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More info on the cost to start a Cricket franchise with this lens.

Updated on August 6, 2014

What are my costs to open up a Cricket franchise?

If you've been looking for Cricket franchise cost details so you can open your very own Cricket wireless franchise in your local area then this lens may be right up your alley! Cricket Wireless is a popular prepaid wireless service provider in key markets around the country, and their prepaid wireless plans are popular with many people in those areas.

If you live in one of these areas you have probably seen the growth of Cricket Wireless stores around town and no doubt would like to claim your "piece of the pie". Now with Cricket's recent acquisition by AT&T, all of the latest smartphones and tablets will be coming to a Cricket store near you. Unless you are the store that is!

What are the cost requirements for this Cricket Wireless franchise store?

Pretty standard stuff.

$80,000-$100,000 cash up front

$25,000 additional cash reserve

Must have commercial location

Minimum production quotas

Multiple locations required

Detailed business plan

3 store minimum requirement

As you can see, requirements to get approved are quite stringent and not for everyone. How about this viable alternative....

Here's an alternative....

The Cricket Wireless processing solution

There exists a system out there that allows would be wireless dealers the opportunity to sell Cricket GSM products. This system is easy to get your hands on and does not require ridiculous cash requirements. SImply put up a non refundable cash deposit which sets up credit line for these Cricket GSM products and you can start processing Cricket in just a few days.

The acquisition by AT&T.

And what this means for you.

AT&T has officially completed the buyout of Cricket Wireless as of early 2014, and the result of this is a nationwide expansion project. Cricket Wireless, until this buyout, was only a regional player, but since they are now on the AT&T network, an expected "AT&T Gold Rush" is expected to occur. All of the best merchandise is coming to Cricket Wireless, and those who understand what that means for the bottom line are lining up to be dealers in literally any given market.

Visit our website

Visit the site to learn more about it and leave your information for more information via email.

Check out my Youtube channel - Click on the link below.

Check out some of our videos on Youtube by visiting the link above. Don't ask me about the Kung Fu Rabbit theme, I just love that thing. And I love wireless. So I combined the two and WALLAH :)

Cricket Wireless promotional flags for sale! - Courtesy of our Cricket Wireless flag people.

Cricket Wireless promotional flags for sale. If you are an existing retailer and want to add Cricket Wireless products to your store you need a few of these! Buy a green and a black one for maximum display coverage.


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