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How to Prepare for CISA- Exam. Requirements and Preparation Tips

Updated on August 4, 2014

What is CISA

CISA certification is offered by ISACA- a leading association of IS auditing professionals. Passing the CISA certification (Certified information system auditor) exam is indeed a remarkable moment of any IT auditor’s life. CISA is considered one of the most desirable and hardest exams to crack among the entire IT auditing exam. The reason behind CISA’s world wide recognition as a leading auditing examination is that one cannot pass this exam. Without developing a strong judgmental capability.

Exam requirements

Anyone having interest in IT audit can take CISA exam, but to get the designation you need to have 5 years of experience in IT security or auditing related fields.

How to register for CISA?

You can take this exam. twice in a year: in June and in December. If you are planning to take CISA certification exam in June then the last date of registration will be early April. For ISACA member the exam fess is $445 and for non-ISACA membesr it is $595. You can get discount by registering at least two months before the final registration date. You can also save $50 in your registration if you pay them online. For registration you can have a look at: CISA registration

cisa certification
cisa certification | Source

My CISA Exam Passing Experience:

Before taking CISA I was a bit nervous as I heard,from the test-takers, about the difficulty of choosing the right answers in the real exam. Since the real exam questions are multiple choice and every question judge your ability to decide about a particular topic, you need to have a good understanding of the job practice domains specified by ISACA. You do not need to cram anything because it will not help you to pass the exam in any way, rather try to understand the main points of each knowledge domain and main some notes about the important points. What has helped me to pass CISA is following the ISACA’s official exam preparation manual and sample questions. So, I would suggest you to stick to the ISACA guides and sample papers and nothing else. And do not try to cram the sample questions, because no a single one of those questions will be asked in the real exam. You just try to understand those questions and read the answers explanation to develop your own understanding of how an auditor thinks and works.

CISA exam questions and study materials

Buy only ISACA’s exam materials and you do not need anything else. You can consider joining any CISA exam preparation crash course if you have enough time to take classes. CISA exam. Preparation courses are really helpful to brush up your auditing knowledge and it is even invaluable to the test takers who have no auditing or security experience.

For quick review of all all the important CISA concepts, you can buy a Kindle book called CISA Essential Exam Notes, available in Amazon, which can give you the confidence to recall and revise the entire CISA materials within a few hours.

CISA Certification Orientation

What to do after passing CISA?

Normally after two months of taking the exam you will receive the result of your performing by email. ISACA also send a printed copy of your score sheet to every take takers home address. If you have at least three years of work experience and a university degree in IT related subjects then you can apply for your CISA designation once you get your exam score, otherwise you have to wait until you gain the required experience. If you do not have any experience then you can contact any auditing or security assessment firms to check if they can offer you any trainee position in auditing.

If you are an IT professional involved in security auditing, you might consider taking CISA certification exam. or even taking the CISA training course because it will not only enhance your credentials as a security professionals but it will also help you to learn and develop your management skills significantly.


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