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Cloud Computing: Customer Concerns About Security

Updated on September 6, 2016

This article aims to list some of the reasons why organizations are showing restraint from jumping headlong into cloud computing.


Security Concerns

This is listed as the number one threat why enterprises do not want to shift to using cloud resources. The fears have been fueled by consistent attacks that have taken place at websites owned by governments and businesses. There have been over 29 data breaches that have taken place in this year. Last year saw the loss of 9 million records and 230 security breaches.

Resistance to Change

It is the fear of the unknown and natural resistance to change, according to experts. However, many of them feel that using cloud resources actually works to improve security issues of small businesses as this necessitates them to invest in security practices that were not done earlier. Larger organizations that use cloud-computing resources have created their own multi-tiered security defense systems which are expected to settle with the passage of time. Compliance and regulatory issues are also being looked into. Larger enterprises have more sophisticated issues to contend with. Experts also agree on the fact that comprehensive agreements and proper communication are required between the service providers and the clients for better data security.

Ignorance about Requirements

Issues that are currently prevalent are also attributed to the lack of knowledge on the part of those using the cloud. Whereas some users are still in denial that they are using cloud services, others do not realize that there is a lot more available for them than they can ask for. The consumers are ignorant of their own requirements.

Inability to Connect With Service Providers

Though most customers cite inability to connect with the cloud service providers, experts believe that there is room for negotiations in the contract with the providers. Third party services can help the customers to enhance the provisions (from the architectural viewpoint) of the enterprises. Experts opine that customer complaints citing absence of tools to assess compliance leads to denial of important needs of the business.

Mobile Interface

A relatively new development, customers have started using mobile devices to access, interface and leverage the facilities of cloud services. Cloud service providers are working out methods to address security concerns as regards apps and other methods of coexistence of business as well as personal details on mobile devices.

Loss of Data Due To Cloud Providers

Customers are apparently as much worried about the cloud service providers themselves being the cause for data loss. Loss of data due to accidental deletions by the providers is a concern that torments customers. Statistics have put the loss to as much as 40 percent when data became irretrievable in many cases.

The list of concerns is endless but other major concerns that seem to be bothering customers include insecure APIs, abuse of cloud services, malicious intentions of insiders, insufficient planning with regard to using cloud services, and vulnerabilities that result because of the cloud architecture.


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