remember that some people don't have a lot of money to spend and would like to just pay a money value.

  • Gift Certificates - for specific treatments
  • Gift Certificates - for a specific monetary value

Could you sell them online?

If you don't have a website, now is the time to invest in one. There are plenty of free websites as a start - check out or

Brainstorm with other people - you'll be amazed at the power of a group brainstorming session!

Do you have products to sell?

Do you sell a range of products too?

Massage Oils, Aromatherapy Products, bath and body lotions and potions, Coconut Oil or what about Massage Tables for students about to study Massage Therapy?

  • Consider getting some products to sell - people are always looking for gift ideas.
  • Think of novel ways to package them together; or offer a combination of a treatment with products to match ...
  • Could you sell them online on your website?
  • Do you have recipe for a wonderful bath or body lotion? Package the ingredients beautifully with the recipe and sell them to your clients or online. People love to find something different to give as a gift!

Brainstorm with your team ...

Step 4

Create your Gift Vouchers and Certificates now

It will save you time!

Design your Gift Certificates now, so they all ready to be printed and you won't need to do them during the hustle and bustle of Christmas. Or you could print them out now saving more time.

How you will package your Gift Certificates?

  • in an envelope?
  • tied up with ribbons or sealing wax?

Then tie with a festive red ribbon ...

Golden and Fuchsia Iridescent Organza Ribbon, 1-1/2" X 25Yd
Golden and Fuchsia Iridescent Organza Ribbon, 1-1/2" X 25Yd

There's nothing more festive than Red Organza Ribbon - would look beautiful wrapped around a Gift Certificate tied in an elegant bow.

Or instead of a bow - sealed with gold sealing wax and a christmas stamp


How will you package your products?

  • using Coloured Cellophane and pretty bows and ribbons?
  • in pretty baskets?
  • organza bags?
  • beautifully printed Gift Bags?

Now is the time to shop around and get them for the best price.

And there is still time to have them custom made to your own design!

Package your products up beautifully to sell as Christmas Gifts

Green Tea Zen Calming Tea, Bath and Body Gift Basket Spa Set
Green Tea Zen Calming Tea, Bath and Body Gift Basket Spa Set

Beauty products always make a great gift - buy one like this gorgeous basket for birthdays, Mother's Day or Christmas


Step 5

Focus on New Year sales too.

Don't forget how quickly January arrives!

January is a quiet month and you need to keep your momentum; selling your services and / or your products.

Don't forget, you may be very busy in January because clients will be wanting to use the Gift Certificates they received for Christmas. So you may not be actually earning much of an income this month; you need to have a back up plan in place.

What can you offer your clients in January for an after Christmas sale or pampering?

When business is slow, DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING!

*** Rearrange and clean your office / shop / shelves / equipment.

*** Offer your services for free to a local Hospice or someone in need.

*** Start a massage blog on the internet and share your stories and advice with the world.

*** Print a leaflet of your services and drop them off at leisure centres, noticeboards at your library, around your town.

*** Remember ***

Read and Research EVERYTHING wisely and widely; then you decide what works for YOU!

Philosophy of Barbs@SynchronicityHouse

© 2011 Chocolatealchemy

Do you have any other ideas to add to this Countdown Plan to Christmas?

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      Wow now that's really forward planning!