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Contractors Insurance San Diego

Updated on November 13, 2013

California Construction Insurance Agent

The recession has taken its toll on many lives in America. This has led to companies axing their employees. These employees have turned to more of a freelance contractor and have since then worked and lived from hand to mouth. It is important that these contractors understand that now that they are not working for someone and are independent freelance contractors, they are exposed to certain risks which were previously dealt by their companies' workers compensation insurance. The risk not only endangers their work ethic and information property, but also challenges their career on the whole. If not taken care of in the early stages, it can even fuel the termination of contracts and filing of a law suit against these individual contractors who may not have enough to deal with the legal cases against them. Such is the demand and high complexity of individual contractor's scenario, that some fail to understand the risks involved in it.

Don't let the liabilities that may be right around the corner hurt the financial position of your company. There are many ways, through a good insurance policy, to protect your self against. Many don't consider the value that their property, in this case your capital equipment plays in making you money. What would happen if that equipment was damaged or destroyed? Is it covered? For a fraction of it's value you could get it insured so that if something happens to it, your not worrying about where the money is coming from to repair it and you can get back up and running quickly.

California Contractors Insurance
California Contractors Insurance

California Contractors Insurance

To ensure the safety of these individual contractors, one should make all necessary provisions to safeguard their rights and properties from the evil doers of the corporate world. Naturally some of the contractors may see off little to no damage on their own, others cannot deal with the ongoing events and fail miserably at the hands of high pressure work load. The Contractors Insurance is one such insurance policy which strengthens the case of individual contractors and ensures that their rights are cohesively protected and nurtured under the working scheme.

Some of the most common coverage that contractors insurance entitles to have are

-Professional indemnity - which provides coverage plans against dishonesty and breaching of intellectual property. It also culminates the loss of data and other such claims which can jeopardize the career of a freelance contractor.

-Employers liability - covers up for any injury that you may get involved in while at work. By the book of law, all contractors must have this insurance policy even of they are the only people working in the company.

-Public liability - covers for third party claims. It helps you in coverage of unintentional property damage on site at other client's property.

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Contractors Bonding and Insurance Company

Contractors Insurance for California Businesses

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