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1DaySale And The Ultimate Bargain Guide

Updated on July 15, 2013

Find The Best 1DaySale, Daily Steals And Bargain Sites

Your inside source to the biggest 1DaySale deals. Everyone is looking to save money and bargain, daily steals and closeout websites are the way many shoppers do it. This is one of the largest resources for links and tips to help you save money. If you like to save money then you're going to love this article.

Lots of people have made bargain hunting and saving cash a way of life. Some people even lovingly use the term bargainomics to describe the art of finding and scoring on bargain and 1 day sales.

Because of this trend, there are now many sites which scour the web daily for the greatest deals and offers direct links to them for their readers. I frequent many of these every day myself and have been fortunate to land some pretty sweet deals. In fact, now whenever I'm planning on making a major purchase, such as an appliance, electronics, or even backpacking gear, I set up alerts (or watch lists) with some of these sites and they alert me whenever there is a sale or bargain for the search term I entered. Below we'll take a look at some of these bargain 1DaySale sites and the ways you can use them (and some other tricks, tips and ideas) to help you land some daily steals yourself.

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Image via Creative Commons - Tax Credits

If you only visit one new deal site today, make it Slick Deals... their free deal and price alerts, the active community, its simply amazing and my Go-To site!

Image via Creative Commons - Ayhan Yildiz

Saving money by scouring the online websites dedicated to daily deals and coupons is a way of life for many people, and I've done pretty well myself over the years saving lots of money. Some people are opportunists who snatch a good bargain when they see it, some are daily deal hawks, while others yet make their living buying low and re-selling high thanks to 1DaySale sites. While there are many sites and articles you can turn to on the subject, I hope this article becomes a valuable resource for bargain hunters everywhere. Bookmark this site, or Pin it, so that you and others can find it for quick reference.

There are a few different sections that this article is broken in to for easier search and navigation:

1 First up are tips for shopping daily deals and finding the best prices. Buying stuff for the sake of buying is a bad road to take, for most of us with limited cash, so following some basic guidelines while hunting will save you some trouble.

2 Second, the bargain and 1DaySale sites that work proactively for you. That is to say, there are sites that will contact you if an item you are looking for goes on sale at a price point below what you've set for it.

For example, when I was looking to get a new Weber Smoker I simply entered the item I wanted and the highest price I would buy it, and when the price dropped I bought one. There are many of these sites that will also send you e-mail and text message alerts for the bargains you've entered, or send you coupon links for the stores or

items you're looking for... in short, they make life for a bargain hunter much easier, and make obscure daily steals much easier to find.

Some of these sites have cool tools and add-ons that can help you become the Baron of Bargains or the Duchess of Deals. For example, Steep and Cheap has a really cool add-on for your browser that let's you stay on top of their really great deals which rotate out every hour or so, or until the stock is gone. I've bought a lot of outdoor gear from them over the years. Well look at that and more in this section.

3 Third on the list will be coupon and promo code websites, those who reliably search for you (and also have user contributed codes), saving you a lot of time and more importantly, saving you money. While this may not directly apply to daily steals and one sale a day bargain hunters, in the end they do save us cash. They really come in to play, for example, if a store like Sears has an appliance on a steep sale (which you found out about thanks to an alert), and you also find a coupon for an added 20% off for online purchases. If you play every angle of the bargain hunters game, you can rack of some big savings and have fun doing it.

4 Fourth we'll look at aggregate bargain sites. These are the various websites that search and scour the internet for sales, bargains and steals every day. True bargain hunters have bookmarked their favorite sites (some are niche related, such as, which caters to mostly outdoor gear and clothing). This is where the challenge lies, for many, because there are SO many websites catering to, and geared for, hunters of daily steals and 1DaySale bargains.

5Fifth, and lastly, I'll list some of the best freebies and giveaway sites that may not deal directly with steals and bargains, but in the vein of saving money they are truly worth your time. And they don't warrant their own article so I felt compelled to list them here.

Note: When shopping online be sure you're familiar with the company you're buying from. There are some great deals to be had by smaller and lessor known businesses, for sure, but there are also some less than scrupulous people out there. When in doubt, I always refer to Reseller Ratings to check the company out and see how others felt about it.

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Bargain Hunting And 1DaySale Tips

How To Find The Very Best Steals

There's no science to bargain hunting (but there is an art), and by now you've probably seen people go at it dozens of different ways. Not every "daily sale" is a good deal. Some people are impulsive and snatch any ole bargain they find, others are meticulous and keep track of prices until they're convinced that prices have hit bottom. I suggest that the happy place is somewhere in between. No one can suggest that being impulsive is good for the average bargain hunter, and in contrast if you spend too much time on a good buy then you've all but negated the potential value of the deal. For example, if someone is aggressively looking for the best prices on a new coffee machine but spends days searching the internet, scouring the sales fliers, and such, then realistically the opportunity cost of that item is too high... they could've made more money working in that time than they saved over buying it retail.

The exception to the impulsive bargain hunter is someone who does it for a living, and the number of people doing it is growing pretty fast. Imagine if you spot a time limited sale, say one hour, on a $150 Espresso Machine, that is on sale for $55 while supplies last or for one hour (think Amazon's Gold Deals, for example). You could easily buy that and then turn around and list it, new in box, on eBay or even on Craigslist in some cases, and make $40 - $50 safely; people do it for a living. But for most of us we can get in to trouble by being impulsive because we buy stuff we don't need or that isn't so easy to resell. A perceived bargain doesn't mean it is a real one. Retailers almost always show a "list" or "manufacturer's" price, then compare it to their "sale" price, to entice you to buy; their list price may be far from the price that the item is actually selling for.

Make Two Lists

Because of that I propose that you make two lists. The first list is made up of those things that you know you are wanting to buy or that you need. Perhaps it's an appliance or a new electric toothbrush, whatever, but make the list so that you can compare prices as you find them. Having it in a MS Word, Excel, or other format is best because then when you find a new, lower price you can simply update your list and keep working your way down until you think it's as cheap as you can find; list the new updated source along with the new price, of course.

The second list are those items that you come across that seem to be really good deals. By listing them you accomplish two major objectives. First, and perhaps most importantly, you slow yourself down from buying right now, and second you allow yourself the opportunity to search some more to find out if it's really a good deal. I've bought plenty of things thinking that I was really getting a steal, only to see it later for a lower price. Having your lists in electronic form makes updating and sorting it much easier, as well.

Check For Coupon or Promo Codes

Another very important tip is to NEVER buy online until you have checked all of your usual coupon and promo code websites. Many times you can get an additional percentage off, or free shipping, and sometimes there are even free gifts with a promo code. All of the major sites, and most others, have promo or coupon codes from time to time. Check the list I've provided below and be sure to use them... there is a significant amount of money at stake. Of course if it's listing on a 1daysale site and quantities are limited, then perhaps you'll have to pull the trigger quicker than you normally would.

Research Actual Product Sales

If you are a reseller, that is you buy cheap and then re-sell the items for a living, then you probably already know this tip. But for others it might be a new idea. If you're looking at an item as a possible resell candidate, go to eBay and do a search of completed auctions for the item you're considering. Doing this will give you an idea of what they're going for, and it allows you to better calculate your potential profit margin. You can also search Craigslist for the item and see if similar items are listed and what the asking prices are, but that doesn't give you an idea of how many of them are actually selling.

Quality & Price Go Hand in Hand

You must always understand that quality and price are intertwined like rain and water. You may very well find a new electric tooth brush that is only .5 cents plus shipping, but in virtually all cases it will be a very poorly made one, The same holds true for ALL items you might buy. Make sure you understand this and compare brands and not simply generic items. Now if your research shows that the tooth brush (same brand and model) is really being sold much higher elsewhere, then you know you've found a good deal.

Quick Final Price Check

My final tip for bargain hunters is to use the Google and/or Bing "shopping" function to search for the item you've found on sale, to get one last look at what others are selling the same item for. Sort the results by price and compare the lowest price you find to the asking price of your item. If you apply good common sense and patience to your quest for the daily steals, you are much more likely to actually be successful and happy with your bargains.

Always check out Amazon's Gold Box Daily Deals

A bargain is something you can't use at a price you can't resist.

~ Franklin P. Jones

These are some of my favorite sites that will work for you, free, to find the best bargains on the things you are specifically look for. All of these notify you via e-mail if the product you are looking for has gone on sale somewhere. Having access to, and using, sites like these are truly invaluable if you're seriously looking for the deepest price cuts and biggest savings because as you know, the good deals go fast; the early bird truly does get the worm.

It's critical for success on 1DaySale websites because very often they only have a limited quantity of an item so the really good deals sell out fast. Being alerted every morning of their daily offering makes it possible for you to keep track of many more sites. Rather than navigating your browser there each day you get the list if sale items delivered to you.

The sites in this category are also aggregate sites that list sales from all over the web. I've listed them separately from the others because of their value in the alerts they provide for free.

Why I Prefer Online Shopping - A 1daysale online is much different than one in a retail store!

This is a crazy, if not hilarious, video of people going nuts on Black Friday. And it's precisely this chaos that makes shopping from your home so much more enjoyable. Is there anything worse than waiting in line for a "special" deal, only to find out that they only had enough for 10 people, and you weren't one of those 10? No thanks. Give me a cup of coffee, my comfy pants, and I'll save money the 2013 way!

Are You A Bargain Hunter?

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How much money have these types of sites saved you?

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Do You Tell Others About Good Deals You've Found?

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Learn How To Get Free Stuff And Huge Bargains - Even retailers often times have huge 1 day sale mega deals.

Here's some good tips on how to use coupons to get stuff free, and even earn cash in some cases, at stores like Target, Shaws and Wal-Mart. Use coupons on travel size items instead of larger sizes. For example, a $1 off any size coupon can get the items free if you shop from the travel size section, and sometimes, if the item is priced at less than $1, you'll end up with a credit and get cash back or paid towards the rest of your purchases.

“I always say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist.”

~ Tammy Faye Bakker

Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey: Learn Coupon Strategies to Save $1000sTake A Look

Do More, Spend Less: The New Secrets of Living the Good Life for Less by Brad WilsonTake A Look

The "Aggregate" bargain sites are those that search for, and link to, sales on other websites. On the other hand, the One Sale A Day websites typically list and sell their own stock, so obviously they only go until they are sold out.

What you need to do with these aggregate sites is find the one(s) you like the best and make them your default... there are too many sites to visit them all every day. It's also worth noting that some of the sites like Daily Steals actually scours all stores, while some of the sites like DOD Tracker only list sales from "One Sale A Day" websites.

“Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination.”

~ Oscar Wilde

These are sites that offer freebies and/or great value, or have great value to all of us. For example, the first listing, Freecycle, is something that I think everyone should be aware of and be a part of. All in all, I hope that you'll find these sites helpful and that you'll let me know of any sites, in any category, that should be added to the list.

Remember this...

If you involve your whole family, and share the fun and joy of finding bargains and also share the wealth of that savings, it can truly become a way of life with huge benefits.

“I buy expensive suits. They just look cheap on me.”

~ Warren Buffet

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Share your thoughts and experiences about bargain hunting, or this article. Thanks!

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