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create a free email with a domain name

Updated on October 25, 2011


Create a free email.

If you are planning on buying your own domain name and setting up your website then you will also need your own hosting company that hosts your website. For some domain name providers they will charge you extra for setting up your own email address, and sometimes even charge you a monthly subscription charge.

However if you use host gator as your hosting provider, then you can easily use the cpanel features to provide you with unlimited email address names.

The way you can do this is easy. You will obviously first have to register your own domain, and then point it to your hostgator server.
You then have to select addon domain from your cpanel. Setup your addon to be the name of your domain. This means that you now have access to use your domain name as an email.

You then have to go to the main cpanel page again, and this time select email accounts.Once you are in this section, you will see a drop down menu that shows your addon domains that are in your package. All you need to do is fill in the blank box to be what you want for your email address. This can be sales@ or admin@ whatever you want.

You have to setup your password, and also choose the size of the mailbox. Once you have done this then you will have your own email. You have to obviously pay the monthly hosting fee, however there is no charge for the email.

Forwarding your free email to your yahoo, gmail, or hotmail.

If you want to then forward your email to your main email address like hotmail, or gmail, then you will have to access your email from the cpanel, and select the webmail option. This gives you the choice to read the email you are receiving in a variety of email boxes. There will be an option at the bottom though to setup forwarding options. This is where your primary email address should be entered.

Now that you have that setup, all your emails will be sent directly to that email, however you will have to understand that any emails you respond to will be coming from your main email address. If you want the responses to be direct from your domain email address then you will have to log into the email web access, or have a program like outlook or Thunderbird handle multiple pop3 email address.


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      Dave 5 years ago

      Thanks a lot for the nice post on create a free email with a domain name. This is very helpful for a newbie like me.