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DealDash ,Yes, it IS a SCAM!

Updated on January 11, 2013

DealDash seems to be turning into a scam

Once a loyal customer, Dealdash is not the site it used to be. Within weeks , what I once thought was a fair and honest site, now seems to have become unstable and unethical. This article gives only some of the examples I have experience lately with this site. If you find more, please feel free to add to the comments section. It is my hopes to keep others from losing hard earned money to this scam. Before entering any auction site it is important to research as much as you can about the site, and make sure to read their Terms and Conditions!

DealDash is no longer fair and honest

My experience with the DealDash Penny Auction Site, the perspective of someone who used to be a powerbidder, but now have seen a lot of unethical things happening.

I joined Dealdash in 2010. Back then, it seemed to be a decent Penny auction site with fairness and honesty. Over the time since I had joined, I had won items at a good price, Ive won some really good deals, Ive won some mediocre deals, and I have lost many auctions. That is how Penny Auctions go. You win some, you lose some. Sometimes you are lucky enough to win things for very little bids, sometime you spend quite a bit of bids and don't win.If there was a problem with the site, customer service was very prompt in trying to fix the problem. I understood that, and was quite happy that the items I won made up for the money I lost. I also knew that I was taking a risk bidding on auctions, and was never guaranteed a win. So, all in all, it is like gambling. So long as it was fair and honest, I was willing to continue to keep using the site.

In order to keep things fair, a person is only allowed one user account, and is limited to certain amount of wins per week (6 under $200 and 3 over $200) Also, if you hit over $3,000.00 in wins in a month then you are only able to win 1 item of less than $200, and 1 item over $200 per week until the month is over. Seemed fair to me.

However, DealDash is no longer the site it used to be. I do not see it as a fair site, and I have seen enough proof to make up my mind that ultimately you will almost always lose, and won't come close to making any kind of deals, and that the site is no longer "fair and honest".

First off, Dealdash was "sponsoring" people on You Tube to advertise their site, with these people promising "easy wins", claiming they won Ipads for $32.25. What they do not tell you is that it did not cost them $32.25. It costs them the $32.25, PLUS the cost of all the bids they spend to win the item. If each bid cost .60 cents, and they spend 1000 bids, then ultimately, it costs them $32.25 plus $60.00 = $92.25. Now, $92.25 is still a good price for an Ipad, but they weren't honest when they said it only cost them $32.25. This is also keeping in mind that they only spent 1000 bids.

Second, new users have popped up on the site in an unbelievable rate. The funny thing is, these "new users" seem to win a high value auction against veterans who have been there a long time and then are never seen again. A Lot of these "new users" spend over 10,000 bids on an item. There are webiste that track auctions, so you can see when the person joined, how many bids they have used, what they have won, etc. I use these sites to see the history of bidders. I have found it extremely hard to believe that there are all these new users who will purchase $600 worth of bids and throw them on ONE auction, only to walk away a winner.

Another suspicious activity. There will be 5 people bidding on an auction, 1 is a veteran who has history on the site, 4 are "new users". As soon as the veteran stops bidding, 3 of the "new users" drop off at the same time, and 1 new user is left as the winner. This has not happened once. It keeps occurring over and over in auctions. One time might have been a coincidence, but after seeing it happen on over 30 auctions, it raises a flag. This has led me to believe that either people are using more than one account (which is not allowed), or the site is creating bots so they win they auction. It is not possible that 4 people all "by chance" drop out of auctions at the same time. Most auctions have veterans who have spent over 6000 bids on them, and then once they drop, a "new user" wins the auction with only 20 bids... How did all these "new users" become so good at power bidding? Not to mentio Dealdash is making loads of money on all the bids spent!

There's more... Now Dealdash seems to be having "server" issues, whereas their servers freeze and a person cannot bid. Many people who have had thousands of bids lose the auction because the "server" dropped them... yet one person is still able to win. Also, some of these server freezes only happen on certain auctions (all high end ones) while the others are running fine.

Are you seeing a pattern here?

Still more.... I have made a bid purchase only to have Dealdash's site tell me "order not processed". After making a few attempts, I finally receive my bids. HOWEVER, when I check my Paypal, I was charged for ALL the attempts. When I contact customers service, I did not receive any response. After 7 unanswered emails (only way to reach them now, their customer service # is a recording directing you to email them, so you cannot speak to anyone) I finally put in dispute in Paypal. Only then did I receive an email from them. Instead of giving me the refund I requested, they just dumped a bunch of bids into my account with the comment "Sorry for the inconvenience..." I did not want the bids, I wanted a refund. I didn't want to spend $700 on bids! I had only wanted to purchase the ONE bid pack. Since then, 3 more charges have shown up on my paypal. I emailed them to ask for a refund, stating I did not make the purchase, and I will not accept bids as a "refund." I have yet to hear back from them for days, so I have filed yet another dispute with Paypal.

Finally, the last two auctions I have won, I still have yet to see the products arrive. They "claimed" they have changed suppliers (mostly everything in the past came from Amazon) because the old supplier couldn't fulfill their demands (Seriously? Amazon can't fulfill their demands?)

Meanwhile anything I get still comes from Amazon. One of the items I never received, I was told was "delivered". They also would not give me the tracking number, so I could not look it up. They actually told me that one of my neighbors probably stole it, so they aren't responsible.... SERIOUSLY? Then why not give me the tracking # so I can verify?

What they also don't tell you.. All these people who are posting on their facebook page, youtube, etc about how DealDash is great and they have won so much stuff. Dealdash offers them free bids to post or make videos. They are not doing it because of their great experience. They are doing it because they are being paid by DealDash in form of bids!

All in all, I have stopped using Dealdash and have issued a complaint with the NY BBB. The report only includes the $$ and items as of lately, not my entire history with them, because for a while, I am pretty sure they were legit.

If you want to try your hand with them, best of luck to you. I am sure you will win a few things in the beginning, as they seem to allow that to suck people in. However, once the winning gets tough, RUN!


As of December 2012... I STILL have not received any items that I had won back in September. (I no longer bid on Dealdash) I only received one email response from them stating that they got a "new supplier" and that one of my items was out of stock (since September???) Meanwhile I still see auctions on Dealdash for that very item! Dealdash refuses (well, they just won't respond, so I take that as a refusal) to refund me the money they double/triple billed me for. I am disputing it through Paypal. Their customer service is unreachable!

More and more people are coming forward and stating that they are having the same identical problems.

I can now honestly say... DO NOT TRUST THIS SITE!

All the people you see on facebook claiming they got these amazing deals are being compensated by DealDash for doing so. I have tried contacting these people through facebook asking if their wins were genuine, and of the 32 people I contacted, NOT ONE responded.



After numerous emails and actual data I sent to DealDash, I finally got them to respond and request a phone call with me. Let me start by saying that I was fed nothing but excuses, such as "We couldn't handle the volume" and "Our supplier's fault"

After all that, they admitted to the fact that there were people using software/collusion bidding to win high end auctions. They admitted to this AFTER I sent them a LONG list of auctions involving the same auctions, with one of them winning every auction. They thanked me for bringing this to their attention. REALLY? I thought they were 100% audited with a fair auction guarantee?!?!?!? Also, they told me they were not responsible for this and WOULD not refund me the cost of the bids that I lost on the auctions that people were cheating. REALLY? How is that a 100% fair auction guarantee???

I have also created a Facebook page called DealDash Cheated Me. This will allow people to share their storied and hopefully work together to get these resolved!

Better auctions? Try Ebay

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    • profile image

      Patrick 6 months ago

      I had another comment I wanted to add. It's no stretch that if DealDash does not have program controls to prevent the use of Bots, then yes the algorithm to beat any honest bidder is actually very simple to write. I've been writing code in many languages and for a number of different levels in the OSI model for over 30 years. However even someone with minimal programming experience who has some savvy using google to search for programming examples can write a bot to circumvent the DealDash "fairness" control code. DealDash has some pretty sketchy history. And anyone who says they are "Fair" as much as these folks probably are, well, not.


    • profile image

      Patrick 6 months ago

      You realize what you are saying is Deal Dash is guilty of fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud across interstate lines which is a federal crime. I don't doubt it's happening. How to prove it is the issue. I'm of the opinion that all these sites are engaged in criminal behavior.

    • profile image

      jimmy9 7 months ago

      ok. I am independent and coming into this cold but I have joined DD and I can tell you there's some truth to this. I literally saw one of the supposed high end bidders win at least (not lying) 18 auctions during an 8 hour period. Thats physically impossible. They were all bid packs and high end items $2000 or more which can be exchanged for bids. Sure I wrote the customer service folks and they sent me a pdf of a certification from like 2010 or some such that the site was all legit. I too have had auctions of 5 people abruptly end when I went to stop bidding momentarily as a test of the waters. No doubt there are programmers on the prowl out there running scams. It's too easy. I have seen some great sites that bankroll off of keeping tally of auctions stats, but they won't write a module to check for alias's or 'bids with' categories. I think because they are either in on it or just don't want to be the farter in the bus. this said, I have won some awesome prizes myself remarkably AFTER I complained. Probably just coincidence because I also studied lots of parameters I won't reveal and cam eup with some strategies. I still notice who does the majority of the winning though DAILY. Same people. People who can't possibly have that much money and not go to a job and just bid all the time, except maybe one who I am pretty sure is a stripper and blowing her stripper cash all day and working nights. Frankly I think they need to be investigated by the Dept. Of Commerce or someone. I can honestly say...I honestly did win the 14,000 massage chair and I await its delivery. I won it fair and square AND at a record low price I think. I've seen others do that but win 17 other auctions the same day and then my flags go up. I think another part of the scam is the inflated prices on everything. Those chairs are like $800-1200 on amazon.

      My current plans are to finish up my current bidding and await prize deliveries which are going to take months according to them I have received some things. I have been impressed with the quality of those items in all fairness.

      thing is, I have computer smarts and if I can imagine how this can be done, then surely a talented programmer can too. I'd love to see them take the top 5 off the list of big players and have them investigated DOC or something.

    • profile image

      curt meyer 9 months ago

      I just got screwed too. the guy that won this high end auction is a computer programmer. i had all most 10,000 bids on it and this other person was bidding on it too. i canceled my bids just for a second and BOOM at the same time so did the other guy. and a guy names stevenihan won it. it a rigged system..

    • profile image

      Matt Bronowicz 11 months ago

      Sorry for my additional comments but I am so angry at Dealdash right now. I have lost so much money because I didnt know better. Here are my issues after researching this site for 2 weeks straight:

      1) The same bidders are winning MOST of the high end auctions

      2) Some bidders have made this their full time job, which means they outbid everyone with 10,000 despite the cost of bid packs, because they know they will turn around and SELL the product for a big profit on Ebady or craigslist. No one else stands a chance of winning.

      3) THey have major gliches and I confirmed on 8-10 occassions that I was bidding against one final bidder after hours...then the second that bidder STOPS, disappears, 2 more new bidders pop up at the PRECISE time the other one stopped. No coincidence. This auction had been going on and all of the sudden I won but two new bidders start ? I believe either people are using several accounts, OR their are bots or software overlays being used to pick up bidding when only one bidder is left so that the cheating bidder doesnt have to 'waste' their bids all the while the price is moving upward.

      4) Bidders are being PAID bids (even right now 10/13/16) to post photos and videos of their bids advertising the deceptive final price of the item. This is false advertisting because it leads consumers to believe they are getting amazing deal when really it costs MUCH more than the final price of the auction product. You have to buy bids and spend hundreds of dollars just for a CHANCE at possibly winning an item at 50% off.

      5) The value DD gives for its products are so inflated....that you would be a fool to use the 'sales slogan' DD uses to say they are better than any other auction site which is the "Buy It Now" option. After spending $500 on bid packs and eventually losing the auction because you were against cheaters, or 50 other are tempted to still buy the product yourself "AND THEY WILL GIVE YOU YOUR BIDS BACK FROM THAT AUCTION". Its a bait and switch. They INFLATE the price so high because they are enticing you with getting your bids back also from that particular auction. The prices are marked up 200% after doing my research. For example a vaccum valued at $400 on DD you can get for $197 anywhere else online. Its deceptive practice.

      6) This is a gambling site and its all of our faults for playing it.

      7) Most bidders each day are Brand New bidders. Either these are 2nd or 3rd accounts of users, Or DD has bots or employees playing in order to keep bidding alive and DD selling bid packs. Seriously, 8 out of every 10 bidder today (10/13/16) is a new member or atleast no older than a few weeks. There are very, very few members who have joined beyond one or two months ago. Strange hug? So, either DD is making all their money off ignorant new members who dont know any better, or numerous accounts and cheating is going on. 1 our out of every 15 members had joined longer than 2 months ago. This tells you that people wise up and realize they have blown their wad and WON NOTHING IN Return at Dd because its impossible to win.

      7) It is a fact that ALL the same biders are winning most high end auctions. I counted recently that "ScaManner" had won all the recent bidpack auctions that were the largest. These were the: 1,500, 2,000, 3,000, and 5,000 bid auctions....they won all of them within the past 3-4 days!!!!!!!!!! Then, obviously they took their bids and went and won many other high end auctions including a drone, $14,000 massage chair, ice maker, TV and so on. How is this fair?

      I agree we need to BOYCOTT Dealdash. SOmeone needs to gather a list together to BOycott DD and get the word out. People are losing their hard earned money to this gambling, cheating addiction site called Dealdash. They could level the playing field with some tweaks, but they refuse to because they are raking in millions of dollars each and every day from people THINKING they can get a great deal when really the cards are stacked against them.

      I am so furious at Dealdash that I am going to file a class action lawsuite. If you want to be named, let me know.

    • profile image

      Matthew Bronowicz 11 months ago

      Yes, there are people cheating left and right and DD is reaping all the benefits.

    • profile image

      masterkiukiu99 20 months ago

      I have ever heard about it, but to makesure, that's just back to ourself again. That we want to buy online or offline, all of our choice is our resposible decision ourself...


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    • profile image

      DON 20 months ago


    • profile image

      Ryan 21 months ago

      There are bots that bid so you dont win an item.... It costs them nothing because no one wins the item they relist it and people bid against their bot bidders..... Its obviously been a scam from the get go. No real auction requires you to buy bids

    • profile image

      Dennis 21 months ago

      this auction is run by screwed operators. Actually, in one example of someone won with a bid of $32.50. Either your arithmetic or mine is wrong. The bidder spent 1,000 bids @ .60 each which amounts to $600 not $60. Deal dash rakes in $32.50 x $60. Or $1,950. Despite all the claims, which I don't doubt, the winner is DealDash in all cases.

    • profile image

      Bob G last few weeks 2 years ago

      At first I could not lose.Then it started.Several times the clock went to zero.The first time I went to the chat line thinking I had won and was a mistake that I had not won.I was told it was a glitch in the system and that's what bidbuddy was for so that when this happens the auction can keep going. had I forgot the auction was still running and just I got back on My last bid came and then the other bidder won before I could buy anymore.Since then it has happen many times.I have also had the four or five bidder thing where you get off and they all drop out and you have a winner,But the one thet gets me is the one where you get on one and it seems like the same person is on there stomping on every bidder on that auction over and over

    • profile image

      Donna M. 2 years ago

      DD is work, if you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen. They don't pay me, but I have won over 80 auctions my winning rate is high and every time I complain, they answer me immediately and always address my complaint with kindness and efficiency. Sorry you have had such a bad experience, but I do not find mos tof this true. I get my item immediately, I win a lot, I do lose, but I don't waste bids doing it. Be patient and conservative, know when to bail. Good Luck

    • profile image

      bk0388 3 years ago

      @jasonsidorski: EXACTLY

    • profile image

      denmo123 3 years ago

      I recently joined Deal Dash, and as you said success was immediate. I was buying gift cards for one cent. My firest impression was "This site rocks". After six relatively easy wins for small items I was cut off from bidding on any item worth less than $200 for one week. So, I moved on to the big stuff. That is when things got ugly. As you mentioned. While tracking bidding of a camera there were five people bidding for two days. I was still in the auction because I placed one bid prior to the $5 no jumper rule. So, I placed 200 bids in bid buddy and watched the entire auction. As soon as my bids ran out four of the five bidderts stopped leaving one bidder. They won. It would take thousands of words to explain all the other "unfair" bidding practices. But one stood out. I started tracking certain bidders. My tracking showed these particular bidders were in twenty or more auctions at the same time, won many.

      The most glowing issue was they seemed to bid 24/7 for five days (probably still are bidding). Deal Dash is a "scam". We should all remember "If it seems to good to be true, it probably is not". All my comlaints were ignored.

    • profile image

      suzan-earley 3 years ago

      i'm glad i clicked onto you cause i was getting ready to go to dealdash it looked pretty good on t.v. but after reading this my friends to will know not to go there thank you so much for warding people about this site

    • profile image

      sunnblue 3 years ago

      I am guessing things have changed since you wrote this I first am much luckier than I first imagined. Won a $450.00 item for $5.68. Will let you know when it arrives.

    • profile image

      mike-coston-393 3 years ago

      Any person who has been ripped off by this, or any company needs to contact their attorney general or office of consumer affairs. You should also contact your state's corporation registration to find out who is the registered agent or owner of the business. Send them a letter informing them if they do not make you whole you will sue them. If they don't sue them. In Virginia you can ask for six times the damge plus attorney's fees.

    • profile image

      ctrygal 3 years ago

      I wouldn't complain to the BBB. All they do is contact the company, talk them into joining the BBB and then give them an A rating and say there are no unresolved complaints. They did that to me and refused to even talk to me about it. Contact the Consumer Protection Agency instead.

    • profile image

      taylorf7291 3 years ago

      Christina how do I delete my dealdash account

    • profile image

      stamaqua 3 years ago

      contact the attorney general's office in your respective states. with enough complaints, an investigation will be initiated.

    • profile image

      jasonsidorski 3 years ago

      i saw my grandmother doing the bidding on deal dash and saw she was not winning anything so i decided to bid on some $10 gift cards that were going for only a few pennies . lo and behold i bid and won it for 1 cent i bid on another and again 1 cent. i bid on another product an official MLB baseball and won it for 3 cents and again another $10 gift card and won it for 3 cents....all of a sudden these products stopped showing up...we used the rest of the bids she had and won nothing else so i started to think these items r not showing up its like bait and switch....i went to my apartment next door and signed up on my computer diff ip internet connection and all...low and behold the same items that she was able to bid on showed up i went to her house with my lap top and the small items that were going for a few pennies she could not see them or look them up in the search area but on my computer they were right there they basically get u to sign up and will give u a few items no one else is bidding on than as soon as u win 4 small items they don't let u anymore thus making this straight BS they r scamming people for there money and a class action lawsuit would put them out of business

    • profile image

      ZionAmal 3 years ago

      I knew it :D

      Thanks for making me sure :)

    • profile image

      ardeagold 4 years ago

      Thank you for this blog! Although I haven't done the tracking you've done regarding the irregular bidding, I have had the experience of not receiving my won items with no response from Deal Dash for weeks. I won auctions in mid-November that had December 5th as the latest delivery date. I got nothing. So on December 5th I emailed and got no reply. I waited 6 days and emailed again. I got a canned reply about changing suppliers and they were sorry for the delay. I waited another few days and emailed again. No reply. Then, on December 15, when I still had not received my won items, I emailed for the last time. On December 18th I filed claims with Pay Pal and on December 19th I filed with my credit card company. I had 16 claims total. Since that time, Deal Dash refunded me $2.62 (the won auction price for a $100 Exxon/Mobile card) and a $60 bid pack (I presume for that missing gift card). That totals $62.62, BUT the face value was for $100. So they owe me the difference, IMO. The remaining claims/chargebacks are still pending in PayPal. FINALLY, just this past Saturday, I received a reply to my December 15th email from a DD CS rep who explained that the site had changed suppliers (heard that already in the canned response), AND that they had a computer glitch that didn't process the wins on gift cards for a period of time. Mine were, he said, included in that batch of wins. He assured me that my cards had been re-ordered and I'd receive them in 7-10 days. And for my "trouble" he gave me 50 free bids. I responded with an explanation of all that had transpired, along with the fact that all of the outstanding gift cards were to have been Christmas gifts which I had to go out and purchase again (making my out of pocket $$ double) and that I wasn't interested in free bids. In fact I have a remaining bid balance there which I haven't used, and don't intend to use. I just want my money back. Including the money spent during that time on the bid packs I won but never received. Those bids are used as "tender" to enable customers to bid on auction items. They're just like poker chips in Vegas. They have a value. You cannot participate in penny auctions without bids...which you pay for. So, since I didn't get what I won when using those bids, I have filed claims for those as well. The bids are part of the final price you pay! They refunded the one bid pack for the Exxon card, so obviously they DO refund bid packs. Anyway...I heard back from the CS rep on Sunday, again, and this time he apologized and went through the same reasons...then once again promised my cards would be shipped within 7-10 days. AND...asked me to cancel my claims through Pay Pal and my credit card!! REALLY DD??? REALLY? My items have shown "shipped" on my Won Auctions page since mid-November. They were NEVER shipped...he just admitted that. However, when Pay Pal requested info on the "missing" cards back around December 20th...Deal Dash sent them a FAKE USPS tracking number for each card. Plus, auctions for the cards I won have been running daily. They never stopped "selling" the cards I won but never received.. If they didn't have the cards, how could they continue to run auctions for them? I have screenshots of everything. They were great until mid-November...I won items and actually got them in a timely manner, but after that all they've done is either ignore me, stall, or lie (to Pay Pal no less!!) about the status of my won auctions. I'm sick to death of dealing with this. They made budgeting for Christmas this year a nightmare, and It's taken hours/days of my time to try to get a resolution. I DO intend to get satisfaction for ALL my claims through Pay Pal and if Deal Dash doesn't do the right thing by refunding all of the money I filed for, I will pursue this via every option available to me.

    • ChristinaBianchi profile image

      ChristinaBianchi 4 years ago

      @BBSSquid: AMEN!!!

    • profile image

      BBSSquid 4 years ago

      For SorryMyTurn. I am very happy that you have great customer support and relationship with DD. I am just wondering what made you post here and stalk other complaint sites, and post often, if you are so happy with DD? How many free bids did DD give you for this post? I know they do that, because they have called me before, on more than one occasion, asking me to write glowing reviews or rebuttals for some free bids. You also stated on another website page, that you ARE compensated by DD. So which is it? Sites like this are designed to provide oneâs point of view, help people and also a place to warn others to be careful. ! I once was a happy DD customer (customer since early 2011) and won/received many items (I have been in quite a few auctions with you as well, in which I thought you were a respectful bidder). It was only the past 5 months that a complete consumer/customer service meltdown occurred with DD. Yes I have had a late shipment or two back in the day, but in the past 5 months, the missing shipments of Items and lack of customer support was, and STILL is, grossly inadequate. It would be nice if they would respond in a timely manner (if they respond all, yes some of my emails were not answered at all). When they do respond they say they are looking into it. Then nothing for another a few more days, if youâre lucky (sometimes itâs weeks), then a response like, they will be shipping soon, or you should have received that already, then a few more days, whoops its now out of stock. That does not sound fair or honest in my opinion. Some of my issues are since September and some are recent âafterâ their new vendors. You said everything is fixed, well where are my items that I paid for? Their growing pains are quite apparent, they did grow at an unbelievable rate this past few months, but at the expense of their customers and their own honesty and integrity. It is not the fault of the paying customer, if customer pays then DD should deliver. If DD canât deliver they at least OWE customer an explanation and great customer service. That way unsatisfied customers (that have missing Xmas gifts and merchandise) wont explode all over the internet like DD complaints have. Barbara, there may still be happy customers, but do understand that there are also many unhappy ones as well, and rightfully so.

    • ChristinaBianchi profile image

      ChristinaBianchi 4 years ago

      @heather-e-hill-16: I would put a compaint in with the Better Business Bureau. I did, and received an email from them that they were opening an investigation. I am also waiting for delivery on quite a few things, (it has been over 2 months) however, I am getting the feeling I won't be receiving them. If more people continue to complain the BBB will get more involved.

    • profile image

      heather-e-hill-16 4 years ago

      I am beginning to have a slight nervous breakdown after several hundred dollars spent, I won several auctions, but only 2 valued over $200 (which were the 2 main gifts for my daughters for Christmas), when packages started arriving I was so excited but now it has been over a month and the high value items have not arrived (along with 3 more giftcards) and dealdash REFUSES to respond to me, has blocked me from fb, and will not respond through paypal. I am afraid they have ruined Christmas for me and my daughter that will not get her gift because they stole from me. I too had the technical difficulties and when I reported those I did receive "complimentary" bids but guess what I could not win anything (not even a $15 book light) with 800 bids. They are scamming people left and right but if you report it on fb they delete and block. How do I get any help with this issue?

    • ChristinaBianchi profile image

      ChristinaBianchi 4 years ago

      @halld6479: That is the point of this post. I am hoping to warn people before they lose money.

    • profile image

      halld6479 4 years ago

      its to bad they are scamming people out of there money at this time of year. I have purchased several hundred dollars of gift cards and nothing to show nothing has showed up and emails don't get response. Beware of this auction site

    • ChristinaBianchi profile image

      ChristinaBianchi 4 years ago

      @dara-flegling: Just want people to not fall for poor business practices.

    • profile image

      dara-flegling 4 years ago

      Thanks for the heads up!

    • ChristinaBianchi profile image

      ChristinaBianchi 4 years ago

      @judith-perryrogers: Hey thejedhi, thanks for posting. You won't be seeing me on dealdah anymore, I will not give them any more of my money. I will however shoot you an email if I find a good penny auction site. Right now I am just doing research into them.

    • profile image

      judith-perryrogers 4 years ago

      Hi cvb1973, It's me "thejedhi." If you see a different name on this e-mail, it's b/c it is my primary (protected) account. While, I use my ymail account for bidding; I keep my primary account pretty much protected/private b/c I got hacked really bad last year. I mean, I'm 53 years old, battling cancer, and the stuff somebody was publishing on my old account, you would've thought I was Heidi Kluen! I should've known when my sister called me asking why I was sending her "porn." Anyway, I always read your posts and followed your link to this article you authored. I haven't done much bidding on DealDash because they seem to have way too much going on at one time. I did find two users who just signed on in October 2012, and both had huge wins with minimal expenditure in bids. One had won over $115,000 in merchandise with only $92.00 expenditure in bids. Is this possible??? I've found four users with multiple accounts. I also have run the names of several other users who have won feature auctions, but there is no information on these people at all. I've also noticed an issue with the countdown where it seems to pause, skip seconds, and freeze - locking people out so they can't bid. Until they resolve some of these issues, I'm taking your advice and staying away. Especially since I don't like to trash users, but when something is blatantly obvious, i give them the names so they can look into these accounts, and they don't seem to care. I'm a big fan. I look for your user name in other auction sites so I can watch you and a couple of the other big dogs run. In fact, that's what I'm doing tonighty to treat myself after watching Happybidday and Zbiddy today. I'm exhausted, but (like You) I feel it's important to do my share and keep people informed. Hopefully, if everybody boycotts their site, they will either straighten up or dry up and go away. Thanks for you your efforts to keep all bidders informed and safe. I look forward to watching you and Fury_of _Bids this evening and playing armchair quarterback! Lol. All the best! thejedhi (