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Job Hunting Scams Revealed!

Updated on May 15, 2014

Adventures In Job Hunting...

I have been sending my resume out to any job posting that I felt was a good fit for me; looking for something like administrative assistant, executive assistant, receptionist. You know, office stuff. I was getting no bites. I guess they want experience or something like that. Anyway, I decided I needed to expand my search. I started submitting for things like "Costumer Service Representative", "Costumer Support","Sales Associate", even "IMMEDIATE HIRE!!!"(this one did seem a bit fishy but I was desperate). I was finally getting calls for interviews. I had no reason to think these were not legitimate "jobs" so I was excited and nervous for these "interviews".

I finally landed the interview

Or Did I?

Interview #1:This company left me a message to set up an interview and when I called them back they never answered. hmm fishy

Interview #2:This company called to set up an interview within 10 minutes of receiving my resume. When I called them back they somehow had time to see me at "my convenience". Again, a bit fishy but I went to the interview anyway. When I got to the office, everything appeared on the up and up. I filled out paperwork and then went in for the interview. Right away the young man said "this is not an office job". OK? I thought. "We sell _____ vacuums!"(I will not disclose the brand. I happen to own this vacuum...hehe).

I laughed out loud! "My Dad has sold these vacuums all his life!" at that point we exchanged funny stories and then he essentially begged me to come to the sales meeting the next day to share my stories. I laughed again and said "what's in it for me?" He smiled but, of course, had no answer. I then said to him "Thank you but I have no interest in being a door to door vacuum salesman" and excused myself to go to another interview I had scheduled across town.

Interview #3:This one also called within 10 minutes after I submitted my resume and set up an interview at my convenience. So I headed to this next interview. I was still giggling inside about the funny coincidence that I had interviewed with the same company my dad sold vacuums for my entire childhood. I walked into the office that smelled strongly of cheap perfume. A young woman with hideously applied red lipstick greeted me and asked me to fill out the usual paperwork. When I stepped into the office she asked about my past work history and then mentioned something vague about the product their company sells. I then stopped her in her tracks and asked what the product was. "Well" she said, "we sell _____ vacuums"

"OMG!" it was the same company just a different sales manager's office. I could not believe I ended up in the same situation 30 miles across town. These people are sneaky. I asked her "why don't you just advertise who you actually are so people know what they are interviewing for?" Then I realized, no person actually wants to be a vacuum salesman. They have to be tricked into it. Well there is no tricking me. I used to go on sales calls with my dad and I knew it was not for me. I thanked her for her time and politely left with my resume in hand.

Stuart Knows About Vacuum Salesman

“I want to be a vacuum salesman

when I grow up”

Nobody says this as a child!

Some things to help a good job search

no really I want to know?

Did You Want To Be A Salesman Growing up?

See results

How to Tell if a Job is a Scam

Read this Very informative article at

I read this article and learned a lot. check it out. How to tell if a job is a scam

I Know...You are asking yourself, Who is this crazy redhead anyway?

All about me

As I said in my Bio, I am so many things. I thought for a long time that I had to pick one thing and stick to it; that I had to be defined by one single aspect. But I had such a hard time defining what that aspect was that it has taken me 41 years to realize that I can be all those parts of me at once. One day I am a dancer, the next I am a singer. At times I feel words flow through me and I become a poet. Other times I am so silly that the comic in me just spills out. Choices Have made me a mother and only my children can judge if I was a good one or not. Life experience has made me a mentor and teacher but I am forever a student. Check out my lens on How Conjuring Crystal was conjured up


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