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eBay Complaints - The Best Ways to Make a Complaint About Ebay, and Get Results!

Updated on October 26, 2014

How to Make a Complaint to eBay

When something works, it is really great (I am Mr Obvious here), when it doesn't, it is a real pain in the neck (Mr Polite now..)

You cannot beat the soothing feeling when you get annoyed and angry and then get the help and understanding you need. You understand that this help is slightly false but you get to vent and you get something for your time. The people you speak to do what their job says they do, IE: Customer Service.

Sadly, the title of this page says it all. If you want to contact eBay for something that will ultimately make them money, they are happy to help. You will be connected to someone who has been trained or at least knows or understands the meaning of their position and its title: 'customer service'. However, if you have a complaint about eBay themselves, you will find yourself on one-long-hellish-trip.

eBay (unofficially yet factually) do not address your complaints via email or phone and you will find yourself speaking to passive/aggressive people who will give you all sorts of false information due to the company clearly not allowing certain employees in certain areas of the globe, access to information. This will of course, cost you time, money and possibly your sanity.

Now, that sounds like security, and it might well be, but, is it customer service? no, it is not. It is a waste of the customer's time. The idea is that the customer will just give up and allow eBay to steal (yes, steal) the customer's money. eBay let their platform be used by punishable rogues over and over for a small fee due. The majority of transactions on eBay are legitimate of course but eBay DO NOT CARE about the ones that are NOT as they make money either way.

I am not the sort to back away and let sly companies like eBay (or sole people) get away with shoddy practices and I do not want anyone else to ever do the same.. This is why I have written up a few steps to take and a few steps to avoid in order to hold eBay accountable and not let them annoy and frustrate their customers into submission.

So, before you give up hope and let the frustration unwind, and then return at the mention of the 'eBay' name. Let us make them do what they are meant to and get the money they owe us back!

Complaints About Ebay Made Via Email

The first thing you should know is that emailing Ebay with a complaint is the most fruitless thing you can ever do. You would get better results setting up a business storing ice in hell.

Your needs will be ignored and you will be pointed to places on your Ebay account that will have you chasing your own tail for days or weeks. The people who have to deal with email complaints know better than anyone how Ebay actually work, so they just push the email complaints about until you get frustrated and give up.

I found that the waiting times are normally twice as long as quoted and correspondence can be returned in the wrong language (I got one in Portuguese) and also unformatted (just text, without paragraphs).

Be sure to place your complaint to Ebay at least once or twice in email form so that later you have an argument and proof that their customer services is a joke and a waste of your time.

Complaints About Ebay Made Over The Phone

Phoning eBay is potluck. Ultimately you will get the same information from the 'Talk To Us' instant message service. IF, you can find the right phrase to give you the link that is. "Belock" doesn't cut it here..

In the end I gave up calling eBay as I had to wait in line for ages to speak to some "cheerful" soul. It also put a real cloud over my day that such a large company could be so unprofessional.

Most of the time you speak to some poor person who is tired and will no doubt resemble someone from the Banksy Simpsons' intro persona.

Never the less (without sounding heartless) they are passive/aggressive and seem on the verge of screaming blue murder at you on the phone when you are calmly and collectively detailing your problem/complaint.

And I thought this was MY chance for a release and not having to consider someone else?

Sadly, I was given false information by these "customer service" personnel twice and I now know better and no longer called them. They are victims of Ebay also, and I would not get anywhere having a row with them. Countless people clearly have taken a different approach though.

eBay, doing there bit for foreign relations, eh?

You should call up once or twice. The same logic applies as with the email. But do not expect to get your complaint addressed and dealt with in any fashion that feels you have been treated like a customer. Just get the proof that you have gone through the channels they have suggested. Hang in there and listen to what I have said above. When you come to eventually speak to someone with some kind of power. You will have a watertight case.

Writing Ebay A Letter Of Complaint

This title sounds so, weak? but it is the only one that seems to yield results. You can detail all your problems with the email and telephone customer service people in this letter along with the original complaint.

- Do not shelter away from facts.

- DO NOT be abusive or swear as this will be game over for you and your complaint.

- Make it sarcastically funny so the person reading it knows you are not a brain dead moron on their complainathon journey called 'life'. It may also make them "like you".

- Do NOT lie, if it didn't happen. Do not say it did. Imagine you write for a newspaper though, a really trashy one, and massage the truth to serve your goal if need be. (Do not overdo it!!)

- Make the process fun. Most people give up because they take no pride or happiness that they have a company banged to rights.

- Add the impacts that this lack of service has caused to your actual life.

* If you live in the US, you can send your letter of complaint to:

eBay Incorporated

Attn: Corporate Counsel
2145 Hamilton Ave.
San Jose CA 95125

* If you live in the UK, you can send your letter of complaint to:

eBay Customer Support
P.O. Box 9473
Dublin 15

* Make an online complaint to the financial ombudsman here:

* While you are at it, try writing to Watchdog UK as they are always on the look out for a new story.

These are the people who will give eBay a roasting and hold them accountable in the ways we cannot. The more complaints, the hotter the roasting. Do not let eBay get away with it!


The same goes for anyone, in any other country. Follow the steps I did above (if you are here now I suspect you have already) and get the address from via over the phone, Instant message or email.

Be sure to reply and tell me your results or problems!


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    • profile image

      Michael Enright 8 days ago

      Recently I purchsed two items from a US seller. The first item had been torn open and was definitely not in the new category as described by the seller. The second item, like the first was a set of decals of negligible weight and was shipped with the first. For this, a 'handling fee' was charged. In result, I posted negative feedback for the seller, a 'mrairfix'.

      At the seller's request, this negative feedback was removed by ebay. There followed a lengthy email exchange between myself and ebay. The ebay administration insisted that the number of negative counts remained the same, even though the comments had been removed. This was a misrepresentation on their part. When I pointed this out, no reason was given. I was, however, advised that the negative feedback had been removed because the seller had some form of courtesy credit. None of this makes sense without concluding that ebay deliberately favoured an established seller for their own reasons. My concerns were not addressed. The ebay responses amounted to obfuscation. Shame on ebay and shame on 'mrairfix'.

    • profile image

      Katie Oneil 7 weeks ago

      I attempted to sell my wedding dress on eBay and someone said they were going to bye it and pay for it threw pay pal. As it turns out it was a scam. It looks like the money was in my account and it never was. If I new that I wouldn't have sent my wedding dress. My advice to anyone is google the address your sending the dress too and pay attention to how desperate the other person is. Since eBay doesn't give a crap I am getting the cops involved for committing illegal crimes and hopefully this person person will knock it off as they havedo e this to others. I am discussed and trying not to blame myself.

    • profile image

      Ebay seller 3 months ago

      Great Article! I agree eBay are quite well informed as to the buyer and seller procedures but if you have a complaint about ebay themselves, they are not helpful, in my experience they seem to be unethical. Firstly for such a huge company, there is not offer of a complaints procedure. After I wrote to the Dublin address above, I received an email which didn't resolve or give me a good reason as to why eBay acted as they did. They did not give me time scales on when they will reply by, even though I asked and stated I don't know if you are ignoring me or when you are going to get back to me. I take it they have ignored my polite response but they didn't even tell me the issue was closed for them. I asked if they knew their social responsibly, a corporate company may be obligated and if they were aware of the legal position. Again this email was ignored. I only asked them to save myself researching this but I believe, if there is a minimum requirement for a complaints procedure, eBay do not reach it.

      My issue was they took my listing down without emailing me first to ask me to correct it. This was a listing which has been up for years and provided an income which I relied on. I was at fault because I had my website address on the picture and this breaches their policy. I did not read all the terms and conditions of the contract. However, this is a unilateral contract and I believe eBay should have emailed me asking me to correct the issue and not to take my income away from my household. I have been a good seller for 4 years without issue. I believe it would have been reasonable for eBay to give me eg 48hrs to resolve it. Someone at eBay had the power to take my income away from me just by pressing a button, this contract has an imbalance of power. I was told it was impossible to give me notice. Yet they can send me many emails as to this that and the other. They have not replied to me since. My business is near to going under, I lost all my followers and I have no income. I agree I should not have breached a policy but if someone had a business relationship with me surely they would be fair and state where I am going wrong, so I can correct, not destroy me.

    • profile image

      ebay seller 3 months ago

      Great Article! I agree eBay are quite well informed as to the buyer and seller procedures but if you have a complaint about ebay themselves, they are not helpful, in my experience they seem to be unethical. Firstly for such a huge company, there is not offer of a complaints procedure. After I wrote to the Dublin address above, I received an email which did to resolve or give me a good reason as to why eBay acted as they did. They did not give me time scales on when they will reply by, even though I asked and stated I don't know if you are ignoring me or when you are going to get back to me. I take it they have ignored my polite response but they didn't even tell me the issue was closed for them. I asked if they knew their knew the social responsibly, a corporate company maybe be obligated to and if they were aware of the legal position. Again these email was ignored. I only asked them to save myself researching this but I believe eBay do not cover the minimum require standard for complaints.

      My issue was they took my listing down without emailing me first to ask me to correct it. This was a listing which has been up for years and provided an income which I rely on. I was at fault because I had my website address on the picture and this breaches their policy. I did not read all the terms and conditions of the contract. However, this is a unilateral contract and I believe eBay should have emailed me asking me to correct the issue and not to rip my income away from my household. I have been a good seller for 4 years without issue. I believe it would have been reasonable for eBay to give me eg 48hrs to resolve it. Someone at eBay had to power to take my income away from me just by pressing a button, this contract has an imbalance of power. I was told it was impossible to give me notice and email me first, yet they can send me many emails as to this that and the other. They have not replied to me since. My business is near to going under, I lost all my followers and I have no income. I agree I should not have breached a policy but if someone had a business relationship with me surely they would be fair and state where I am going wrong and look me in the eye, not crush me behind a computer in a distant land.

    • profile image

      Fred Strout 3 months ago

      I have had a similar experience. No one there wants to take any type of responsibility for things that go wrong. Each time I called every question I asked about either the person didn't know, or you had to call another department. I almost sent $12,000 to scam seller on eBay and when I talked to them I asked if they wanted to see the e mails & the invoice sent to me with eBays letter head and what looked like official documentation. The rep I talked to said no! How the hell are they going to change any of this negative selling if they don't look into who's involved?

      My answer to this dilemma is just not have anything to do with this company!

    • profile image

      Mike Daniels 3 months ago

      I have E mailed many times,spoken a human being twice. I go round and round in an effing great circle and the gormless incompetent pricks STILL cannot let ME change MY password. They have my phone number. Then ring you slack bastards

    • profile image

      eBay 4 months ago

      I just gave up and cancelled my seller account. No sellers no buyers.

    • profile image

      R. Matthews 6 months ago

      Have you ever tried to track an item you bought as a "guest"? Oh, yes they will tell you it can be done, and I understand it may be possible in the US. However, here in Canada it is impossible. The links they give are supposed to have a link "Guest User" that will allow you to track your shipment. NOT SO! There is no such link on the Canadian site. I have been going around and around all day with no success.

      I emailed them and they got back right away with more of the same false information. I contacted them again and they promised to get back to me. I'm still waiting.

      I went on the site and finally got to a place where I could phone. I did. What a painful experience! It's one of those "Tell us a little about the reason for your call" Well after getting "I didn't get that", I decided to be brief. "Oh you're calling about an account ..." I hung up in frustration. Then I notices a link "Request a call" and since they said they would respond within 2 minutes, I thought I'd hit the jackpot... I'm still waiting...

    • profile image

      julie b 6 months ago

      ive just wrote to them and also told them if they would prefer me to write to ebay uk directors i will as i have there office address and names,which i do,also told them i will be going to media to warn public about buying from buisness conmen on ebay.

    • profile image

      Stephan Socci 8 months ago

      I have had a bad experience with selling on ebay. Now eBay claims they are no longer affiliated with PayPal. Yet when I go to complain about customer service or charges on my account the eBay site complaint link goes right to ebay. When you go to complain about ebay to paypal they link you to ebay. Both of these companies are collaborating to avoid dealing with their wrong doings and poor customer service. Holding monies for 25 days, etc. This is a scam. Customer service is outsourced to a third world country. Try calling either of them for support and get put on hold for over an hour. When you finally do reach someone they keep pointing the finger at the other. That's a problem you have to take up with eBay, or that's a problem you have to take up with PayPal. Both customer support teams just keep redirecting you in circles. Just try and find an email to file a complaint against either. None exists. When you search for it, the only links to be found are owned by these companies. Both PayPal and eBay are involved in a scam with each other and setting up to screw over buyers and sellers. This is just the beginning. As it stands now, you just have to wait for your money. But if you really see the truth and how they feed off redirecting any complaints to each other creating a circle of no end clearly shows they are planning a final collect money and run scheme. They know they are in trouble and are setting us all up to get screwed with no avenue of defense.

    • profile image

      Jose Lopez 9 months ago

      I bought a DVD online at Ebay from a seller. I sent the damaged DVD back to the seller. They told me I was not going to get a refund or replacement DVD. They closed my complaint case and was putting the seller first. So this person gets to pocket the money taken from me and I get nothing. Sounds like a scam between eBay and sellers.

    • profile image

      Cari Beck 9 months ago

      I had a seller ship me the wrong item, asked me to send it back and she would pay return shipping and send me the correct one. She did not refund the shipping, she did not send me the correct item. She told Ebay that she sent a refund through Paypal which was a lie, and they believed her. Their customer service told me that they don't care how long you have been a customer or how good of one you have been. Seriously, he actually said this!

    • profile image

      furious 11 months ago

      I bought a car. I paid the money and the seller send me the deliverynote. That night he send me a whattsup to tell me I must pay more money and the delivery would be in 36hours. I told him that was not on the purchase order. Now he does not answer my whattsup or emails. I complaint at ebay. They just told me to pay the money. Now I dont no what to to. They now dont respond to my emails

    • profile image

      Vicky 13 months ago

      Brilliant article! Thanks for taking the time to post - as I had just about hit the brick wall with them! I searched for eBay ombudsman and got to your article. I am being asked to refund the buyer for an item she didn't receive as eBay incorrectly provided me with her old address therefore arriving at an ex partners address. Also as I disregarded the receipt with the tracking number on once it stated it was delivered they are pivoting their case around this even though it's at completely the wrong address in any event!! Hoping there is light at the end of the tunnel

    • profile image

      Frustrated 15 months ago

      I understand Phil!

      I had a situation recently where a buyer opened a case against me and then gave negative feedback for me before I could respond! If a buyer has a problem with a transaction and opens a dispute, then that buyer should not be allowed to leave feedback UNTIL that open case is resolved, expired or otherwise dismissed. It is unfair to the seller. I have a job and a life outside of eBay! I may or may not get to an issue in 24 hours, but that is why eBay gives sellers five days to respond or resolve the dispute – isn’t it??? This buyer filed a dispute and within 24 hours left negative feedback for me!! I wasn’t even able to post a reply to his feedback!!

      On top of that eBay FORCED me to give him a refund! THAT is unfathomable to me! This buyer had a choice to get insured shipping and didn’t – why on earth is that the seller’s fault!! The pictures submitted are clear that extreme force was used in damaging the packaging! It looks like it was run over by a truck! I don’t think the resolution department even looked at the evidence submitted. I am now certain that anything under $50 automatically defaults in favor of the buyer. The buyer in my case just buys and never sells. Yes, he has great feedback because he is immune to bad press and protected by eBay’s biased polices!

      The second thing that upsets me is that eBay has taken away the insurance selection on the invoice. Please explain to me in a valid response why it has been removed from the auction setup page! How is a seller to know how much an auction will end up selling for? How can a seller charge for insurance if you don’t know a final value???

      ARRRGGGGGH! This is what frustrates me!!

    • profile image

      Phil Morris 16 months ago

      Most of the people hear seem to have complaints dealing with an eBay seller. My problem is with an eBay buyer. I sold a car radio to a buyer. He filed a complaint to eBay about me selling him a radio that would not work in his car. He never ask any questions. I never said in my add that I guaranteed it would work. Turns out he wouldn't pay a GM service center to have the radio coded to his car. So he tells eBay I sold him a defective radio. eBay found in his favor. They gave him his money back, and he left me negative feedback calling me a scammer, and a thief. eBay will not remove the feedback left for me. I have always had 100% positive feedback until this. Why would anyone sell on eBay if the buyer can do this to a seller.

    • profile image

      Neha 18 months ago

      I was trying buy two items from ebay, I paid through net banking from my sbi account. The first time when I made payment , ebay page displayed , sorry payment made was not successful, I made second time also. Same message was displayed again. Third time I made payment again. Same message again displayed. Unfortunely I checked my account very next day. From my account all three time payment was debited from my account. I made a complaint to ebay. No response from their side even my money and item did not turn back.

    • profile image

      Geeorge 22 months ago

      Ebay emailed me stating that there is a Complaints Procedure but Ebay users are not allowed to see it. They also admit that they do not reply to complaint letters as policy. They also have failed to answer the question of what country's consumer law applies when a seller purports to be UK based but isn't

    • profile image

      tlawren2 2 years ago

      I was a seller on Ebay and did rather well with high feedback, etc. My mother became terminally ill and I needed to focus more of my attention on her. My daughter was diagnosed as bipolar at the same same. While dealing with Mom and Hospice, I also had to have my daughter committed three different times, the last time being when she attempted suicide by driving of a local bridge and caused major damage. I was having a difficult time keeping up with eBay. I called several times and spoke with customer service and explained my situation and asked about shutting my store down for a while. I was told it would not be wise for me to do that since I was starting to receive a few negative feed backs for delivery time. It finally got to a point that I couldn't manage everything and I called eBay, explained what had happened and told them I was not being fair to the customers because I, at that time, could not meet their needs. After arguing with eBay over shutting down my store temporarily while I got a grasp on everything, they did close it for me. After mom passed and my daughter became stabilized, I tried to reopen the store, about eight months later. I was told I could no longer sell because of the bad feedback. eBay considers me one of the worst sellers because there was no positive feedback for eight months while I was closed. Let me be clear about something though. I made sure every single customer received their products and eBay received all monies I owed to them. I explained everything to them, about 10 different calls to eBay customer service. Every time I was told something different. I appealed. I wasn't able to get anywhere. So, another one of my daughters bought the material from me and she opened a store and I was teaching her the ropes. They found out she was my daughter, and they refuse to let her sell. Even though all she received was 5 star ratings, they just completely shut her down. She spent days and days posting over 500 items and within a blink of an eye, they erased them all. They still charged her for the booth fee however. Now I have another daughter who would like to take over, but we already know that somehow or another they are going to find out she is related to me and they are not going to allow her to sell. It infuriates me that my family members are not allowed to sell simple because they are related to me. Instead of judging them on their own merit, they are judging them on mine, and my merit is being judged a little harshly. When I tried to reopen my store, I sent them my mothers obituary and personal paperwork concerning my daughter that to this day I do not know who has and who has seen it. Every time I communicate with them, all I get is a bunch of foreign people who say, 'Uh huh. Thank you. I understand.' But I never get anywhere. I feel like I am talking to a bunch of kids who started some club and they don't even know the rules, or a better description should be 'making up rules as they go along'. Any advice?

    • profile image

      David Hale 2 years ago

      If anyone has downloaded the new eBay app they know what my complaint is. It sucks plain and simple. It doesn't look good, it looks confusing, the respond button to a customer does not work, etcetera etcetera. If it's not broke why try to fix it. If ebay does not go back to the way it was before with their mobile app or make major improvements to this app I will not be a Customer any longer.

    • profile image

      Carly 2 years ago

      So I was an Ebay seller and buyer until recently. I sold an item to a buyer which was in immaculate condition for £110. The buyer left me positive feedback as soon as she received the item and then decided a month after having the item that there were pieces missing and some parts broken and she requested a refund which I refused after the amount of time she had the item for. I spoke with Ebay by email and phone to be told that as they couldnt view the item they had to take her word for it so the buyer told me she was returning the item. I then receive an email to say that the item had been returned and signed for by a Mr Kant????!!!!! I have never even heard of this person either as a neighbour nor does he live with me!!!! Ebay then told me they would look into it for me only to tell me that they couldnt help and i still had to refund the buyer £110!!! So now I have no item and no money?!!!!! I called again as I was not happy and the lady I spoke with agreed that I should not have to refund the buyer due to the length of time she had the item and the positive feedback she left. She said I would receive an email in 10 days to confirm this!! No email came and i contacted ebay again to be told they couldnt do anything and they cut me off. I have now received corresspondence from a Debt Collection agency as I have refused to pay the money back as I do not see why I should!!!!! I cannot believe their cheek!!! And now I am even more worried about having debt collectors on my back and this affecting my credit!!!

    • Tyler Bracken profile image

      Tyler Bracken 2 years ago from Berlin, Germany

      Sounds pretty annoying. Have you tried using an adblock addon? It is what I use to filter out annoying adverts.

    • profile image

      2 years ago

      So now not only are all the buyers leaving but also pop up adds have started to redirect me away from the pg WHILE IM TRYING TO WORK. I PAY MONEY to use this site. With advertisements that actually redirect you to an Oprah add,, I wonder why people are leaving for good? This is counter productive in multiple ways and A lot of idiots who make far more money than i do should lose their jobs over this travesty.

    • profile image

      cynthiadee 2 years ago

      I have sold on Ebay since 1995, have 100% positive feedback, and typically have over 1000 items on my site, all designer apparel which comes from my Chicago store. This new program Ebay initiated with the defects has ruined my Ebay business, with sales below 75% of typical monthly sales. If a customer wants to return something, they are given 2 options....wrong size, or significantly not as described. Well guess which one a buyer will pick so they can get their money back????!!! If a customer has a problem with an item, I always take a return, but even if I do offer stellar customer service, and receive good feedback, Ebay still gives a defect!!! I called the appeals department, and I actually had a customer service rep tell me they are trained to side with the buyer "because ultimately the buyer is what makes Ebay work"! What???!!! Are you kidding me???? Without good sellers, there would be no inventory to purchase....pretty simple if you ask me. So now, even with 100% positive feedback, Ebay has put my acount as "below standard", and I am unable to list more items for almost 45 days. Ebay has always been a great selling tool for me, but now, I'm looking for other options!!! Grrrr!

    • profile image

      oplal rings 2 years ago

      13 years at e-bay selling. High value items. Sold brand new Gold and opal custom made ring at %50 of the listed price on the best offer . I resized the ring for costumer at his request for free. After receiving the ring the buyer wore it out a few times , then decided that he does not want it anymore. the reason for return" not as described" because it does not have a black onyx on it. The ring was never advertised as the ring with black onyx. Anyhow. Ebay made me take a return and pay both way shipping $74.The buyer returned ring with the stone cracked and the rings covered with rushes and scratches. Total loss $2611. Ebay does not want to hear any arguments.AL they said that they want us sellers to be successful thats why they created those rules.... i never heard so much crap from anyone. no help period. It is always the buyers fault. I Like to take a legal action or join one already started by others. Anyone else?Chicago USA

    • profile image

      Mac Wilson 2 years ago

      I've been selling miniature models on Ebay for just over 2 yrs and had a 100 percent positive reputation until this week. A German buyer bought a lot of models from me, but was often slow in paying and refused to answer any messages. So I took the Ebay-offered option of choosing not to do further business with him and blocked his account. Over the next few months he returned with THREE more different Ebay accounts and behaved in the same fashion until I finally blocked all four. He retaliated by leaving negative feedback on the last transaction: no complaint about the item, just because I'd blocked him. I appealed to Ebay about this and they tell me there's nothing they can do. I'm furious that Ebay give us the option to choose who to do business with but then allow our impeccable trader's reputation to be ruined for using this option. I shall follow your advice and write a letter to Ebay in Dublin.

    • profile image

      rick 2 years ago

      I have experienced similar problems with ebay lately-they are a monster out of control.I have 15 year 100 % feedback record and they have restricted my buying to virtually nothing because of a seller error which he fixed and everything was satisfactorily resolved.a few months ago after getting the run around for days and hour long calls the problem seemed to be resolved.This week the problem has reoccurred and ebay have stopped answering my queries about this.This company is basically an unmitigated shambles and a disgrace to the USA

    • profile image

      Dan 2 years ago

      I will never use eBay to sell anything ever again. They commit fraud on a daily basis and no one seems to do anything about it. They have refunded several of my customers in the past week, as the item "hasn't arrived" although everything i send it tracked and have evidence, they don't give a crap. I have reported them to the Ombudsman and also BBC Watchdog.

    • profile image

      Conroy 2 years ago

      eBay what a joke , I sold a pliers on eBay with p&p the buyer wanted local pick up which I refuse , then sent me 49 messages saying there are going to beat me up ect , I asked eBay to step in and to stop his messages there said there can't , then today I have another seller asking me for my address to return items I gave them my address , then it dawn on me that I never sold this item to this buyer , I rang eBay to complain to say it was the buyer who I refuse local pick up mate , eBay said there will look into it , 4 hours later ebay has suspended my account

      I owe ebay £226.00 there will not get a penny from me

    • profile image

      Kirsty 2 years ago

      Bought a laptop off ebay, it cost just under £1900, but taxes and repairs have thrown the cost to over £2100, but it is faulty and so far had 2 repairs under warranty but its still not right. The seller is lovely and i dont think they will scam me my refund but i wanted to go through ebay for the security, i was not told that by closing the return case i first opened before second repair would make me forfeit my buyer protection, so ebay refuse to help me now and told me to sort it out with the seller outside of ebay, which they at the start never recommend.

      What can i do, this is too much money to loose.

    • profile image

      Amber M 2 years ago

      Cannot believe the state of affairs here - but glad it is not just me that is going through it! I feel better having read this. Thanks!

    • profile image

      mimeto 2 years ago

      I've been using ebay for about 10 years, buying and selling. But I'm just about to finish my business with them and never use it again.

      I use to sell stuff there but after quite many problems with lost and returned items I desided that selling small stuff on eBay is waste of time. So I've stoped selling.

      I've been very active buyer and shopping mainly from there, but on few ocations I felt that the buyer protection does not really protect the buyer in any case. The last what happen to me was that I have bought few stuff all at the same time and two of the sellers used the same courier. However I received just one of the order and the courier is using the signature of that order for the other parcel as well. I contacted the seller and they did nothing as they said that there is a signature. I opened a case and ebay closed in favor of the seller as they have the tracking number and a signature for it, I contacted eBay and they basically said that they don't care that I have not received the order sinse there is a proof of delivery. I have put an apeal but my feeling is that they ain't going to do anything about that. I Put negative feedback and it was removed because of the case that was in sellers favor. I stoped leaving feedback long time ago for the very same reason.

      So now I'm in situation that I've paid for something £40 and I didn't received it and there is no way to get my money back because eBay wouldn't bother.

      What a joke.

      eBay, you are slowly ruining your business, something that you was very lucky to have on first place!

    • profile image

      dj 2 years ago

      How can I join a class action lawsuit or have the attorney general provide help. I sold a new expensive calculator and the seller returned it as defective. I ran the self test on it and all buttons and functions work. I provided a video of the working calculator and offered to resend the item back to the buyer since it's now devalued because it's now an open boxed item. The listing said there's a 25% restocking fee. Buyer filed a case for money back guarantee ebay gave him all the money back from my account.

      Ebay did not consider the evidence and broke contract law!

    • profile image

      chrisgoat 2 years ago

      I have been buying on eBay for about 10 years and even sold a few things, this was all without any problems until this past week.

      I had some brand new RAM (memory) from a computer upgrade that I purchased and was still new in the package. I found out I did not need this upgrade and decided to sell it on eBay.

      As in the past I had no problem listing the memory in fact it sold within 2 hours after I listed it, the buyer paid right away and I shipped it the same day.

      However with a balance of more than 3k in my PayPal account they have put a 21 day hold on the whopping $60 dollars that the buyer paid.

      To top it off I listed the memory for $57+$3 shipping for a whole $60, the eBay fees with 3 pictures and buy it know feature was $6.70 along with PayPal’s fee of $2.04 that’s a total of $8.77 cents to sell a $60 dollar item.

      In the meantime the buyer has received the item tested it and left great feedback, I contacted eBay about this hold and they said that the hold will be released within 21 days and that the hold was to insure that the buyer is satisfied with the product they received.

      Well let’s see the buyer has received the item and left great feedback and still no money, so my money is being held for what purpose?

      Do not get me wrong after fees $51.26 is not going to break me I was not looking to make a profit I just wanted the $50 I originally paid for the memory, but when a person that is not a business and has a 100% feedback with more than 3,500 transaction and a balance of more than 3,000 in their PayPal account there priorities are all along.

      I can assure you of one thing I will never! Ever! sale another item on eBay again, I will use a service to sale anything I need to sale cost a few dollars more but at least I will not be treated like a criminal.

      Thanks for listing


    • profile image

      sk 2 years ago

      So I seem to be the only seller with a complaint against a buyer using the ebay protection thing to his advantage, I was made to give a refund to a buyer claiming i did not send what I advertised, I had photo evidence and also communication to say that I did in fact give what I advertised but because that buyer had over 10k feedback vs my mere 66 they sided with the buyer. Do not get me started on their lack of customer service, I wonder if amazon is any better. Oh and because ebay sided with the buyer I am no out of seller fees and postage cost as ebay do not return the sold fees on refunds!

    • profile image

      Headdoc 2 years ago

      Tyler - you said in an earlier comment to "contact the people that police them in your country" - but who polices them here in the US? not finding any group willing to bother with them (or at least no action taken by all I have contacted). What can be done? Many complaints as in the previous postings - totally maddening....

    • profile image

      Feedback Censored After Warning About Fakes 3 years ago

      I bought a watch, the Hamilton Khaki field, advertised through Hamiltons website & the ebay listing as having a 2824 movement. It was listed on ebay as having a broken winding stem, a relatively simple and cheap fix. But these movements sell for £50+, even broken.

      The watch turned up with a lose back, I opened it up to look at the problem & it was completely the wrong movement to that listed in Hamiltons specifications and those listed on the ebay listing..

      Did a fair bit of research & checked the sellers other listings, turned out he has at least 2 identical watches "in his own personal collection" with exactly the same faults... His feedback was 36, 12 from within 6mths and 24 this month - but all the listings were private - so not sure how many others were listed?!

      So I left feedback, something along the lines of "Fakes Fakes - Beware Not Genuine Watches - Cobbled Together With Spare Parts.."

      Within half an hour - my feedback was removed?!?!?!?!?!

      I've been a member years & years, probably over 500+ purchases & not sure if I've ever left bad feedback before? But they censored my feedback in preference to a dodgy seller?! There was another listing from the same seller, exactly the same item & fault, selling 1hr after I left the feedback, so I was attempting to warn other customers and the general ebay community... It's December 10th & that could ruin somebodies Christmas - it's a £500 / £750 watch new..

      Tried to talk to customer services, but it's "policy not to say why they censored my feedback, as not to give customers ideas how to contravene their policies.?!" So I asked, which policy did my feedback contravene & received no response..

      So I asked, under UK law and The Freedom of Information Act, why my own personal information and feedback was removed. He hung up?!?!?!?!?

      How rude !!! So today, tomorrow, and all week I'm going to leave messages on different forums and blogs - I will not be censored..

      They apparently want to move away from their dodgy image of fakes and frauds, but I want to remind everybody this is still happening everyday...

      EBAY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU OR ME. They don't care about feedback - Just Profit and Their Own Image....

      Leave any feedback, as long as it's good & reflects well on the 'bay..

      I think China, North Korea and most dictatorships run a similar system.....


      My feedback

    • profile image

      Jewelry Seller 3 years ago

      We are a fine and bridal jewelry company. We offer our products on many venues including eBay. We have been on eBay for nearly 4 years now and in the past year our sales have dropped nearly 85%. We are a top rated 100% seller selling very beautiful and competitive price products.

      How can a company, like eBay, make such drastic changes to thousands of selling accounts, allow unwarranted cases, provide no seller protection and straight up steal someones money and get away with it. We have so much proof of their activities that our company is proceeding legally.

      Ebay will protect overseas sellers (China/India etc,) by removing defects,feedback and continue to top rank their products but, if you are a US seller they will not help you with any of that even if you provide proof that it is unwarranted. This is a US company? way to go eBay.

      Here is the reality.. eBay will allow shill bidding, refunds without returns (theft from sellers), low DSRs/poor feedback/defects that are proven false (that will jeopardize seller accounts) , no product visibility from listings or store (although you subscribe to an upgraded store account), no results to complaints with CS (reps are trained to lie), forcing sellers to use their global shipping program (overpriced causing buyers to bail out), forcing sellers to accept returns up to 2 months (allowing people to borrow your products).

      In closing.. this venue, and their new policies, is truly a mess. We will continue with a lost revenue approach and would hope others will follow (suit).

    • profile image

      Alan 3 years ago

      the U.S. mailing address to send complaints is

      Ebay Inc. Headquarters

      2065 Hamilton Avenue

      San Jose, CA 95125

    • profile image

      m Edmonds 3 years ago

      Ebay Customer Service does nothing to help a customer in need. When you ask for a manager they put you on hold for about 5/10 minutes then they hand you to the person sitting next to thing is, I had a CS rep. yesterday that said he definitely could help me. He COULD retract someone's neutral feedback... then he disappeared and then I was disconnected. When I went through the maze of the phone jungle AGAIN, the next rep. said a big FAT "No" to helping me. If they want us to be kind and considerate, then they should act like they give a darn. One of the reps. last night was yawning all of the way thru the unprofessional. The End of the story, I am in process of closing down my account! The said it takes 180 days???????WHAT????? Sick of their endless rules...always asking for money and NEVER ANY HELP WHEN NEEDED!!! Hello ETSY... Bye-Bye- Ebay and your customers that want something for nothing...(by the way I have met some lovely customers on Ebay as well! They are Dear's) Sincerely... MISS M

    • profile image

      Shanni 3 years ago

      I have just been messed around by eBay chat by being kept on chat for 2 hours, by different "specialised team" members.

      The issue is I have received low score on postage time as a seller. I sell low value items, less than £5 mostly and I use first class large letter stamp which costs 93p. Profit is very tiny so it wouldn't make sense to send item by signed for tracking.

      In the month of June and July, a high number of our items were not delivered by Royal Mail for reasons unknown as they cannot track non signed for items.

      I left a note on the eBay advert that this is the case and buyers beware that this is the case. Everytime I post an item I always click on the Item Despatched so the customer is aware.

      However, when customers have not received item on time, they have complained and replacements have been sent.

      The problem is eBay are not seller centric. eBay damn you as a seller by hitting you with transaction defects on the seller dashboard for items not posted on time.

      My complaint is that we are not in control of Royal Mail and if we post items and inform the buyer, the seller should get some kind of protection. However this is the response I was give by eBay on their chat "However, it is the buyer's discretion to give you the rating on postage rating"

      How can It be buyers discretion when eBay are allowing them to give low rating on postage times even though seller has done his job!! eBay should have some protection for the seller but they do not give any leeway whatsoever!

      After wasting 2 hours of my time, they kept coming back to the "no control of DSR ratings!" They give the tool and then say we have no control!! How about giving seller some protection on DSR ratings!

    • profile image

      Garry peacock 3 years ago

      eBay has forgotten the customer comes first it is out of control on how to deal with people

    • profile image

      Antonia 3 years ago

      Where can i send my complaint if i live in The Netherlands ?

      The customer service of a Dutch ebay is a really living hell ! There are no address and no phone number. So,where can i send a letter ?

    • Tyler Bracken profile image

      Tyler Bracken 3 years ago from Berlin, Germany

      You definitely have a cause to complain and most definitely a case for some sort of compensation. I'd advise you to stick with it if you have the time and patience - good luck!

    • profile image

      Doug 3 years ago

      I called eBay to ask if they could let me know which day they'd be taking my fees from paypal. The person I talked to said not to worry about it and it would definitely not be coming out before Aug 1, as I had told her that I needed time to transfer money to cover it. She even gave me a confirmation number-so I felt like this was definitive. It's july 30 and eBay just drafted payment! I'm going to call, but am certain it's fruitless

    • profile image

      asdmicro 3 years ago

      EBay is just a Joke! I been a seller for over 14years and always thrive to do the best for my buyers, but I thought I should load the transcript from a conversation of something I did wrong for doing right? Their new defect rate policy sucks, and for every thing that's possibly I could have done right, I am still wrong.

      Waste an hour of my life for nothing! But I will write to trading standard and make a formal complaint.

    • Tyler Bracken profile image

      Tyler Bracken 3 years ago from Berlin, Germany

      Is this the letter you sent to eBay?

    • profile image

      Johnpaul 3 years ago

      I was recently informed that my seller account was still suspended. At the time of my last call approximately two [2] years ago I was clearly told that the suspension would soon expire. Recently I received a message to list for free and when I attempted to do so was still blocked. Today I called ebay to ask about the suspension and in turn was informed it was indefinite. As per my conversation, now two years ago, I have long divorced my ex-wife who is on record as having caused the problem, as well have and moved two times. I think I may have even sent the final divorce decree to ebay via some upload system on the site [if memory serves me correct]. She is no long attached to any of my accounts and no longer a problem. As you will see from my email address and postal address on file, I have been purchasing thousands upon thousands of dollars in merchandise over the past few years. It's completely unacceptable that I can't sell any of the items laying around my home on ebay however you are happy to take commissions when I make a purchase.

      There has to be some kind of recourse. I've met all your requirements, have a stellar 785 credit rating and have continued to patronize your service. In return you're slapping the face of a good customer. What's going on there? What are my options here?

    • profile image

      Edita V 3 years ago

      I have been selling on eBay for about 2 years, 50 items only for buy it now, 100% positive feedback, no case, did my best to show great service for all buyers, free shipping and gift warped every item before shipping. One day eBay send me email that my account been banned, my name also, I won't be able to sell on ebay for the rest of my life. Asked for the reason, after many days and many called and many holding time they told me because of my ex husband who used my either computer or IP address to log in to his eBay account 3 years ago. Told them I have nothing to do with him or his accounts I'm just an honest single mother doing my best to earn money for my little one and me. Ad course they did not care. Now from a mutual friend I found out that my ex husband opened 6 new accounts with friend names different ip and selling same way like he use to. Shame on ignorant people of eBays safe and trust department for letting same people like him to open new accounts and falls bits illegally and still sell, but Honest sellers like me get burned and banned from eBay. And no one dose anything about this.

    • Tyler Bracken profile image

      Tyler Bracken 3 years ago from Berlin, Germany

      I suspect you bought it from someone off of eBay as they are just a provider of an auction. Best bet would be to contact the seller with your complaint and return what you have received, letting the seller know first of course.

    • profile image

      hari 3 years ago

      I bought power bank portable charger from eBay but it was not working how to return the product and replace new good one

    • profile image

      Ted Lasky 3 years ago

      eBay employees must have to justify their existence. Because, they keep creating meaningless, worthless minutia that makes sellers jump through hoops, and result in not one more sale...they're just there to make eBay look more professional in the eyes of those employees. And it makes me hope and pray for a decent competitor to eBay, with out those ridiculous requirements, which I would jump to, and leave eBay in a second.

    • profile image

      JB 3 years ago

      Hi -

      I'm a senior citizen who wanted to sell a few collectibles on eBay and not being a super computer nerd asked my daughter to set it up for me.

      Of course eBay sent me an email request for me to contact them (no way to email them - the email address they give keeps coming back undeliverable)

      Two days and numerous calls later after being on hold for ridiculous amounts of time.

      I finally get through and fed up in frustration I asked them to close my account. Which the gal I finally spoke to did and she sent me a confirmation email that she had closed the account at my request - which was correct.

      Then two days later I get an email from eBay saying they closed it due to suspicious security reasons! Of course - the email they provide and ask me to respond to again gets returned as undeliverable!

      eBay is the one's who are behaving like a shady outfit! No way to contact them by email or snail mail! And then they make false accusations while hiding so no one can respond to them!

      Shame on eBay!

    • profile image

      Susie UK 3 years ago

      I was recently emailed by ebay stating that the items I was selling had been reported as counterfeit by the rights owner. Ebay also said that the items being sold apparently violated eBay's Trademark Violation - Unauthorized Item policy. As a result, ebay removed the items from sale and advised me to contact the rights owner directly to find out what their objection was and to find out if I might be permitted to put them up for sale once more.

      The items I was selling were my own designs (totally unique) and deliberately avoided any mention of the football club name, their logo and images of their players, etc. I did everything to avoid any copyrighted element associated with them purposely because I didn't want anything of this nature to occur.

      Still, I played the game and wrote a very polite letter to the club asking why they had deemed my items as 'counterfeit' and explaining that I had done everything in my power to avoid upsetting them so could they please make contact with me to resolve this problem. Seven weeks later I have had no reply from them - no surprise there then!

      Two weeks after contacting the club I wrote to ebay (email) asking for their side of things. No reply. I wrote a second time and response.

      Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I might do to get somewhere with these people? I am not sure they are aware they have any customers apart from seeing their accounts racking up the dollars and pounds...if they allow us to sell anything!

      I am in the UK and sitting here banned from selling my own unique designs which quite clearly do not infringe any copyrights the club has and yet no one will communicate with me, not even ebay!

    • profile image

      DG 3 years ago

      1. File a complaint with your state's Attorney General consumer protection bureau. In NYS it is here:

      Once they have an overwhelming number of complaints, they MIGHT start doing something.

      2. Stop buying Chinese cr@p from eBay, especially directly from China.

      3. Together we'll prevail!

    • Msfancy Nancee profile image

      Msfancy Nancee 3 years ago from Stockton, California

      How many people have had their account restricted after complaining about something? Well, I think eBay has a much bigger agenda with their "kick anyone off for a little reason rule." It is called globalization. What do you do when you get a message on your phone or device when it says you are out of space? You start deleting stuff!! Well by giving these "so called criteria" on the mom and pops of good ol' USA sellers they can simply delete at will.

      We have found some frightening things out about ebay and are moving to other locations to do our selling. Well, we have to ..there are several people living in our home, of course mom, dad, my college age kids, and well any other family member under the age of 25 who pops in. We live in California, a middle to upper income family and have enjoyed ebay, well since its conception pretty much. But things have changed. We have some of my kids friends come and stay over go on the computer and log in and print etc. So our house is always busy.

      So this is what happened: About 6 mos ago I purchased some items under my personal ebay account for my daughter's bridal shower gifts. I gave one to my brand new mother-in-law, I also just married. Even though they were all stamped .925 they were not what they should have been - in fact they were fake silver. One of the gift receivers gracefully told me as their dad happened to be a jeweler! Yikes! I was so in shock and felt horrible. I complained. At the time I was not selling anything under my account, just buying things. I seen the seller was selling 2400 of this silver bracelet so I thought it was a hot seller and wanted to get it before it sold out! Well, they were not what they should be. I tried to tell eBay and thought I was being a good samaritan. It did not pay for me to turn in a power seller.. read about the big guy vs the little guy on other complaint sites out side of ebay. . . I woke up one morning and my account was restricted for ever! I had been on ebay for over 15 years!! Well, it gets worse.. months husband and I made a purchase (on my husbands eBay account that he had before we were even married) and it was not a good one. It was a beautiful designer dress for my daughters wedding. I received it and it was not the dress in the picture.. actually a picture of a dress was used and a dress sent from not South was actually from China in chinese writing and all. It did not look even close to the dress. I was very upset and wanted to return it to the seller. I did but was out my shipping of $18 both ways.. My husband and I do not have the same name due to my profession and , no paypal connection no real financial connection to me at this point at all.. but eBay is cutting his account off too..for being related to me......his account is 100% in good standing with not a single blemish.. .they really give no good reason just that he is connected to a restricted account and once that account has resolved its issues his will be fine. I try to resolev the issues and the cusomer service reps say "WE ARE NOT A FACE TO FACE COMPANY" WE ARE NOT A FACE TO FACE COMPANY" "ANY ONE WITH THE SAME ADDRESS, IP, OR EVEN SAME FINGERPRINT AS YOU WILL GET RESTRICTED FOREVER" It gets even worse, what about my kids in college and their kids or anyone who just logs into this computer? I work at a college have foreign exchange students here and have people here all the time. "YES, WE ARE NOT A FACE TO FACE COMPANY, THEY WILL BE RESTRICTED, too." ...I said wow! do we live in Russia? this is just crazy! I mean why? I sell used items. I asked her to please disconnect my account. Please do not penalize my family or my children or anyone who may be related to me. It is just not fair. I said what ever i did I will take blame. So, I ask why? All because I turned in a fraud seller selling silver??!! And then a dress knock off producer. I would love to find someone to give eBay competition. It is healthy to have competition. People would support a loyal and true organization. People are tired of big greedy corporate. I use to really like eBay and was with them since 1998!! They have no loyalty what so ever! They cut me off like I was some criminal and worthless to them, but have been there when they were just starting out.

    • profile image

      Bernie Carter 3 years ago

      Disappointing news I'm afraid. Guess what PayPal reply was I need to contact eBay and gave me the address in Ireland..........WHAT! I written to them 9 weeks ago and didn't get a reply? So I have gone round in circles don't know what to do now, and suggestions?

    • Tyler Bracken profile image

      Tyler Bracken 3 years ago from Berlin, Germany

      Excellent news! :)

    • profile image

      Bernie Carter 3 years ago

      Hey I think I'm getting somewhere at last. The financial Ombudsmen have written to PayPal Executive Escalations and they have taken over the case. They have to pursue eBay through PayPal, hope my complaint is now heard. I have received an email from the seller after contacting her through her web site on the net!!!!! She still insists it my fault for cleaning the bag???? Eemm I though bags were for using not ornaments...........will keep you undated.

    • profile image

      Bernie Carter 3 years ago

      Well surprise surprise I haven't received a reply from Bags by Diamonds or eBay. I am going to update my case with the Financial Ombudsman with this info. May be they think if they ignore me I will go away, I don't think so!!!

    • Tyler Bracken profile image

      Tyler Bracken 3 years ago from Berlin, Germany

      Sounds annoying! .. To say the least! I see eBay have made some more "trust us" adverts but they seem less active on dealing with the actual problems.. I wish you, like everyone in your position, the best of luck! Let me know how it works out.

    • profile image

      Bernie Carter 3 years ago

      I bought a Radley bag from "Bags by Diamonds" it was a Christmas present from my boyfriend, £148.00!! I went to clean a dirty mark of my bag a couple of weeks ago, it is ivory colour so bound to get a little dirty...I used Radley leather cleaner to my horror it took some of colour out of the leather???? I complained to the seller but she said it was my fault? I thought handbags were for using not looking at! Anyway to cut a long story short after all the palafa of emails ect I asked eBay to take over the case. Within 48 hours case was looked at and eBay favoured the seller I appealed it was denied.....done and dusted. I haven't wasted too much time ringing the Joke Centre (CSD) knew I wouldn't get anywhere. So I've written to the seller and eBay complaining also filled in your link to the Financial Ombudsman also lodged my complaint with Trading Standards. I am not going to let this drop. Financial Ombudsman has received my complaint, and I'm waiting on replies from seller and eBay. I will keep you posted.

    • profile image

      Claudia 3 years ago

      Yes, I have experienced everything you have mentioned when I bought something off of ebay - or rather, something from an ebay seller - and ebay refused to help due to technicalities.. I wont be using them again.

    • profile image

      jemiser1 4 years ago

      After selling a "pick up only" item recently I discovered that EBay put a hold on the payment because I was a new seller (I've been selling for 2 years and over $5,000.00). I was told that because I hadn't sold 25 items over the last 3 months that this was the reason they were holding my payment. PayPal got their cut and EBay sent me their 10% invoice demanding immediate payment. If anyone is interested, there is a Class Action Suit against EBay because of a lack of exposure of items for sale . . . all sellers are supposed to get notification on this soon. Has EBay changed their policies and failed to notify their sellers? Very bad form, if you ask me.

    • profile image

      Edita V 4 years ago

      I have been selling on ebay almost 2 years, 100% positive feedback, no case, no cancelation and no return, everything perfect, had only 40 items for Buy it now. 2 days ago all my listings were removed and they did not let me sell anymore. Tried my best to resolve, was going crazy, single mother trying to earn money by showing best costumer service ever. Finally eBay gave me answer today, reason is my ex-husband of 3 years who had different accounts with eBay, now have cases and needs to resolve them, according to eBay employee in trust and safety department. If he cleans his accounts, eBay will think of letting me to sell. I was frustrated, explaining that I have nothing to do with him, or his accounts, did not even know he had eBay accounts, but no one cared. eBay answer was "You are not allowed to sell on eBay ever, because you knew your ex husband, one time or other, even thought your account is perfect, Top seller, Power seller with 100% Positive, you can NOT sell on eBay ever" WORST COMPANY EVER, Bravo eBay. Instead of punishing him, they punish me, now I hear from different people that people like him, and even him, sells on eBay with friends accounts, maybe even coning people, and a person like me, who was showing perfect customer service and making honest living is NOT allowed to sell. How eBay finds so many SMART employees to work in trust and safety department , WOW, bravo

    • profile image

      Sarita 4 years ago

      Complained to a seller that descriptions of items were false a few times after buying from them many times

      As a result they banned me from buying using an excuse that they didn't post to my country any more! I always had to tip toe with complaints on quality and descriptions

      Have given up contacting EBay totally impossible!!!!

    • profile image

      cjbesb 4 years ago

      We had ordered a Tom Tom ($124 usd) received it, and started using it, then went to connect my husbands phone via bluetooth (one of the features we chose this model for) and it wouldn't connect. Went onto the Tom Tom site to figure out why only to find out that we had received a less expensive model in the box for the product we were supposed to get. We took it to Ebay who got involved even though it was past the 45 days since we purchased, they contacted the Seller - Powerproductsus (watch out if you do business with them) then contacted us and told us to send it back and the Seller would give a full refund. We sent it back signature guaranteed and the day that Powerproducts received it they contacted Ebay saying it was "unfair" that it took so long, and Ebay closed the case. We are now out the money and the product. Ebay says that they can't do anything because it was past the 45 days and they shouldn't have gotten involved. I too tried the email method to no avail and then spent 20 minutes on hold waiting for a live person in customer service only to be transferred to another person (another 10 minute wait) where I was again told that "they could do nothing". However I must have been lucid enough to produce enough sympathy that when I asked for Ebay legal I actually got an address, so here it is:

      (United States)

      Ebay Incorporated

      Attn: Corporate Counsel

      2145 Hamilton Ave.

      San Jose CA 95125

      Wish me luck!

    • profile image

      Max 4 years ago

      I have spent the last four days - using the phone and the online services - and I have not even got to the heart of the problem as I keep having to repeat my case or be told contradictory information. Judge but what you have written, nothing has changed.

    • profile image

      mala23413 4 years ago

      I purchased a Gem stone from eBay. When I got this item by post, the stone had lots of cracks inside Then I communicated with buyer. He gave me two options. One is return item for full of refund or keep item with half of refund. I have retuned it and send him a message. But, the seller was never mentioned he received item until I asked again and again. Then he asked me my pay pal identity to refund money. But, still he did not do it. Now 48 hours over. I retuned item April the 7 from Canada to India. I don't know how to get my refund $ 15 from Jesus-gem.

    • profile image

      Catherine 4 years ago

      I have a major problem with ebay when they closed my account and gave me a lifetime ban for something I knew nothing about, still have no idea and their customer services department cannot or will not give me the answer.

      However, I will not let this go because they are very quick to accuse you of something without any proof, in this civilised world you have the right to face your accuser and answer any alleged claims. That is the civilised way and not the dark ages with a kangaroo court.

      They want their fees for listing and sales that happened before the lifetime ban but guess what - they won't get them until they can give me a true and honest answer to my questions. If this went to the small claims court, the judge could ask for their reasoning and actions taken so a fair decision could be given.

      I tried my luck and wrote to John Donohoe, CEO in the US, email address and put forward my case and explained how disgusted I was with his company and to my surprise I got an answer that they are investigating the matter further. Maybe, just maybe, things might happen and they will stop treating honest sellers like criminals, only time will tell. Also, it may be worth writing to Watchdog UK as I have heard they are considering investigating ebay for their actions.

      The more people that do this then as a collective voice they will have to sit up and take note what sellers are saying because without us, they don't earn their fees

    • profile image

      John 4 years ago

      I wrote in previously about the car part I purchased on Ebay... they've eliminated my truthful account expressed in the negative feedback I left for the seller!

      Their reason as follows: -

      As I have checked your account, I have noted that the Feedback you left fitted one of our feedback removal criteria. Please note that our decision to remove the feedback does not constitute us finding that the identified feedback is defamatory or otherwise unlawful.

      However, for the protection of all our members, we keep individual account information confidential. I hope you understand that this is why I'm unable to provide specific details about the results of our investigation.

      Rest assured that we thoroughly investigate all appeals and we've established a specific criteria that determines whether an appeal is successful or not.

      I trust this clarifies why I can't give you any more details about how we removed the feedback. I sincerely hope your future experiences on eBay are safe and successful.

      Clearly the POWER of a POWER SELLER that makes a mint for both Ebay & themselves!

    • profile image

      John 4 years ago

      I purchased a car part (advertised as good as the OE with OE numbers) in February but had no control of the time limits involved with its delivery or the local garage fitting it. After the local garage fitted it, it wasn't able to do the job & after contacting the seller he said send it back for a refund less P&P. Again waiting for a substitute part so as the problemed part could be extracted, I had no control of this time limit. I posted this part back at the additional cost of 9.10 (UK) but the seller accused the garage of damaging the part & wouldn't refund. Although EBay opened a case for me they said it was outwith the (uncontrolable) time limit & there would be no protection. The outcome when I closed the case yesterday was that EBay sided with the multi-seller and I didn't even get the promised refund.

    • profile image

      Kat 4 years ago


      I have a problem and realised that it is the end and I cant get my money back. The thing is that I have Pre ordered item and haven't received it on the day I had to... and seller do not answering me and ebay tells that 45 days have passed - and of course they have because it is preorder!!! so if you are preordering - ebay dont have any protection of such buyers and you can become a seller - announce the preorder and keep everyones money? and no one will do anything to such seller? why ebay allows such thing as preorder then....cant now I have lost a big money amount (for myself) and do not know what to do...... :(

    • profile image

      Peter 4 years ago

      Customer Service is a joke. They put you thru to a call centre in the Philippines, and the agent and managers have no authority to do anything.

      I am closing my ebay account and will use EVERY opportunity to tell others about my poor customer experience.

    • profile image

      Matty 4 years ago

      they are thieves and they need to start paying people what they are owed!!!!

    • profile image

      Denny Hollingsworth 4 years ago

      I was notified yesterday that I have been suspended for 10 days because I gave too many people low scores (1's and 2's) for over charging on shipping. I've puchased 700+ items in almost 13 years and have a 100 positive rating. I admit when I think sellers are scamming me on shipping I give them a low score. But I do it because Bay asks my opinion. If they don't want a customer's opinion, why ask? It's bizarre. I wrote a letter to the company's CEO complaining of the suspension and stupid logic behind such. I'm sure he won't erad it, but hopefully one of his minions will.

    • profile image

      kathy 4 years ago

      I and my daughter have bought and sold on ebay since 2003, we have not sold anything for about 2years. a few days before Christmas 2012 we went into our account and it told us we were suspended, we e-mailed ebay and asked what was wrong, they after a few e-mails blamed pay-pal and they told us to contact pay-pal, we did and pay-pal said there is nothing wrong with your account and we still use our paypal account! so we went back and told them our account was fine, we were talking to ebay uk as we are British but live in France, they told us to contact France,we emailed them loads of times and told them there is nothing wrong with our account and they just kept sending us standard e-mails back, France by the way does not have chat or phone numbers or any other way to get in touch except emails, we then went back to ebay uk they said they would look into our account and said have you another paypal account, we said no, so then someone came back on chat and said it was ebay India !! we have bought 3 items from ebay India since 2003 but the last item was about 2 years ago, we have had no problems with people we have bought off, payed everything on time, our feedback constantly tells us how good we are as fast payers, We were told we had to contact INDIA so we did, that was a bit of a joke, they quoted some section 9 which covers everything saying you may have violated these rules, we said no, we have had no problems with sellers, delivery, payments, etc.. the words ( we will have a look at your account) was mentioned then they never got back to us, the uk is the same, let us look at your account, then they tell us it's ebay France!! who only have a email contact. We are going round in circles, we have had no problem with anybody, It's as if ebay has just switched us off and we have not done anything wrong, and have an excellent record. please can someone help, we certainly don't know how to escalate this in France.

    • profile image

      Joe Malone 4 years ago

      Has anyone noticed the rise in blind auctions on EBay, especially post Xmas where the usual story seems to be that the ex-boyfriend bought her all these gifts but she wants nothing to do with him and doesn't even want to open them so they're still wrapped and auctioned off on EBay. Incredibly there are enough gullible idiots around to bid for what could be empty parcels or completely worthless tat. They used to run this sort of scam on Blackpool sea front many years ago and it always used to amaze me how there was no shortage of punters to bid on sealed I identified packages. However what really surprises me is that EBay allow this scam.

    • profile image

      Sandy Brookshire 4 years ago

      I sold an item on Ebay and found a small hairline crack. I informed the buyer who demanded I send it anyway. I sent it at her demand and she then gave me negative feedback. I reported it a number of times to ebay and they failed to remove the feedback. I have filed a complaint against the buyer in Magistrate Court. What can I do to Ebay who let this happen?

    • profile image

      Jeff Turner 4 years ago

      Now you can add paranoia to ebay's list of dysfunctions. Try sending an email to another member. Odds are you will fraudulently be accused of trying to make a transaction outside of ebay. ebay wins again ... you lose!

    • profile image

      Jerome Bernhard 5 years ago

      contacted ebay

    • profile image

      Lucy 5 years ago

      I got an invoice in Dec from Ebay which made me notice there was fraud on my account! I'd taken to selling Gold Bullion and Diamond watches ( I wish this was my lifestyle!) when I'd not actually sold anything since 2010. On calling, ebay talked me through securing my account and assured me they would stop the payment on the invoice going through as well as contacting all buyers to let them know it wasn't me responsible for the "sales"! A further invoice in Jan came through which also came off my account as ebay failed to stop this one too despite me emailing. After numerous calls/emails and me sending them ID I finally got a refund for 80.01. Why only this amount I don't know as there was never any explantation. I've tried to get the remaining 470.00 back from them only to be told repeatedly that they have refunded me in full! Finally I hear back today to be told that they don't know why i want the 470.00 as there is nothing that relates to it! I should now use the online help and call again to dicuss...what again, and after nearly 10 months I should start the process all over again!? I was naïve and never expected I would be chasing to give them information and have now reached the point where my head will explode. I don't want them to win as they have made me feel so stressed and sick all whilst I was pregnant and then with a new baby. I will contact the ombudsman but can I also pursue this through the small claims court? Would love any help you can give! Thanks.

    • profile image

      indervesh drall 5 years ago

      i buy watch from ebay timing problem first day of delivery

    • profile image

      PHOEBEGRACE09 5 years ago

      It's been nearly 2 weeks now and ebay have still not responded to my letter of complaint sent to the Dublin address which you supplied. I contacted customer services to tell them I had proof of postage and I needed them to respond before I contact the finacial ombudsman. They told me to email the proof of postage to them, that's it, nothing else! What is the point, I have now been suspended for over 2 months. Ebay is a complete joke. I only want them to re-instate my account, what's hard about that? I'm not giving up, I have a point to prove and I am not going to back down. I have also tried to get another address from them to send my complaint to but they didn't respond. It cost over 6 quid to send a letter recorded delivery because it was in Ireland, and I'm definitely not wasting anymore money sending letters to this address for nothing. Does anyone know another UK mainland address for me to send my complaint to? Please let me know a.s.a.p. because I am really, really stressed out and I am going to self combust!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tyler Bracken profile image

      Tyler Bracken 5 years ago from Berlin, Germany

      Scott, we all need to send letters. I know it seems pointless but the volume of letters and similar complaints wouldn't be able to be ignored if they keep getting them.

      Joel, Hang in there. Phoning is better than emailing, though. Have some concrete things that you want when you next speak to them. Failing that, mail the ombudsman with all the details.

    • profile image

      Joel 5 years ago

      I have been calling them for nearly two weeks now. I am getting nowhere, fast! Not too sure it is worth all the time it is taking!

    • profile image

      scott 5 years ago

      I Bought a set of vivianne westwood earrings when they come they were copies which look like they fell out of a bubblygum machine,now on the page they were photographed in the original box,i received them on a small piece of polystiarene inlike a sweety packet.This person is selling products as originals which is a criminal offence.He is a dealer oviously as he has sold 6 pairs and other products ,he also to my amazement carrys a ebbay gold badge.This is bad character for ebbay letting there site being used for criminal activity,this is breaking the copy right law,such people should be penalised and barred from the site.This needs sorting out.

    • Tyler Bracken profile image

      Tyler Bracken 5 years ago from Berlin, Germany

      They clearly saw that it was cheaper to let you go and not pay you the protection money. I guess they knew you would not be come back and use eBay again, so the saw no point in paying you anything.

      This is the worse case I have ever heard and sadly, the stories I am hearing are getting worse. Be sure and write all of this down and send it to the address on my page. I know it might seem useless but if enough complaints are made they will have to be investigated.

      I have also heard that something big is coming to eBay, hence why their customer service is slipping to lower and lower levels. So be sure to send that letter! Good luck!

    • profile image

      PHOEBEGRACE09 5 years ago

      I recently got my account suspended by ebay buyer protection. They said I had misused it and have opened too many cases. I opened 5 in 2 months, 2 of which was off the same seller for items that were damaged and dirty and significantly not as described, one was off a seller who didn't bother to send any of her items out or respond to emails and is no longer a registered user on ebay (quite right!) one was from a seller claiming to be in the UK but after investigating he was actually in China, I never received the item and he is still trading on ebay with hundreds of negative and neutral feedbacks. The last case was for a Prom dress for my daughter and I never received it, the seller could not provide me any tracking information and he didn't have a receipt from the post office. He sent all his other items with Royal Mail but claims he mis-calculated the postage so to save him money he sent it through work! Oh yeh right!!!!! What a loser i didn't receive it because he never sent it out. What a total waste of space. Ruined my daughters prom night and I had to open a case to get my money back. He was just making me wait longer and longer for it to arrive, but I knew it wouldn't. I have contacted ebay loads of times and also rang loads of times, been told all different things but today I received an email to say that I can no longer 'buy or sell' on ebay and my account is suspended indefinately. They have really done my head in now for over 6 weeks, customer support is useless they won't give me a complaints address. Just to let you all know that ebay has an internal hidden rule, buyer protection will not help you all the way through the process like they claim in the adverts! They will only help you for up to 'so many cases' then they kick you off. So there moto is buy from us and we'll let you get ripped off and won't help you. BUYERS BEWARE, WHAT A COMPLAINT JOKE!!! I will be sending a complaint to the financial ombudsman and will also writing to the address supplied in this hub. I would like to hear from anyone else who has experienced the peril of ebay and has come through it in one piece without pulling all your hair out!!!! and headbutting the wall several times.

    • profile image

      Mel 5 years ago

      Don't talk to me about ebay.. eurgh! their a nightmare.. they tok my moms money and didn't listen to her problems with the seller, theives!

    • profile image

      James 5 years ago

      I had this really annoying seller. He sold me a defect item and didn't bother to answer my emails. I started a complaints procedure and it came out with the seller on top. It seems to be off hand, unhelpful and a liar serves eBay best and is rewarded. I am still not done though, I plan to complain, like you said, about eBay themselves!

    • Tyler Bracken profile image

      Tyler Bracken 5 years ago from Berlin, Germany

      I do not know why eBay let scams like this continue. It affects customer confidence, the kind of customers they most want, bidders/buyers. I guess as long as the sellers pay their fees...

      I guess also it is their word against yours as to what was sold.

      I would take the complaint to the financial ombudsman, you clearly have a case and enough people do, eBay will be in an amount of trouble they cannot dodge.

      I hope you get your money back. Be sure to return and tell me what happens.

    • profile image

      Melissa 5 years ago

      I won 2 gold ring mounts with diamonds cost GBP111.00

      The seller was from China. He sent me a silver chain that was worth $5 via registered mail. Imagine my frustration when I signed for it and opened the package. I contacted ebay and was told to send the item back with tracking number in order for them to issue me a refund. Canada post only gives tracking numbers for documents which cost $18 to China. If I am sending anything else besides documents, doesn't matter how small the item, I will have to send it by express post international for $83. I paid $83 for a crappy silver chain which cost $5 so that I could get my refund of GBP111.00

      This whole thing is really stupid. Ebay had many complaints about this seller. They are not doing anything about it. When I left this guy negative feedback, 2 weeks ago, all he had was 3 negative feedbacks. Today he has 146 negative feedback and ebay is still letting him sell.

    • Tyler Bracken profile image

      Tyler Bracken 5 years ago from Berlin, Germany

      eBay are very customer focused I have noticed. Sellers will leave annoyed but bidders and buyers will return as the whole process is weighed in their favour. I guess it is because eBay need to be good in their eyes.

    • profile image

      shauna 5 years ago

      every time there's free listing I'm barred Why because eBay say my P&P is to high. Guess what im usually the one out of pocket I always give the right P&P and refund if its too much I charge.

      But there's a patterned starting to emerge also they done this to me for the last 2 yrs and its always when I made X amount of money.

      my rating is 100% ? Im V Annoyed

    • Tyler Bracken profile image

      Tyler Bracken 5 years ago from Berlin, Germany

      Make sure you contact the people that police them in your country. Let them know you are planning to do this berfore you do it as, this tends to dramatically oil the wheel. Good Luck!

    • profile image

      Jamie 5 years ago

      They kept me on the phone for nearly an hour a few days ago. I cannot believe they are allowed to do this!

    • Tyler Bracken profile image

      Tyler Bracken 5 years ago from Berlin, Germany

      Ray B, they are very slippery people. I would have a look around their website and see if you can find some point of contact about there service and then seek to contact an offical body, make sure they know what you are planning to do as well, I suspect it may make them do their job, that approach has worked for me before. Good Luck!

    • profile image

      Ray B 5 years ago

      I purchase a 4GB Andriod fro a seller in China and came it took three weeks to arrive and came defected. Where I contact the seller and he ask me to send it back and I did. I contact ebay customer support to keep them in the loop. Anyway after three weeks he said that he did not received it. He sent out a message and I was out of the office and did not think about it until I came back to work. When I did I seen the e-mail that was sent to my work e-mail address and seen that that had cloase the case. I call ebay customer services and try to dispute them closing the case and they said because I did not get back with them quickly. This is not good and I lost some money and dont thinh that was fair.

    • Tyler Bracken profile image

      Tyler Bracken 6 years ago from Berlin, Germany

      They are terrible! I am not sure where you are from but I would find the address which you can write a complaint to. Email their customer service or use their 'chat to us now' option and just ask for an address to write a complaint to.

      Write down all the problems they have caused, the time their lack of service swallowed up, the problems with their service and the fact that you have had to work so hard to get what any normal company would give you as a basic customer right.

      If you send the letter make sure you do it recorded delivery as they will no doubt "lose it".

      Good luck and let me know how you get on! :)