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Commercial Fishing Jobs

Updated on October 11, 2014

Jobs in the Commercial Fishing Industry

This page has resources for finding jobs in the commercial fishing and seafood industries.

Careers in commercial fishing can take many forms including jobs as a captain, deckhand, engineer or other position.

Other jobs to consider besides working on a vessel are the many services that support the commercial fishing industry.

These include professions such as seafood handling, marine electronics, welding, refrigeration, mechanical repair work, trucking, research, regulatory positions and other trades.

Salmon Fishing

Commercial salmon fisheries support jobs throughout the Pacific Northwest. Commercial salmon fisheries are found in Alaska, British Columbia (Canada), Washington, Oregon, and Northern California.

Apprenticeship Programs

In some areas, commercial fishing apprenticeship programs help potential fishermen enter the industry. Commercial fishing apprenticeship information is available through state Sea Grant programs, universities, and other entities.


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