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How to apply for Commonwealth Commission (CSC), UK GOV Fellowship for Mid career Professionals, 2012

Updated on April 22, 2015

Fellowship Opportunities For Mid Career Professionals

CSCUK Fellowship for Mid careers professionals 2012 For developing Countries

The Commonwealth Commission, United Kingdom used to announced the details for Commonwealth Commissioner Fellowships for mid-career professionals every year.

Eligibility Criteria

A citizen of developing Commonwealth country is eligible for this fellowship. Developing countries include India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Malaysia. List of developing commonwealth countries can be obtained from this link

Last date for submitting the applications for Commonwealth Commission Fellowship (CSCUK is 31st December, every year. However, one cannot apply directly to the Commonwealth Commission, UK (CSCUK) for this purpose. First, one has to arrange for a secondment/placement in a UK organization, which should be duly registered with the CSCUK. This means the prospective applicant first approach to an organization duly registered with CSCUK and if they agree to allow placement/secondment in their organization, one can apply to CSCUK for CSCUK Fellowship Program for mid-career professionals of developing commonwealth countries. After your confirmation of placement in the Host Organization in UK duly registered with CSCUK you may apply to the CSCUK for mid-career professional fellowship. No list of organizations listed/registered with CSCUK is available on their website. The host organization is required to set-up a detailed program including timelines regarding stay of the prospective fellowship holders in the host Organization. Duration of the program should range from 1 to 6 months. However, the Host Organization is required to give justification if the program is for more than 3 months. Such programs should be in the field of agriculture/fisheries/forestry, economic growth, education, engineering/science/technology, environment, governance, and public health. Maximum number of fellows a single organization can hold is six. This program includes attending short courses and or conferences as well as visiting other organizations, other than host organization.

Eligibility of the fellows:-

1. Must be a citizen and permanent resident of developing commonwealth countries.

2. Must have minimum five years experience in the relevant field.

3. There is no age limit.

4. The fellowship cost includes living and traveling expenses to UK.

5. The candidate has to prove that the programme should have positive impact in the development of his country.

Further details about CSCUK fellowship program for mid-career professionals, 2012 can be obtained from the prospectus available at

Selection criteria for mid-career fellowship 2012 is available at

After completion of all the process e.g. registration with the host organization and approval of program from the CSCUK, the prospective fellows will be asked to apply through online portal. Regarding making your application detailed information is available at:

CSCUK offers generous opportunity for the mid-career professionals of developing commonwealth countries to improve their professional expertise without incurring any cost.


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