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CNA Resumes and Samples

Updated on July 19, 2014

CNA Resumes and Samples

In truth, no matter your profession, you should never use a generic resume. Resumes, or curriculum vitae (CV), should be designed and formatted so as to meet the requirements of a prospective job. For this reason, as a Certified Nursing Assistant, you need to make your resume directly highlight and focuses on those aspects that make being CNA special.

In this article, we will not only show you resources that will help you in finding pre-formatted resumes and samples to use, but will also inform you about things that CNAs should consider when they sit down to create their own CNA resume. Remember that your CV needs to address the needs of the potential job, but furthermore, needs to highlight the "right" skills. For this reason, a CNA specific resume is a must and will help to make your resume stick out.

CNA Resume Samples and Resources

Sadly, the Internet doesn't have much to offer in terms of free CNA resume samples or templates. In most cases people just use Microsoft Word. However, if you use a generic resume, you will be looked at as a generic employee.

For this reason, you should seek the help of professionals. However, if your pocket book isn't ready to hire a professional to create your resume (can be between $100-$500 pending on the level of professionalism), then your only other alternative is a package of professionally made resumes.

The best alternative on the market is the Official CNA Resume and Cover Letter Manual. It not only has 20 pre-formatted CNA resumes and cover letters, it also holds a plethora of knowledge and recommendations on things you should think of before you start writing your resume.

However, if you are like me, you probably don’t want to start from scratch. Using this book, you can just choose one of their 10 pre-formatted resumes and make changes. Tailor it to your skills and use the guidance in the to make it even better.

Best CNA Resume book

Like we discussed in the article, our best recommendation is that you choose the Official CNA Resume and Cover Letter book. It includes 30 reformatted resumes and cover letters and is absolutely worth the money.

How to Start Your CNA Resume

If purchasing a professionally formatted resume set isn’t something you want to do, and you have the time to create your own, then a self made resume is the way to go.

But before you can start writing your resume, you need to start by selecting a good template. When you choose your template, make sure it isn’t too frilly or flowery. Too many prospective CNAs think that this will help make theirs stick out. It will help to make it stick out, but for the wrong reasons. You want something that doesn’t look tacky, but at the same time, you don’t want it to be bland.

Now that you have a template, you need to do your research. Many people just assume that a CNA type job will basically ask for the same thing. But this isn’t the case. As most of you know, a CNA can work in a plethora of places such as in a hospital, nursing home, care clinic, or even at a school. But try to remember that each of these will have different requirements and different situations.

A hospital will need a different type of CNA than a nursing home. A school nurse will need a specific type of skill sets and personality than say a professional clinic. This basic differentiation of job types can help you choose specific aspects to focus on. If you are applying to be a school nurse, then you should highlight an experience of working with kids. If you are in a nursing home, having experience with the elderly is a plus. Also, since nursing homes is based on developing a full community for the elderly, you should include things that promote yourself as a full spectrum caregiver: entertainment, social capability, etc.

Another area of research is in the job itself. Use whatever source you have that informed you of the job opportunity to glean what specific criteria they may be looking for. If it is a newspaper clipping or an online post, try to read “between” the lines and figure out what they are really looking for. Sure they are looking for a CNA, but what areas did they really concentrate on. Did they list three things that would fall into a “teamwork” category? Did they discuss communication multiple times? Was there a common theme throughout the source?

If there is, then you should try to lace your resume with items that would promote this. What do I mean? Well, if they have discussed the importance of communication and there is an overall theme going for that area, then you should write a normal experience in your resume, but describe it as an important role for communication:


Instead of just saying lead CNA for 2 years, say “Head CNA – Leading and communicating with over 12 other CNAs for two years.”

See the difference? Its important to lace your resume with such items so that you can prove to the interviewer that you have good “communication skills.”

So now what?

Hopefully you have either acquired professional help, or taken my advice when creating your CV. Get the right format, then do the research. Most importantly, create a tailored resume to fit the needs of the job. Just because you are a certified nursing assistant, doesn’t necessarily mean you have the qualifications for the job. You need more than that. The demand for CNAs is increasing, however, so is the number of available CNAs. You need to stick out, so make sure you do it the right way. Good Luck!

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