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Circular Style

Updated on February 8, 2015

Circular Trends

I love circular or round designs; saucers come to mind. I find circular items seem to be more versatile. Maybe it is just me. What kid or adult can resist hitting a beach ball, giving a Frisbee a toss or a Hula Hoop a twirl. My lens is all about that wonderful circular shape. I thought it would be fun to examine all the possibilities of circular.

Is it round or is it a circle? Is there a difference in the word? I always think that a circle is probably more accurately defined as circle due to its dimensions. I don't think of a round shape being actually equally round or having an accurate inside dimension. What do you say?

Whether your shopping or just wanting to take a ride on a merry-go-round, or flying saucer, you will find your circular action here. If it is a wall mirror or a small area you want to better utilize space, there is lot to say for circular vs. your typical square or cube shapes. Maybe you want to combined a mix of the two. There are so many styles and colors to give your place a new look. So grab your cup of coffee and lets enjoy a visit of Circular Trends.

Photo credit: commons wikimedia org

Great Circular Ideas

Whether a table, sofa, mirror, or bed, circular give a different flair....refreshing to be able to get away from the square or cube of things! How about a house that looks like a tree? Not your typical tree house but very lovely!

Photo credit:

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Circle the Amazon - For those who just love circles.

There are so many great designs in the form of round or circular to share. Why get in your car and drive around looking here and there. You can view their circumference from the comfort of your chair. Leave that car home; just get out your checkbook if you dare!

Fine Mod Circle Sofa, Red
Fine Mod Circle Sofa, Red

Marshmallow Circle Couch in Genuine Red Leather

Steel Base With Italian Leather Cushions


Circle the Kitchen

A kitchen storage area that has it all in one location.

Kitchen in the round

Something Especially Circular For The Kitchen Area

A coaster round back swivel chair just to keep things moving in the kitchen.

SuperJeweler Women's Silver Tone Purple Bead Medallion Drop Earrings

The striking Art Deco design of these large silver tone purple bead medallion drop earrings is as striking as it is stylish. Measuring 3.5 inches long they are surprisingly light for such a luxuriant and lavish looking chandelier style earring.

What Hanging Around Your Ears? - Beautiful Design

Largest Beach Ball for that special occasion!

I don’t believe in failure. It is not failure if you enjoyed the process.–Oprah

Circular Bridge

This is worth seeing. As many as 15 people can walk side by side!

Photo credit: photographyheat

circular bridge in China

It's Round Up Time - Stop by for some great links.

Just a few links to get you in that circular mode.

Purse or ?

Ok ladies, how about a circular hand bag? For me, it is not big enough. I have to have places to stick things like comb, brush, makeup, wallet, note book, pen, and other essentials for whatever might occur that day.

Some come with the face of a clock, which is kind of cool. You can get them crochet, made out of metal, wood and probably customed with rhinestones. Leather is always a reliable choice as it will last and last. I recently saw one that looked leather with the word "Biscuit" in pink, white and cowhide color.

I have to say, some are interesting but don't you think they kind of have that "canteen" look?

One More Round

Sometimes life is a merry-go-round; I love to sit back and enjoy the ride

Photo credit: Feedio Net - merry go round

I would love to hear from you. What is your favorite shape and why? Thanks for visiting.

GUESTS please sign in. - THANK YOU

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