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7 Creative Gala Dinner Venues for Your Next Event

Updated on October 9, 2013

Careful planning and preparation must go into each gala dinner in order to ensure success. Creating an environment that is both stimulating and inviting will make for a better overall atmosphere and produce an experience that will stay in the minds of guests for years to come. One of the most important aspects of the planning process includes finding the perfect venue for your affair. Here are some unusual gala dinner venues that may be a great accent to your next event.

Museum – A good place to take in the sights and sounds, a museum is a great venue and way to complement your event. Whether it is art related or any special occasion, the allure of a museum can attract a variety of guests. The existing exhibits within the museum offer a great ambiance and the ideal theme to coordinate your gala dinner around. Often the focal point of a city, this venue also offers a variety of other attractions and options to help successfully plan your event. Part of making a fundraising event successful lies in finding a venue that people feel comfortable in and one that highlights creativity and professionalism. Museums are both artistic and professional and could provide a choice venue for your next event.

Stadium/Arena – This may seem like a large venue for a gala affair, but by purchasing suites or private rooms, the size becomes much more manageable. One or more of these smaller areas of the stadium allow you to invite guests to a special event while still having an area to meet and greet. Many of these special rooms also have dinner and drink options that may be a great alternative to having your event catered. The main appeal of the stadium or arena is of course the even taking place. Sports fans will be able to see the event during your gala affair, which allows for a venue that already includes entertainment.

Update: Excellent suggestion from commenter clarkbartron - Check to see if they offer team building exercises or special events for their off season. Not only will the meeting be productive, you'll bring together the group in a fun way that is sure to break the ice!

Music Venue – A musical event is a great form of entertainment and can provide an opportunity to enhance your gala dinner. Music and dancing is a common form of entertainment associated with these events and this gala dinner venue offers its own form of entertainment. Speak with organizers beforehand and see if it is possible to reserve your own section at the venue and also whether or not food and drink is permitted at the location. Although there are many options when it comes to choosing a music venue, it may be best to choose a ballroom or orchestra hall in order to maintain a professional environment.

Yacht or Ferry Boat – A gala venue that inspires adventure and relaxation, a boat is a unique way to spend an evening. Many areas have space on yachts or ferries at night and offer short cruises. Depending on the length of the trip, there are a few possibilities for gala events making this an entertaining venue. In some cases, a weekend cruise may also be an option as business meets pleasure and a variety of destinations. Stage your event on the boat itself or hold your function at one of the stops during the cruise to ensure the presence of each guest aboard.

Nightclub – Music, drinks, dancing, and other various events make a nightclub a unique venue for more edgy affairs. Upscale venues often have private rooms available for such events as well as possibilities for ordering food and drink. The ambiance of these places makes them the perfect place for certain forms of entertainment and the availability of privacy offers a quiet place to conduct business before letting loose.

Restaurant – Always great choice for a unique experience, restaurants offer a ready-made food menu as well as live music to keep your guests entertained. Like many of these gala venues, private areas may be available and can be decorated to fit the style of your event. No matter which type of food you are looking to serve, an upscale establishment can be found in most cities giving you a great deal of planning options. In addition to more traditional restaurants, specialty places offer an even more unique experience and exotic food and drink choices.

Specialty Venues – In addition to these many unusual gala dinner venues, there are a large number of sites and companies that have a number of their own unique party rooms. Ranging from castles to lavishly decorated conference rooms, these companies allow reservations and lists of their own specialty gala dinner venues. Many of these venues offer an environment unlike any other and can only be found through special planning. These areas generally allow for a unique area that can also be enhanced with your own decorative touch. A quick web search will turn up a list of companies and unique venues that can be rented for your next event.

Successful events revolve around careful preparation and creating a memorable environment. Unique gala dinner venues offer their own charm and make it easier to plan events around. Many of these venues have food, entertainment, and decorations included which can take some pressure away from the planning process. Your guests will notice your creativity as your gala event shines above the rest at a memorable location.

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    • Jim Strutzin profile image

      Jim Strutzin 5 years ago

      Excellent suggestion @clarkbartro. I've updated the article!

    • clarkbartron profile image

      clarkbartron 5 years ago from Washington State, USA

      Fantastic article - I have not thought of using a museum for a venue. You might want to add that if you are considering using a sports venue for your next meeting, check to see if they offer team building exercises or special events for their off season. Not only will the meeting be productive, you'll bring together the group in a fun way that is sure to break the ice!