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Placing Ads on Craigslist Correctly

Updated on April 11, 2015

If used correctly, Craigslist can be a very powerful sales tools

Craigslist is the leader in online advertising, but increased use of spam advertising has made the company tighten its security requirements.And when it comes to placing ads on craigslist it has become a of science sorts. This is even more true if you are trying to promote a business or affiliate program. Simple things can often make big differences when placing ads. Here are a few tips to correctly placing ads on craigslist, getting them noticed and more importantly not getting them flagged or ghosted.

1.) Your ads title should be eyecatching butdon't use too many special characters in titles. This tends to annoy, and annoying will get you flagged

2.)Always try to keep your ad content original. Don’t get lazy and copy and paste the same ad on over and over again.

3.) You don’t need to post a photograph, but you’re going be more successful with certain items if you do.

4.)Avoid HTML unless you are posting under the services section. Plain text ads increase the possibility of going live.

5.) Avoid using blacklisted keywords. Criagslist has a long list of blacklisted keywords for each category. For example: "instant cash" may be a blacklisted keyword phrase for "financial services" category but not for "small biz" category. Study the posted ads under your intended category before you start writing your ads and try to identify the blacklisted keywords for that category.

6.) Different Ad Descriptions: You need to change the ad description each time to avoid "similar posting" error and auto deletion (popularly known as "ghosting").

7.) Don't post too many ads at a time. Give some time gap between each batch of postings.

8.) Select your posting category properly. Postings on wrong categories are flagged and ghosted so quickly. This is very important.

9.) Make your ads more natural looking. Too much commercial looking ads may be flagged so frequently unless you are posting under "services offered" category.

10.) Keep your description as short as possible. Nobody reads a long ad. How short the ads on newspaper? So don't write an easy, rather keep it short and simple.

11.)Do not post too many ads from one IP address.

12.) Finally, don't spam on craigslist mercilessly. Don't try to grab all money out of craigslist for yourself. There are others who need money like you. So leave some room for other people too. Making enemies on craigslist is a sure fire way to get your ads flagged!


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