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Clean,Simple and Professional eBay Listings

Updated on January 23, 2013

Simple is Better !

Creating professional looking eBay listings for your items is one of the most important factors for succeeding on eBay. In the following steps I will guide you on how to create simple,professional item descriptions and stress out some common mistakes you should avoid.These are few very simple things that I have learned from my 10 years as an eBay power seller.

Remember that

Good titles sell

Bad ones don't

What makes a good auction title ?

and a few examples

Your item title should contain as many keywords as possible, be meaning-full while maintaining a serious and above all readable look. I will demonstrate this with an example. Let's say I am preparing to list an original World War II photograph and I am brainstorming for the best possible tittle. Here are a few of my ideas:


The first title is very generic and contains almost none of the keywords I am aiming for.


The second title looks unprofessional and exaggerating. It's a perfect example of an eBayer trying to over-sell their items.

3.Original World War II Photo 5"x7" - German soldiers in Greece - 1942

The best title is the third one. Note how it describes the item perfectly and contains all the important keywords: "world war II","soldirers","greece","german" , plus the date "1942" and size of my item "5x7".

Keep in mind !

You should not try to over-sell your item by using exaggeration and special characters in the item's title. The quality of your item and a decent description should be enough

The Auction's description

should describe your item ACCURATELY & HONESTLY

5 Keys to writing successful item descriptions

  1. Keep it short - don't overdo it with long, essay-style descriptions unless they are absolutely necessary
  2. Keep it simple - remember this is an item description not a multimedia contest - multicolor fonts,special characters,moving graphings,animation,background music etc are usually a bit too much !
  3. Clearly state your items condition (is it new? used? broken?)
  4. Don't hide the faults - instead make sure they are clearly stated - i use red,bold fonts for stating faults on my items - Believe it or not, honesty sells !
  5. Be positive ! Avoid filling your description with terms, conditions and NO's. Are you trying to attract bidders or keep them away ?

You shouldn't DO that... - really...please DON'T !

Take a look at the sample item description above. It highlights all the things you should avoid in a description.

Exaggeration : Mega Rare, a piece of history e.t.c

Special Characters : @, * -> , you have it all !

The TERMS - wow ! would you like to bid after reading this sellers terms & conditions ? Does he/she seem friendly and good to deal with or what ? Do you really need to get so defensive on eBay ? My 10 years of experience as a power seller and my 100% positive feedback say NO !

Please DO THIS instead ! - or something similar

This is what I use for my item descriptions. I simply state the facts about my items while keeping a friendly tone ! No fancy graphics, no terms and conditions !

Everyone is welcome to bid and ask questions !

What do YOU think ?

Do you agree with my view that simple, clean item descriptions are the way to go ?

See results

To Sum Up...

  • Aim for keywords when writing your item's title. Make it attractive so that potential bidder will want to see more but do not overdo it.
  • You don't need a fancy item description. Keep it short, simple and honest.
  • Be positive and open to all potential bidders. Do not leave anyone out. Stay away from terms and conditions.
  • Don't hide any faults that your item for sale might have. Stress them out - make sure that they are clearly readable. (I even make them bold and red !)

I would love to hear your comments ! - but keep them clean & simple :))

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    • LaraineRoses profile image

      Laraine Sims 5 years ago from Lake Country, B.C.

      What a good teacher you are. You have just given anyone who wants to sell on eBay the key to success. Angel blessed.

    • jethrosas profile image

      Jethro 5 years ago from Philippines

      I think reading it is not only giving me tips and ideas on how to be a good ebay seller but also on how to use simple and clean words / phrases here in Squidoo. Thanks for sharing this lens to us. Keep writing more. :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I've never tried to make money on eBay, but have been giving it some thought lately. Your lens makes a lot of sense to me. I'm bookmarking it so that I can return. As a Power Seller for ten years, you obviously have been doing something right on eBay! Welcome to's wishing you much success here.