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How to Deal With Negative Customer Reviews

Updated on December 28, 2017

A merchant can understand how negative reviews can adversely impact business. Many businesses do not like to be involved with online reviews because of the fear that bad reviews will impact their business. But it’s not always true. It is understood that no business is perfect for everyone.

Follow below tips to reduce the adverse effect of negative reviews.

Find Source of Negative Reviews

As a merchant, you must be aware of sources of negative reviews. Are they coming from the specific region, age group, country? Your product or service may not be suitable for the people belong to that particular age, group or locality.


Learn to accept that the product /service have issues. A service/product may not necessarily be suitable for everyone.Take responsibility for your part in the feedback, Always keep it polite and professional and try to be straight to the point.


Although not every negative online review deserves a response but If the client’s concerns are genuine, by all means,responding to the reviewer in a gentle way is suggested, it puts you in a better position in comparison to not responding.


Don’t hesitate to apologize to the customer, you can apologize publicly and send a private message too. Your private message may contain information that you may not want to share publicly.

Understand Your Customer

There is this brighter side of the negative review; it will help you understand the customer better and eventually will help to improve quality of service/product.

Share other’s Reviews

You may want to share reviews of the other customers, appraising your product or service. This can help in clarifying any misunderstanding they might have regarding your product/service.

Encourage For More Reviews

Encouraging the customers to place more reviews will help you improving the average rating.

Share With Your Team

You must share the feedback of the customer to the team actually working on the product/service; this will help them understand as to where to make the improvements.


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    • profile image

      Ashish Mehta 2 days ago

      Great !! This is very useful for business growth.

    • profile image

      Shubham 2 days ago

      Worth reading the post....