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How To Write A CV - The Personal Profile

Updated on January 19, 2017

Personal Profiles And Identifying Skills And Experience

Personal profiles can be a tricky area of creating a CV, mainly due to peoples own modesty and possible lack of confidence, when it comes to selling their own personal employment goals and overall skills and experience gained from their working and home life to a future employer.

What most people do not realise is that even if you have been in full time education, been a housewife or househusband for years or just looking to change the type of job you are mainly experienced in, there are a whole range of skills and experience that are obtained in every day life that we all take for granted that can be used to sell yourself to a future employer in the personal profile part of your CV.

Looking At Your Own Life Skills And Experiences

Let's look at something simple like doing the weekly shop which displays quite a few skills than can be useful when employed in a job:

How you open cupboards and check for what you need and make a shopping list for the next time you go shopping

Shows useful skills that can be used in a shop, office or warehouse job, for example when requiring to go round a storeroom and check what items are running low and need to be ordered and writing down a list of these items.

How you read from the shopping list and go round checking prices and putting the items in a shopping trolley

Shows useful skills that can be used in a warehouse job, for example when requiring to order pick items from a warehouse reading from an invoice and placing the items on to a pallet truck. Its also displays valuable sales skills in the way you compare prices of different items and make purchases which don't make you go over the set weekly budget.

How you place items from your shopping trolley on to the checkout counter and pay for the items

Shows useful skills that can be used in a warehouse job, for example when requiring to place items on to a conveyor belt or organising items in a stockroom so easily damaged lighter items are not damaged by heavier items. It also displays useful maths and money skills such as petty cash handling, which can be useful in many types of job.

Thinking about what skills and experiences you have outside work can really help strengthen your personal profile

These skills and experience we gain in every day life can seem quite simple and not very impressive to any future employer, but if you are struggling to create a personal profile on your CV because of a lack of relevant work experience then looking at the daily activities or hobbies you have done or are currently doing, can help you gain a valuable idea of the sort of skills and experience you can personally bring to any future job your apply for and include them in your personal profile.

Using The Correct Wording While Writing The Personal Profile

The next part to focus on, after looking at and discovering your own personal skills and experience, is to write three descriptive sentences which you think are relevant to the job you are applying for and wish to include in your personal profile.

Getting this wording correct is the most important part of any CV you create, and can be the number one reason why an employer will read the rest of your CV and possibly invite you to an interview. On average an employer takes between 15 and 30 seconds to read each CV, so making a quick and noticeable impression is highly important.

There is no magic formula to writing the perfect personal profile but there are still some rules you should follow

There are many different ways of writing personal profiles, and you are not restricted to just one way of actually wording your sentences, the personal profile is exactly what it is 'personal' and being happy with the wording and what you include in the sentences, is just as important to yourself as any future employer.

You should aim to use no more than 50 words, making each sentence a good example of your relevant skills and abilities that are needed in the job you are applying for. Always make sure to include phrases in your sentences that show how you are going to fit in and help the business you are wishing to gain employment in.

Don't make the mistake of making your statement just an advertisement of what you have done, what you are wishing to do, or why you are applying for the advertised job, that is what your education and work history sections of your CV are for.

Take your time over the personal profile as this is the very first paragraphs your potential employer will read on your CV

You will no doubt spend the longest amount of time with the personal profile when creating your CV, and will probably change the personal profile several times before you are truly happy with how it is worded. It is often best to let someone else have a look at your personal profile to see if there is anything you have missed, and give you some feedback on whether you should improve or add something different.

How To Properly Construct A Personal Profile

Each personal profile should be tailored to the actual job and company you are applying for and it is not uncommon to have several different versions of your CV made, so that you can apply for a wide range of different types of jobs and therefore improve your chances of gaining interviews and hopefully employment.

Constructing The Opening Sentence Of Your Personal Profile

The first sentence in your personal profile should ideally be an introduction to the amount of relevant work experience you have had in current or past employment, and include positive buzzwords about yourself that are relevant to how you have been while being employed in such a job.

Example One:

You have been working in a bank for 21 years; you always turned up for work on time and never ever had any unnecessary days away from work.

Your opening sentence in the personal profile could be as follows:

"I am a punctual and dedicated individual, who has had over 20 years experience of working in a financial institution."


"I have over 20 years of experience working in a banking establishment, where I displayed a reliable and dedicated approach to employment."

Example Two:

You have been working in a nursing home for 3 years; you cared for elderly people and had to talk with patients, family members and care professionals every single day.

Your opening sentence in the personal profile could be as follows:

"I am a caring person with excellent communication skills, who has worked in a health care environment for over three years."


"I have three years experience of working in a busy health care department, where I demonstrated excellent interpersonal skills and a caring nature towards patients."

Constructing The Second Sentence Of Your Personal Profile

The second sentence should ideally demonstrate actual skills and experience, which are relevant to the job being applied for.

Example One:

The job being applied for needs someone who has good experience of using different Microsoft Office software and the ability to talk to suppliers over the phone.

The second sentence in the personal profile could be as follows:

"I am computer literate and fully competent in using all of the Microsoft Office software and have an excellent telephone manner."


"I have experience of liaising with suppliers over the phone, and have used Microsoft Office when using any correspondence needed in my daily office duties."

Example Two:

The job being applied for needs someone who knows how to use a shop till, and how to comfortably help customers with any enquiries or problems they may have.

The second sentence in the personal profile could be as follows:

"I have experience of working on a shop counter, where I served and helped customers and also used a shop till."


"I have experience of serving customers using a shop till, and can demonstrate excellent customer service skills."

Constructing The Final Sentence Of Your Personal Profile

The final sentence in the personal profile should ideally show what you are looking for and where you would like to be in the future regarding employment.

Example One:

You want to gain more experience of working in an office environment and further develop your current office skills.

The third sentence in the personal profile could be as follows:

"I am currently looking to further develop my existing office skills and gain more valuable office experience so I can reach my full potential."


"I have excellent computer and office skills and would like the opportunity to gain further administrative experience and develop my current office and computer skills."

Example Two:

You want to gain more experience of working in a clothes retailers, and have already started studying a retail course in the evenings at college.

The third sentence in the personal profile could be as follows:

"I am currently looking to gain more experience working in a clothing retailers, and have already started a retail qualification to further improve my current skills."


"I am currently embarked on a retail training course at evening college, and would like the opportunity of gaining valuable experience in a retail environment."

Buzzwords Are Key To Writing Good Personal Profiles

Notice how you describe your own personal attitude towards a job you have been employed in, with one buzzword.

Such as:

Punctual: which is a buzzword for someone who always makes sure they arrive at work on time and are a very reliable employee

Dedicated: which is a buzzword for someone who has spent many years working in a particular job type or a person who never has lots of days off due to illness or personal commitments.

Communication: which is a buzzword for someone who has lots of experience speaking to people either face to face or discussing information over the phone and even via email and typed or written letters.

Interpersonal: which is a buzzword for someone who has lots of experience speaking to people of all levels and can form close personal working relationships with others.

Try To Be Unique With Your Personal Profile

These are just a few examples of the sorts of sentences you can include within your personal profile when constructing that all important first paragraph on your Curriculum Vitae. As you can see you are not just limited to one way of describing your own personal skills or experiences with the specific job you are applying for.

There are many variations when it comes to constructing the personal profile on your CV and I personally would recommend being unique with the way your write your sentences when producing your own personal profile.

Think about it! Some employers probably see thousands of CV's everyday and no doubt see the same old boring generic profiles. The key to getting our CV noticed and avoid that waste paper bin is to be unique and stand out above the rest.

Creating a personal profile that is unique and that injects a bit of personality about you could work wonders with your next potential employer. Making a good impression and making the employer select you for an interview is what producing CV's is all about.

So. Get out there and make the right IMPRESSION

In The Reception

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Nice lens on CV and resumes

    • GrtHtsCoaching profile image


      5 years ago

      Good information! I particularly agree with your assessment about people's lack of confidence. As a career coach, I often see people struggling to recognize or embrace their own strengths. This is such a powerful piece of the job search process.


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