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Design Your Own Business Cards Online

Updated on August 5, 2009

In the business world where communication and networking are every bit as important as just about any other aspect the day to day running of a company, getting your details across to others is of great importance. No matter how big or small your company is, the most popular method of communicating and transferring your business details to clients, customers, partners and investors is by physically handing them your own business card.

A professional looking business card is a tangible thing that you transfer right into the hand of its recipient. The card contains all the main details of your company so the recipient can get in contact with you or your secretary and then it's done its job.

If you are running a business andwant to add your own personal touch to yoru business cards, you can now actually design your own business cards online and have them foprwarded tro you once they're printed.

What Are the Benefits of Designing Your Own Business Cards?

The main benefit of going ahead to design your own business cards is that you get to choose exactly how the finished item will look. Now for most businesses, the actual look of teh card is not so important as making sure that all the important contact information is well laid out and easy to read with no mistakes.

Regular black print on a white background is still the easiest type of business card to read and when you hand one over to a prospective client, you want to be absolutely sure they will not make a mistake with your telephone number for not being able to read it for whatever reason.

So the most important aspects of business card design are not all the fancy frills and borders that you can have, nor the fancy type fonts or different colours. The most important design aspect of a business card is the layout of the printed information. The business name, address, email address and telephone number and maybe a separate fax number are the details that should be there and they should be clearly legible and easy to read.

That means sharp, high resolution print with a plain text font that there can be no mixing up of letters or numbers.

What NOT to Do When You Design Your Own Business Cards

The number one absolute worst thing you can do if you design your own business cards is to use a text font that is too fussy and which can lead to ambiguities in the spelling. That means letters that can look so similar that they can be mistaken for each other. Same goes for numbers. And it also goes for making the letter and number size too small.

Imagine the scenario whereby you meet with a person at a social event who is very interested in your company and has the ability to invest heavily in it to take it to the next level. I'm talking taking you out of the pay bracket where you have to make your own business cards to one where you can call your PA to do it from your yacht moored someplace in the Caribbean. That kind of next level!

Imagine the guy has had a few drinks and you give him yoru card, which he carefully places in his wallet for safekeeping. He tries to phone you the next day but because you thought you'd be clever and use a real fancy text font, the numbers on your card make the "6" look like an "8" and he misdials. Three times. Then when he gets the third wrong number message, he throws your fancy card in the trash and you can kiss goodbye to the good life!

That's sort of how important it is to make sure your text font is absolutely readable and mistake proof.

Next worse thing pales by comparison, but that is using coloured text on a coloured background. Yuk and also difficult to read. Especially with a hangover. And if your investor is looking at your brightly coloured card and it makes him want to vomit, you can also kiss goodbye to the yacht.

Avoid overly fancy orders, if you must use them. They generally look amateurish and do nothing for conveying the nature of your business.

The bottom line is to make your business card relatively plain but very readable while still looking classy enough to make a good impression.


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