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Construction Consulting

Updated on January 11, 2019
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Consulting Sam loves to help construction contractors get through their issues. Not only am I here to help but you can find more at our site

Construction Consulting Can Be a Tricky Subject

I want to touch on subject regarding contracting and construction management, both in the Government and Commercial Contracting arenas, domestic and international. The more we post the more we'll dive into this.

There are many pitfalls that may await you when dealing with government contracted jobs and large commercial projects.

That's why it's good to have a consultant like Excell Consulting for example on hand or at the ready for when something goes wrong. And, if you do a lot of these types of projects you know exactly what I'm talking about.

A consultant can help with things like:

  • Contract Management & Administration

  • Government Contract Management & Claims

  • Termination for Convenience Proposal Issues

  • REA Preparation – Request for Equitable Adjustment

  • Subcontractor Claims

  • Value Engineering Change Proposals -VECPs

  • Construction Contract Issues and Claims

  • Negotiation, Litigation, Arbitration & Trial Support

but that's not the only reason I wanted to create this hub. It will be intended to help people find some answers which could finally lead to getting a consultant.

Contract disputes can be a maze.

Where you wake up in it and don't even realize that you are in a maze until it's too late. Then you and probably your company are left having to deal with this overarching issue. Something like contract disputes are not something you want hanging over you.

There are also things like Requests for Equitable Adjustments. As an example Excel uses a graphics-oriented methodology that has bee proven effective in the preparation of a settlement. typically this is something that does require a consultant but it's better to know at this point than later down the line.

Things like:

  • Defective Specifications
  • Defective Contract Documents
  • Incomplete/Incorrect Design Drawings
  • Differing Site Conditions
  • Delay, Disruption, Ripple Effect
  • Maladministration
  • Purchase Order / Pricing Disputes
  • Liquidated Damages

Can cause havoc to rain on your current project and can color how people who may partner with you in the future to view your performance.

There is also negotiations, litigation, arbitration, & trial support to consider.

Consultants can support these processes to make it easier for project heads to deal with.

Regarding this subject:

  • construction and contract issues
  • claims issues
  • cost engineering
  • schedule engineering
  • quality control matters

These are all things that can be a big help from a consulting agency.

Construction Consultants
Construction Consultants

How these types of situations arise:

When you are working at a commercial or government contracted project, there are some issues that can arise. Things can happen that make commercially contracted jobs run into big problems or a Termination for The Convenience of Government can happen and throw a wrench in and entire project. This can often times leave a contractor with the bill.

Support Through The Entire Project

Not only is it good to have a consultant on hand during the times where you have issues, it's also good when you are in the process of signing on, working through, and finalizing the project. The last thing you want to have happen when you have so many workers that rely on a job is to have problems arise during a project.

Not only is it nice to have a consultant take care of this, it can take off a lot of strain on your and your team. Not to mention save you money in the long run by being able to avoid simple issues that consultants have dealt with MANY times in the past. Consultants can be like a windfall. You don't know you need them until you do and then they are like having an extra amount of insurance on the project.

General Construction Consulting Services

When the government steps in and cancels a contract or you are simply just in need of advice on what to do in this kind of situation, a consultant can be a great thing to have. The more we post the more we'll dive into things that can help you and how we can help if that doesn't go far enough.

Even though there are answers out there often times big contracting groups do not have the time to handle all the things a consulting firm can do for them. This is why it's so important that this type of service exist. Again, it's a lot like insurance. You are paying someone to take the brunt of the work so that you don't have to.

This is not even mentioning what you and your company can learn from having a consulting agency around to help with this type of thing. You can also instill trust in your workers and crews. They will know that if anything were to possibly go wrong, there is another fail safe in place and ready to be deployed and help them and their work family.


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