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Darren Salkeld - World Wide Entrepreneur

Updated on January 18, 2010
Darren Salkeld
Darren Salkeld

Who is Darren Salkeld?

Darren Salkeld is a true business entrepreneur at heart.

Darren comes from a small town in central Canada. He grew up on a farm and worked as a factory go-to man while completing school.... A mechanical engineer by trade, and natural business man, Darren started his first business back in 1996.

That business grew into an International Phenomenan and just a couple years later, Darren took his business online. By the end of 2003, Darren's online "hobby" business was generating thousands of dollars per week, while his primary offline business continued to go through hyper-growth.

In 2004 Darren started a direct response marketing company geared towards helping regular people jump start their own businesses from home. As a leader inĀ  direct response marketing, Darren Salkeld has assisted marketing and selling products ranging from luxury home decor, to health and wellness, all the way to the other end of the spectrum in the home biz-op/mlm fields.

Whatever the project, whatever the vision, Darren's down to earth approach to helping others succeed has gained him a prominent place in Entrepreneurship history.

Darren has incorporated over a dozen well established companies, and has partnered in several others. Some have been duds, but more than 70% of Darren's business venture's skyrocket to success.

One of the earliest companies that Darren Salkeld started, has almagamated with a nation wide economic development organization. With times being tight for many people these days, Darren's vision is to create highly sustainable long term jobs to good people around the world.

If you get a chance to meet Darren in person, you will see that he is just an ordinary person with an extra-ordinary way of helping others succeed.

Darren Salkeld - Businesses Making News

Darren Salkeld will have one of his businesses featured at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC Canada. Strategically alligned with an Economic Development Organization, Darren has secured a spot in the Aboriginal Pavillion to showcase his world class luxury bedding products.

Along with showcasing products to the world, Darren's organization will be hosting a by RSVP only, VIP Dinner Reception on February 14th at the Winter Olympics. People in attendence will be delegates and VIPs from around the world.

News media will also be available to cover the ground-breaking event, both in print and video.

Anyone planning on attending the 2010 Winter Olympics is encouraged to meet Darren there in person. To get in touch with Darren or request an invitation to the VIP event, please contact him directly through


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