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Extremely Creative Business Cards

Updated on February 26, 2012

A wonderful tool.

Running a business? Or planning to start one? Then I'm sure you must have prepared your business cards. But if not, then you should definitely look at the ones below. Inspire yourself and create business cards that would really surprise people. You know, business cards can be a real booster for your business because it is the initial marketing step. A well designed business card will create a good "first impression" and draw customers. One does injustice to his/her business if millions are spent on establishing a business but the business cards are left plain white. So change the old trend and open doors for creativity.

36 Brilliant examples of Colorful Business Cards There are some amazingly creative cards here. The colors are so beautiful, you just want to look at them. And if you love colors, you are definitely going to love this stuff. I'd suggest such designs for people who are into Fashion and Graphic design business. Check some of them below.

Floral Vector Motifs (Dover Electronic Clip Art)
Floral Vector Motifs (Dover Electronic Clip Art)

In this high-utility collection, 304 attractive floral vector motifs feature a variety of design styles, from Art Nouveau to Arts & Crafts. Using the application program included, designers and crafters can increase the size of the images without limits, plus add color, patterns, or textures, and manipulate the graphics.

Business Cards: The Art of Saying Hello
Business Cards: The Art of Saying Hello

Over 300 cards are grouped into sections reflecting different design approaches: Typography, Photography, Materials, Illustration and Found Objects. Proving just how inventive you can be with a limited space, this book is a rich source of ideas and inspiration both for designers and anyone wishing to make a statement with their business card.


What makes a successful Business Card?

A professional business card should be designed to attract and acquire new customers to your product or services. Not only is it an advertisement, a networking and lead-generating tool, it is a visual representation of you and your business. The bottom line is if it is not bringing you business and presenting a professional image of you and your company, it is not working.

From Creative Business

The Best of the Best of Business Card Design
The Best of the Best of Business Card Design

In The Best of the Best of Business Card Design, readers will find hundreds of unique and memorable designs for every type of client, and in a broad range of colors, styles, and shapes. Filled with inspiration for designers and their clients around the world, this creative resource shows how any individual or business can make a tiny space speak volumes about who they are, and what they do.


28 Smoking Hot Letterpress Business Cards These are for very serious professionals who want to make a style statement. The cards on this site have sophisticated colors and very classy designs. Below are a few examples.

The Best of Business Card Design 9
The Best of Business Card Design 9

Features an innovative collection of the most current and best work by top designers worldwide.


21 uniquely designed Business Cards These cards really are very unique. I'm surprised to see the ideas people can come up with. Every card is different than the other. Below are two of them.


Create a molten Chocolate Business Card in Photoshop.

Beautiful Business Card Designs Two of them below are my favorites. I've never seen round business cards or that fun orange shade. This site has designs for all people.

Premium Business Cards for Creative Jobs These cards are specially for people in the fields of graphic design and print media. But i think people who have their own hip and trendy clothing stores can use these as well.

There's always more

And finally...

What makes a business card effective?

Is it originality? Legibility? Simplicity?

Perhaps it's how your card prompts the recipient into contacting you. A clean, uncluttered design shows that you care about appearance and immediately sends out a professional vibe.

First and foremost, your card must clearly show your contact details. That's the number one priority. Even if your card is poorly designed, it must allow people to contact you. Kind of a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised how many cards hide the contact info away behind some over-indulged color scheme or illegible typeface.

Size deserves a mention. If your card doesn't fit into a holder or wallet it's not likely to be kept close-at-hand.

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      I enjoyed reading through your posting. I need to say that it was the 1st article on your blog I genuinely enjoyed and in which I had a feeling of agreement, know what I mean? In any case, keep the posting and Iâll be back once again.

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      How interesting!

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      Thankx for sharing this lens.

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      Slackira Rocks !

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      John Norman Stewart 6 years ago from Cottonwood, CA

      LYL......Love your lens!

    • WildFacesGallery profile image

      Mona 6 years ago from Iowa

      I love the design and concept on many of these cards. As a gallery owner and artist I hand out around 1000 cards a year. Definitely good to have a memorable card that makes a statement.

    • profile image

      Tempus 6 years ago

      Love the lens and some of the cards. Have you seen those plastic (credit card type) cards? A local garage gave me one as an ice scraper for the car. In the winter it stays in my wallet all the time - it's surprisingly effective as an advert and as a scraper.

    • aerome profile image

      aerome 7 years ago

      Great lens! Great ideas!