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Crack Filling Equipment: How To Choose The Right Machines For Your Crack Repair Jobs

Updated on August 23, 2012

Professional Machines For Professional Results

Crack filling equipment can make all the difference in getting a professional crack repair result that will last. The question is; how do you know which machines to choose for your crack filling business? It is easy to choose, once break it down into the stages of the work; prepping the damaged asphalt, melting the hot pour, and applying the crack filler.

Prepping The Damaged Asphalt

Step one for any job is the prep work. When it comes to fractures in the pavement you need to:

1. Remove all loose debris - This includes loose chunks of asphalt, especially on the edges, all weeds and grass with roots, and any garbage.

2. Kill all plant life - if you're unable to remove plant roots, you must kill them or risk the crack repair being wrecked by the plants regrowing in no time

3. Repair the foundation - this is simply adding sand to replace any erosion of the foundation

Heat Lance Crack Cleaning System
Heat Lance Crack Cleaning System

Prepping Machines

Crack filling equipment includes machines that can take your crack filling business to a faster and more productive level.

Gas Blower - You likely already have one, and they are an excellent way to clear out debris from fractures, and to make sure the area is dry and ready for filler.

Crack Cleaning Machine - Using this as part of your crack filling equipment has a major advantage over the blower; the wire wheel will make quick work of any plant material growing in the fissure.

Heat Lance Crack Cleaning System - This machine is awesome for any crack filling business that wants productive crack repair preparation. It will clean, dry, etch, blow out, and remove vegetation and debris quickly and thoroughly. The big benefit is with the amount of heat used, you can extend your season for this type of work.

The choices you make here determine how quickly and profitably you can do crack repair. All of this crack filling equipment saves you time on the job. A careful worker can do all of these things simply with a screwdriver, garden hose to spray out the fracture, vinegar for weed killer, and allowing the area to dry in the sun, but that adds significantly to your waiting time.

30 Gallon Melter
30 Gallon Melter

Melting The Hot Pour Rubberized Filler

Any home owner can use cold pour to fill small fissures; it takes a crack filling business with the right machinery to melt hot pour. This is what separates the men from the boys.

Size Options - There are two things to consider for the size of your melter. First, check the size you need to complete all the crack repairs on the job site, and second, check to see if the crack filling equipment fits on your truck. A 30 gallon melter suits a crack filling business that works on large areas like parking lots. A 10 gallon size is more appropriate for taking to do home driveways.

Two-In-One Melter Applicator
Two-In-One Melter Applicator

Applying The Crack Filler

Once the hot pour is heated, there must be a way to fill the fractures, and that's where the applicator comes in. Your crack filling equipment can be as simple as a pour pot all the way up to an all-in-one melter applicator, and everything in between. Frankly, this is the machinery that makes the most difference to the profitability of your crack filling business. A pour pot is useful, and effective, but the disadvantages are that it has no way to keep the hot pour hot, and it requires you to smooth the crack repair with a squeegee after. If you choose to take the middle ground between the two, get a walk-behind crack bander rather than one you pull. This style of crack filling equipment allows you to work twice as fast, and will have a scraper that smoothes the crack repair as you walk.

If you're serious about success in the crack filling business, the melter applicator is your best bet. That way, if you're interrupted during the work, you don't have to worry about the hot pour getting cold.

Did You Know?

Finishing the filled cracks with sand will help make the repair more durable and will allow blacktop sealer to adhere? A Sandliner is a great tool to add to your tool roster for even coverage every time.

This Crack Needs Filling!
This Crack Needs Filling!

Now You Can Choose The Right Machines For The Job

Now you know exactly what machinery you need for your crack filling business. Whether it's prepping the damaged asphalt by hand or with a heat lance, or using the gas blower you already have. Having a way to heat the hot pour for crack repair is absolutely essential and sets you apart from a DIY'er. Finally, having an applicator that works for you productively and profitably will complete your stable of crack filling equipment.

Want To Know More, Just Ask! - Comments Are Welcome Too!

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