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Cleaning jobs

Updated on August 16, 2012

Cleaning jobs

It is amazing what people are willing to pay, for simple choirs they do not wish to do themselves. We are not talking about replacing half of the roof tiles or rewiring the entire house, but simple choirs like; house cleaning. People are often mistaken in the sense, that these are low paying jobs. On the contrary my friends. Although they are not fun and certainly a lot of hard work, but are well worth it when the checks come in at the end.

Time is of the essence. If you are already a provider, or wish to become one, you should always present your services as time efficient. Use the words like fast, express and hyper speed. The services are paid by the hour, so no one would like a crew of X people hanging around all day. Aim for the shortest achievable time, yet keep realistic goals in mind. Nobody will hire you if you can clean a house in 15 minutes, because that would be impossible.

You can also get foreclosure jobs and they come from all over the place. How much money is to be made on these depends a lot on the realtor behind je job. Let us explain the 3 steps to take, when dealing with foreclosure realtors:

1.) Act fast! Realtors usually require someone before they even make the call, sarcasm aside, you should act accordingly and with haste. The financial institutions, like banks, tend to be needy regarding the speed of completion, so they can resell as soon as possible.

2.) Do not overprice yourself – Keep bulk in mind : This is especially true with realtors as oppose to personal (normal) clients where the prices are lower altogether. You will either be paying by square feet, by the hour or by the job. You must know that the realtor does not decide what the budget will be, but he will try to maximize his profits. The banks usually decide the budget and the difference between your cut and the realtors is negotiable. Don’t underprice, but do not go overboard either. Good gossip travels fast, bad gossip travels lightning fast. Always look at it long term.

3.) Stay true to your word! – The industry is flooded with contractors that don’t deliver either the goods, on time, themselves etc. Don’t get caught up in the “dark side” of the foreclosure cleaning force.

Staying with the #3 rule, you really just have to do what you said you would do, in the timely fashion you discussed and at the standards you presented that you can withhold. The rest will have a snowball effect, as the offers will be piling up, due to the good word spread. This is especially true, if you have a branded business (or work in one), so that the companies/people can really get it in their ear that “______ cleaners” is the real deal. You don’t have to start out from scratch. You can be your own boss, yet still be connected to an already existing company, with a good reputation. Later on you can go your separate ways, keeping in mind that you cannot break the policy of stealing/misleading loyal customers of the previous company.

Hope this helped resolve any issues, you might have had.


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