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Converting Domain Names to IP Addresses: Is this Really Possible?

Updated on October 24, 2012

We are all aware that as both the number of people who need domain names and services increase; there have been a few changes in the industry as a result. This is apparent by the fact that there are a lot of people who are looking for possible ways that will tremendously help them in acquiring their own domain names.

These days a lot of people are buying, selling and reselling domain names. Some of them are even looking into ways to convert their domains to an IP address. Is it really possible to convert domain names to IP addresses? Amazingly, many people are not even really aware that this is a possibility. This hub today informs you about how to change a domain name to an IP address.

When it comes to converting a domain name to an IP address, the DNS (domain name system) is very important during this time. The DNS is a very influential tool that was created to provide a large part to converting a domain name to an IP address.

The number one goal of the DNS is that it manages most things when it comes to converting a domain name to IP address. When the DNS is converting a domain name, the IP or the internet protocol address is a 32 bit integer. When you want to forward a message, you must put in the destination address.

However, as a result of numerous changes that are taking place in the domain name industry, a lot of users would rather have machines assign domain names that are simple to remember. This is where the DNS comes into place. In addition to converting the domain name to IP address, the DNS also provides independence from seeing the actual location of the host. When it comes to the host, it is said that it can be routed to a different network when the users are still capable of using the same name.

During the process of converting a domain name to an IP address, it is known that the DNS is a database that is distributed by the TCP/IP applications to map out a domain name to the IP address. In addition to this, the DNS has the goal of providing info for email routes. So, when the domain name is converted, the clients and servers have the ability to talk to one another.

The process of converting a domain to IP address allows the system to access the DNS via resolver. The resolver then gets the domain name and goes back to the IP address or gets the IP address and looks for the domain name. When the domain name is converted to an IP address, this consists of the TCP's ability to operate and open a URL or send a datagram via the UDRP. It is then understood that all is manageable when a domain name is converted to an IP address.


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